60+ Useless Gag Gifts That Are Simultaneously Absurd and Awesome

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Sometimes the best gifts are totally useless. Heartfelt, thoughtful gifts are great, but that’s just not an option for some friends or family members. We all know that one person who will appreciate the gift of a good laugh over anything else. The best gag gifts may seem like silly throwaway presents at first, but ultimately, what you’re giving is the gift of laughter.

Luckily, online retailers like Amazon, Target and Urban Outfitters have made it easy to score the best funny gifts at wildly affordable prices. Below we’ve rounded up 62 of the dumbest, most useless gifts for any best friend, office jokester or comically inclined loved one. From hilarious sticky notes to farting unicorns and inappropriately sized wine glasses, here are the best funny gifts to buy right now.


“Light When [Insert Name Here] Farts” Candle

Everybody loves a good candle, so why not have it make a statement? This is the best gag gift for any roommate or partner who has to live with a gassy individual. It’s a fun way to tease someone indirectly, and they can use it as intended (to make their home smell better after each fart).

best gag gifts,


FunFamz The Original Spider Prank Box

This is one of the best gag gifts on the entire planet. But how does it work? Simple. You wrap up the box inside your traditional wrapping paper, give it to them, and start recording video once your victim, or giftee, opens it. Once the box is open, bam! A fake spider lunges right at them. This is pee-your-pants funny humor at its finest.


best gag gifts, FunFamz The Original Spider Prank Box

Buy: FunFamz The Original Spider Prank Box $16.99 (orig. $24.99) 32% OFF


Awkward Family Photos

Family photos can be an excellent way to capture your loved ones together, but they can also go horribly wrong. This highly comical book captures all of the best worst family pictures that might have been a good idea but turned out, well, pretty awkward. Inside, you’ll find painful haircuts, cringe-worthy poses and more. As far as coffee table books go, it doesn’t get much funnier than this.

best gag gifts, Awkward Family Photos - comical book

Buy: Awkward Family Photos $15.00


Animal Butt Magnets

Everybody likes a little booty, even in the form of animal magnets. These silly butts can come from farm animals, cats, dogs, or safari animals. Use them to post notes on the fridge or any other magnetic surface to add a bit of humor to whatever you have to say.

best gag gifts, farm animal butt magnets Buy: Animal Butt Magnets $11.72

Nicolas Cage Pillow Case

If there’s anything more chilling and gagworthy than swiping over your new red pillow and being greeted by Nicolas Cage’s beady smile, we’re unsure we’ve seen it. This is simply one of the best gag gifts you can purchase for someone. Your giftee will never see it coming.

best gag gifts, Nicolas Cage Pillow Case

Buy: Nicolas Cage Pillow Case $13.99


Archie McPhee Handerpants

Have you ever felt naked under your gloves? Probably not, but now there are handerpants –– the underpants for your hands. They protect your hands from chafing and are sure to get a laugh every time you whip off your gloves.

best gag gifts, Archie McPhee Handerpants

Buy: Archie McPhee Handerpants $14.19


Rubber Chicken Slingshot

Who said chickens couldn’t fly? These small rubber chickens can be shot across the room with your finger, meaning they are the office toy you’ve been waiting for. Place the head on your index finger, pull the tail back, and then let the little chicken fly. For $10, you get a pack of 10 chickens, making them an excellent gag for any party or office shenanigans. Reviewers say they work very well and even have a decent range.

Rubber Chicken Slingshot

Buy: Rubber Chicken Slingshot $16.99


Portable Pizza Pouch

If you know any certified pizza addicts, they’ll get a good laugh (and possibly some use) out of this pizza pouch. The triangle-shaped bag hangs around your neck, providing a quick-access compartment for your favorite cheesy slice. Wear it to a party and have seconds at the ready, or take a slice to go. It’s undoubtedly one of the best gag gifts for pizza lovers (which means everyone).

best gag gifts, Portable Pizza Pouch

Buy: Portable Pizza Pouch $6.99


Shrek Buddha Model

Shrek Buddha? Shrek Buddha. That is all.

