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Writer's block or inbox fatigue -- whatever the cause, if you find yourself in a creative rut or productivity is at a standstill, might we suggest this very simple way out: get outside. It might be tempting to push through the task that has you feeling stuck, but according to neuroscientist, brain expert and bestselling author, Dr. Rahul Jandial, slowing things down and taking a break might make a bigger impact.

Studies show that taking time to step away from your work and spend a few minutes in nature can completely shift your state of mind. Here's how a quick trip outside can boost creativity and productivity more than downing another cup of coffee for the sake of powering through...

How Does Time Outside Boost Creativity?

A very simple yet powerful study illustrates the potential benefit of getting out of the cubicle. Researchers enrolled thirty men and twenty-six women in a simple experiment. Half took a creativity test the morning before a four- to six-day backpacking trip; the other half took the test afterward. And the result? Those who took the test after their wilderness experience scored 50 percent higher for creativity than those who took it before the trip.

But you don’t have to spend a week hiking in the forest to have your creativity nourished by the outdoors. Even a half-hour walk near your home, office or school will do. Einstein made a habit of walking the mile and a half to and from his office at Princeton University every day. A little exercise, some fresh air, the passing of the seasons: It’s all fuel for your creative brain.

3 Ways To Get Yourself Outside

Take a stroll. You don't have to make a big deal out of getting outside more often. Simply put on a playlist or podcast (here are our favorites) and take yourself for a walk. For bonus points, incorporate some easy breathwork to really bring yourself into the moment.

Make a friend date. Instead of just going straight to brunch, do something active outside with a friend. Having company makes even the simplest outdoor activities like taking a walk around your neighborhood something to look forward to -- and to do again.

Plan a trip. To boost creativity in a major way, plan a weekend trip somewhere beautiful where you won't be able to resist spending time outdoors. On of our favorite places to boost creativity is just a few hours' drive up the coast from LA -- get inspired here.

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