What Were Writing or Not: Jenns Not!

Jenn McKinlay: What am I writing? Welp, for the first time in ten years, I'm NOT writing anything. Weird, I know!

I turned in a book on January 6th -- One for the Books, the next Library Lover's Mystery -- and I haven't written a word since. At least, fictionally. Instead, I'm writing checks - a LOT of checks - to plumber guy, electrician man, and carpenter dude. You see, we're in the midst of a kitchen renovation.While I love all that is happening, it is exactly as disruptive as I feared, which is why I planned to not write during the, hmm, let's call it "the transformation".I'm doing a lot of the demolition myself, so that's fun!

Hammer time for Jenn!
Otherwise, the only thing I've written is myNEWSLETTER and this blog post. I keep telling myself that it's a good thing. That I need to recharge the brain batteries,blah, blah, blah.

We, meaning the fam and I, have discovered that not being on deadline is anathema to me. So, the kitchen renovation has trickled over to the bathrooms, where I decided to switch out all the taps, the yard, where I established a kitchen garden (fresh herbs!), and coming up soon, the masterbedroom, which I'll be painting. As you can see, I have a small problem with sitting still when not chained to my desk,chiseling out the words in my head.

After long days of hard labor, I have managed to catch up to some shows -- Fleabag, The Witcher, and Sex Education -- all excellent and proof that I can sit still! I plowed through some books on my TBR -- Real Men Knit by Kwana Jackson (fabulous!) and Murder at the Taffy Shop (excellent!) by your friend and mine Maddie Day, aka Edith Maxwell. I started anew knitting project after months of not having the time or energy. It's a hat in celebration of Buried to the Brim, the next London Hat Shop mystery that drops in two days - on the 28th!!!

Yes, there are corgis in it!
Thankfully, or so my squad said, the revisions for the next library mystery arrived yesterday, so I will get back in the saddle for that. I do havesome mystery proposals to write, a few more blogs to pen, and undoubtedly some more checks to issue. Hopefully, the powers that be will let me know what my next project is soon. I sent my poor editor five ideas for my next single title, which she is pondering so we'll see.In the meantime, I'm feeling restless and think the laundry room could use a makeover...uh oh.

How about you, Reds and Readers, are you any good at sitting still?

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