Shrek Buddha Model



Animal Paw Socks

Get ready to take “hoofing it” to a whole new level. Yes, these are socks made to look exactly like donkey hooves. Perfect for making an ass out of yourself. Hah, get it?

Animal Paw Socks

Buy: Animal Paw Socks $9.96 (orig. $10.96) 9% OFF


Barry Wood Sitting On Bed Meme Mug

If you don’t know this meme, you’ve been living under a digital rock. For the past decade, give or take, this meme has been sent in the form of text message chains and Twitter pop-ups to surprise viewers the second they open with… well… a massive penis. That’s exactly what happens with this mug. All you have to do is gift it, say nothing and wait for your giftee to eventually use it. When they do, the all-black mug will become the image we’re familiar with once it gets hot. Truly magnificent.

best gag gifts, Barry Wood Sitting On Bed Meme Mug

Buy: Barry Wood Sitting On Bed Meme Mug $19.99


Rayki Beerbelly Dad Bag

This clever fanny pack is disguised as a trendy dad gut that’s been enlarged with a few decades of beer drinking. It’s realistic enough to fool anyone and is waterproof to keep the contents safe. We recommend it for carrying valuables, a few cold ones into the concert or just making your friends laugh.

best gag gifts, fanny pouch funny dad belly

Buy: Rayki Beerbelly Dad Bag $15.28


Gift of Nothing

When giving someone nothing isn’t an option, literally provide them with nothing. Some people might consider it poetic, but most will just laugh. And then, of course, some people might deserve it.

Gift of Nothing


Buy: Gift of Nothing $9.95


Urinal Shot Glasses

Looking for the grossest gag gift for your favorite partier? Well, you’ve found it. These urinal shot glasses are absolutely putrid, but they’re tons of fun, especially if your drinker only uses brown liquor.

best gag gifts, Urinal Shot Glasses

Buy: Urinal Shot Glasses $12.99


Gay Porn DVD Club Gag Postcard

Stir some drama in the household with a gift that will surely begin in a family fight. Throw this in his mailbox and make sure his wife is the one getting the mail that morning. When she does, post outside and spill the beans before it gets too heated. It will be a wildly entertaining morning in your buddy’s household, that’s for sure.

best gag gifts, Gay Porn DVD Club Gag Postcard


Mr Worldwide Says to Gaslight Gatekeep Girlboss Tapestry

If someone is to say it, it’s gotta be Pitbull. This iconically random tapestry is a must for any gag gift lover.

Pitbull on a Gaslight Gatekeep Girlboss tapestry



Giant Grand Mama Undies

These will shock any person passing by your giftee’s clothes-pinned laundry. We suggest you don’t even wrap these. Simply pin them for everyone in public to see passing by their home. This will surely get more than a few laughs out.

best gag gifts, Giant Grand Mama Undies

Buy: Giant Grand Mama Undies $23.99


The Official BS Button

We all have a bullshitter we know and love in our life, no matter how… wild their lies get. Like, yeah, bud. Sure, you met George Clooney at a ski resort in Nepal when you were in college. Totally believable. Next time, just gift him the BS button.

best gag gifts, The Official BS Button

Buy: The Official BS Button $12.05 (orig. $14.95) 19% OFF


Baby Yoda Chia Pet

This is the gift or meme-lovers, The Mandalorian and Star Wars fanatics alike, because we’re pretty sure there is nothing more adorable than Baby Yoda chilling in his bassinet. So whether you’re looking for the best Star Wars gifts or just want to gift some cute Baby Yoda merch, this Baby Yoda Chia Pet from Amazon will spark joy and (literal) life to anyone lucky enough to receive it.

best gag gifts, Baby Yoda Chia Pet

Buy: Baby Yoda Chia Pet $18.15 (orig. $24.99) 27% OFF


Donald Trump Toilet Paper

Potentially one of the best gag gifts of all time? Donald Trump toilet paper. You know, so that you can wipe your ass the right way.

Donald Trump Toilet Paper

Buy: Donald Trump Toilet Paper $16.99


Whore House Bath Mat

This one is just a subtle reminder for anyone who enters your giftee’s bathroom.

Whore House Bath Mat



Golden Girls Shot Glasses

Not only are these Golden Girls shot glasses the best gift that will have anyone singing “thank you for being a friend,” but they also come with a drinking game. Every character comes with their signature word written on the back of the glass, so when you hear it mentioned in an episode, it’ll be time to drink. Now only one question remains: are you a Rose, Blanche, Dorothy or Sophia?

best gag gifts, golden girls character shot glasses

Buy: Golden Girls Shot Glasses $29.99


Golf Ball Beer Glass

We can’t guarantee that this beer glass can improve your golf game, but it will undoubtedly score a hole-in-one as a gift at any holiday party or birthday. And yes, that’s an actual golf ball lodged into the side of the glass — making this the best funny gift for the sports fanatic in your life. However, the best part is that the glass is dishwasher safe and can hold a 16-ounce pour (or pretty darn close).

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best gag gifts, beer glass with golf ball

Buy: Golf Ball Beer Glass $25.99


Plant Watering IV Bag

We all know plants need water, so why not infuse a little humor into the situation? This “plant life support” IV kit gradually hydrates, providing just the right amount of H20. It comes with the IV bag, drip, tubes and metal peg stand to complete the look.

Plant Watering IV Bag

Buy: Plant Watering IV Bag $7.00


Images You Should Not Masturbate To

We’ve all had some… uh… questionable moments when browsing the ‘ole P-Hub. That said, these are some images you should absolutely reconsider if you’re for some reason into them.

Images You Should Not Masturbate To


Buy: Images You Should Not Masturbate To $11.70 (orig. $13.00) 10% OFF


Prank Pack Empty Gag Gift Boxes

These prank packs aren’t a gag gift at all, but the gag is making the recipient think that they’re getting something bizarre when it’s an entirely normal gift. Choose from one of three hilarious boxes that you can place your real gift of choice inside, so when they initially unwrap, they’ll think they’re getting pet dusting boots, poop covers or an animal translator.

best gag gift, prank boxes

Buy: Prank Packs $8.99 (orig. $9.95) 10% OFF

Mini Pool Table

So, your giftee wants a pool table but you can’t exactly afford to purchase them a pool table. Lucky for you, Urban Outfitters has the perfect gag gift (that’s actually quite useful) to help you out.

mini pool table



Snoop Dogg’s Cookbook

Who better than Snoop Dogg to help you level up your sizzlin’ skills in the kitchen? The cookbook features 50 recipes, including mealtime staples and some notable stand-outs like Rolls Royce PB-Chocolate Chip Cookies, Bow Wow Brownies and Ice Cream, and Rags to Riches Apple Pie. However, be sure to keep an eye on the pan’s temperature. You wouldn’t want to drop it like it’s hot (sorry, we couldn’t resist).

best gag gifts, snoop dogg cookbook


Snoop on the Stoop

While we’re on the topic of the infamous Snoop Dogg, we have to chat about Snoop on the Stoop. This hilarious doll will transform every Christmas you celebrate from here on out. And, of course, it will replace that hellish demon of an Elf on the Shelf you currently have in your home.

Snoop on the Stoop



Custom Face Socks

Want your friend to wear their pet on their feet? Or for your girlfriend to wear your face on her feet? This gag gift is also functional since everyone needs socks. Pick a color and a face of your choosing to give a gag gift that somebody will get to use.

best gag gifts, face socks Buy: Custom Face Socks $13.99

Mini Violin

Maybe your friend cracked their phone (for the seventh time). Possibly their delivered burrito didn’t include guacamole. There are endless uses for playing the world’s tiniest violin, and now you can pretend to play a real tiny violin to get the point across. This mini violin measures three inches in length and includes a bow and functioning case. Break this out at work, parties or anywhere with friends, and you’re sure to get a laugh.

best gag gifts, tiny violin joke

Buy: Mini Violin $12.99


I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats

Need a gag gift for a cat lover? This is the way to go. It’s a cute and silly book full of poems written from the cats’ perspectives. It’s quirky but curious and insightful for another gage gift that people will kick out of.

best gag gifts, i could pee on this poems

Buy: I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats $8.14 (orig. $12.95) 37% OFF


True Bonny Boy Liquor Gag Gift

Speaking of “peeing on this,” this gag gift does exactly that. Have your giftee place their favorite liquor inside this statue, and the little guy will dispense it directly out of his little guy right into any cup.

best gag gifts, True Bonny Boy Liquor Gag Gift

Buy: True Bonny Boy Liquor Gag Gift $31.99


Cold Beer Coats

A tiny puffer jacket for your beer may not be essential, but it’ll give you a laugh. Thanks to the soft nylon on the outside and metallic fabric lining the inside, it serves a purpose. Your beer stays cold while your hand stays warm, so it’s functional while also being a cute and fun gag gift.

beer jackets


TUSHY Spa Premium Warm Water Bidet Attachment

While this isn’t necessarily a gag gift, it’s also not anything your buddies will ever see coming. No matter the pal, gift them the TUSHY warm water bidet attachment for their toilet. It’s honestly a lovely gift to give, but it also has that subtle institutional undertone.

TUSHY Spa Premium Warm Water Bidet Attachment


Dad Jokes: Terribly Good Dad Jokes

Dad jokes are cringe-worthy, dumb and cheesy. But we love them all the same. This little book compiles a few great dad jokes for your old man to reference if his dad joke well ever runs dry. Inside you’ll find eye-rollers like, “what does a spy wear on his feet? Sneakers.” Yea, they’re all that bad. In other words, it’s perfect for Father’s Day or dad’s birthday.

best gag gifts, dad joke book bad jokes

Buy: Dad Jokes: Terribly Good Dad Jokes $6.99 (orig. $9.99) 30% OFF


Mini Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy

Who doesn’t love the giant wacky inflatable tube guy outside of car dealerships? Now you can have a mini version on your desk, shelf or coffee table. This miniature version of the famous Flagler stands 18 inches tall and comes supported by an included battery-powered fan. The guy also comes with a 32-page mini-book that delves into the origins of the wacky character. Amazon reviewers are big fans, with one even saying he found “a friend for life” in this little red weirdo.

best gag gifts, Mini Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy


Poop Emoji Farting Plush Toy

This might be the only dog toy your friends will like as much as your pooch. It’s a four-inch poop emoji with big eyes and a smile that makes fart sounds when squeezed. Even if you don’t have a dog, the farting poop plush makes a hilarious (and utterly useless) gag gift for any friend with a perfectly immature sense of humor.

best gag gifts, emoji plush poop fart sounds

Buy: Poop Emoji Farting Plush Toy $15.95 (orig. $19.95) 20% OFF


Lightning Reaction Shocktato Party Game

Oh, you thought “Hot Potato” in 2022 was played with an actual potato? Nope. Spark up the game and shock whoever’s left holding it for added fun and anxiety.

best gag gifts, Lightning Reaction Shocktato Party Game

Buy: Lightning Reaction Shocktato Party Game $34.99 (orig. $44.99) 22% OFF


Mean Girls Mini Burn Book + Magnet Set

We all have that friend who’s an unapologetic Mean Girls fan through and through. For good reason, too, the movie slaps. This magnet set is the perfect snag to gift any Mean Girls fanatic — they’ll be covering their fridge in their favorite quotes and spewing phrases from their mini Burn Book in no time.

best gag gifts, Mean Girls Mini Burn Book + Magnet Set

Buy: Mean Girls Mini Burn Book + Magnet Set $9.49


I Pee In Pools Trucker Hat

You know, if the shoe fits, it fits. Well, in this case, we mean hat.

best gag gifts, I Pee In Pools Trucker Hat

Buy: I Pee In Pools Trucker Hat $16.99


Please Don’t Do Coke In The Bathroom Neon Sign

Funny, stylish and useful. You can’t go wrong with this one.

Please Don't Do Coke In The Bathroom Neon Sign



Knock Knock WTF Nifty Notes

Sometimes, regular post-it notes aren’t poignant enough. Add some structure when sending a coworker, roommate or friend a note with these hilarious WTF notes. They all begin with the gripping bold print at the top –– “WTF” –– and have some options below, such as “…is up?” or “…is wrong with me?” They’re helpful for anyone but especially good for giftees that have some problematic people in their lives.

best gag gifts, funny post it notes WTF

Buy: Knock Knock WTF Nifty Notes $6.50


Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster

If you have a friend who likes to camp and fish, this is the perfect gag gift for them. It’s a fun fishing pole roaster that allows you to sit back comfortably while you cook your hot dog or marshmallow over the campfire. It’s a silly gift that just so happens to help food cook evenly, so it’ll make any camper laugh and prove very useful.

best gag gifts, fishing pole roaster


The Screaming Goat

Screaming goats is an internet cliche that never gets old, and this little guy is consistently one of the best funny gifts for sale online. Bring it to life for any screaming-goat fanatic with this mini goat and illustrated pocketbook. When pushed, the miniature figurine gives a scream that will cause some laughter in the room. Plus, the book contains useless images and information about the screaming farm animals.

best gag gifts, The Screaming Goat

Buy: The Screaming Goat $8.56 (orig. $9.95) 14% OFF


Guzzle Buddy Wine Bottle Glass

We all have those days when a regular glass of wine isn’t enough. For those kinds of evenings, break out this witty “Ultimate” wine glass (that’s really a whole bottle). The top is shaped like a wine glass, so you can sort of be drinking “a glass” when we both know damn well that ain’t the case.

best gag gifts, Guzzle Buddy Wine Bottle Glass

Buy: Guzzle Buddy Wine Bottle Glass $17.99


Smack a Sack

Wine might relieve stress, but a healthier alternative is this anti-stress ball sack. Place the two included foam balls in the leather sack, close the velcro opening, grip the top, and smack away. It makes an excellent gift for any stress case with a sense of humor and has a surprisingly good build quality for some serious smacking.

best gag gifts, smack a sack stress toy

Buy: Smack a Sack $14.95


Lhedon Burrito Tortilla Blanket

If you or someone you know has ever wanted to be wrapped up like a burrito, this tortilla blanket is a must-have. The round blanket is made of comfortable flannel and large enough to cover two people within its 71-inch diameter. Use it as a funny sofa blanket, a travel accessory, a kid’s room addition, or anything else you can think of. While other designs are available (pizza, for instance), this burrito blanket is one of our favorite funny gifts on Amazon.

best gag gifts, funny blanket tortilla

Buy: Lhedon Burrito Tortilla Blanket $23.99


Accoutrements Emergency Underpants

We all have a friend with a notorious story about pooping their pants. It happens; sometimes, people don’t get to the bathroom in time. This is the perfect gag gift to tease that person about their “incident,” or potentially multiple incidents. They can also keep this extra set of emergency underpants nearby in case it happens again.

best gag gifts, emergency underpants Buy: Accoutrements Emergency Underpants $7.15

OnlyFans Beanie

Maybe it’s a gift for your friend that’s a creator, maybe it’s a gift for a buddy that follows way too many creators. Give this to any OnlyFans lover that can’t get enough of their job or obsession.

OnlyFans Beanie



Game of Queens: A Drag Queen Card Race

She already done had herses! The Game of Queens is an exciting, unexpected little gift to snag for any drag queen fanatics out there. Pitch queen against queen and decide who’s best at what. While it’s not necessarily a gag gift, the gag in itself is that something as specific as this even exists in the first place. Your drag-obsessed friend will love it.

best gag gifts, Game of Queens: A Drag Queen Card Race

Buy: Game of Queens: A Drag Queen Card Race $11.98 (orig. $14.99) 20% OFF


Mail a Potato Face

Imagine this: you head out to your mailbox one morning, and there’s a package you weren’t expecting. What a pleasant surprise! Until you open it, look at its contents, and discover — it’s a potato with your face on it. Is this a weird way to learn there’s a hit out on you? Not this time. It’s just one of your friends messing with you. Anonymously send a potato clad with a person’s face on it to anyone that might get a kick out of it. We don’t suggest that they eat it or anything afterward. Choose to ship in a few days for a special occasion or ASAP.

best gag gifts, Mail a Potato Face


Bob Ross Bobblehead

Instructional painter Bob Ross has become an odd meme on the internet, so why not have him around in bobblehead form? This mini version of the famous afro-ed painter stands at 4 inches tall and talks with 10 different wise sayings from Bob Ross. It is an excellent addition to any art studio or desk, giving you the creative guidance necessary to get stuff done. It also includes a booklet with 30 Bob Ross landscapes to pour over for inspiration.

best gag gifts, Bob Ross Bobblehead


Yolococa 10 Pieces Finger Puppet

We’ve all wished our fingers each had a hand of their own, and now they can! For just $10, you get a set of 10 hand finger puppets that look outrageous on your fingers. Aside from that, they do absolutely nothing else. Okay, they do make for some great pictures as well.

best gag gifts, Yolococa 10 Pieces Finger Puppet

Buy: Yolococa 10 Pieces Finger Puppet $8.99 (orig. $12.99) 31% OFF


Flyby Party Recovery & Prevention Pills

We’ve all got a buddy who can overdo it sometimes, and hangovers are no joke. That friend deserves these hangover pills if they’ve got somewhere to head the morning after a long night out. And we mean loooooong night out. You know those nights in particular. These Flyby alcohol recovery pills are a funny gift to hint that sometimes, your pal needs to cool it a bit. Nonetheless, they’ll come in handy when he needs them most.

Flyby Party Recovery & Prevention Pills

Buy: Flyby Party Recovery & Prevention Pills $34.97


Bag of Dicks

Have a buddy you love to death but needs to eff off sometimes? Give him what he deserves — a bag of dicks. Straight from dicksbymail.com, send this bag of dicks directly to his home and add glitter or penis confetti for the extra shabang. It’s a hilarious yet delicious way to get your point across.

best gag gifts, Bag of Dicks


Accoutrements Yodeling Pickle

Yodeling is okay, and pickles are okay, but together they make something exceptionally useless. Push a button on the top and enjoy a serenade from nobody’s favorite food. It makes a great gift because your giftee almost certainly doesn’t have one.

best gag gifts, Funny Pickle Toy

Buy: Accoutrements Yodeling Pickle $12.66 (orig. $14.99) 16% OFF


Fake Piercings

If you come from a more traditional family, one of the best gives you can give is a joke that sends mom and dad into full-on panic mode. These fake piercings will do exactly that. Clip them to your ears, lip, nose or belly button for the ultimate family freakout.

best gag gifts, Fake Piercings

Buy: Fake Piercings $7.64 (orig. $11.99) 36% OFF


Comfort Smart Fire Crackler Sound System

This fire crackler sound system makes the perfect addition to electric fireplaces by providing that romantic wood-burning crackling sound. Or, just have it by your bedside to give you the illusion of having a warm fire to coax you to sleep. Either way, it makes a totally useless and hilarious gift.

best gag gifts, Comfort Smart Fire Crackler Sound System

Buy: Comfort Smart Fire Crackler Sound System $29.99 (orig. $59.00) 49% OFF


Baby Mop

too expensive? Put your baby to work with this onesie mop outfit instead. The baby can go about their normal crawling and scooching business, but your floors will be sparkling clean.

Baby Mop Onesie

Buy: Baby Mop $29.99


Sparkle Toots Unicorn Plush

Another wholly useless but wonderful gift is this farting unicorn plush named Sparkle Toots. Squeeze Sparkle Toot’s taco for phrases like “Do you want to see how rainbows are made?” and then listen as it belts out a symphony of unicorn farts.

best gag gifts, Unicorn Stuffed Animal

Buy: Sparkle Farts Unicorn Plush $24.99 (orig. $49.99) 50% OFF


Huge Bread Pillow

This is a massive pillow made to look like a piece of bread. Why? We’re not sure. But, we don’t ask questions anymore.

Huge Bread Pillow

Buy: Huge Bread Pillow $31.99 (orig. $39.99) 20% OFF

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