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Oh, summertime is coming! If you aren’t familiar with me or The Rebel Chick blog, then you may not know this…but I am a total summertime chick! I don’t mind the heat or humidity, in fact, I actually LOVE IT! Saturday brunches with the girls, long lazy days on the beach, Sunday Funday with my flavor of the week – summer is just perfect for just about anything I like to do, and my clothing, shoes and jewelry wardrobe reflects that! I thought that I would share my 5 Summer Fashion Staples For Miami for those of you who may need a little guidance for looking amazing even while you’re battling summertime heat and humidity, whether you are a local and just want some new ideas, or you will be traveling to a subtropical or tropical climate this summer. 

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5 Summer Fashion Staples For Miami
Lightweight Jewelry that Goes with Everything

I own few very simple and elegant gold rings from AU-Rate, a fine jewelry company that believes in offering high quality, sustainable jewelry made with ethical gold and diamonds, with a focus on classic, clean design. I love this brand! Their jewelry is very simple, yet elegant – which is just my style! Of course, AU-Rate doesn’t just have rings! They have a wide variety of beautiful jewelry, including everything from necklaces and statement rings to simple yet elegant ear cuffs. 

Of course, you don’t really NEED an excuse to wear beautiful jewelry, but now is the perfect time to buy before the upcoming summer season!
I like dainty rings, lightweight bracelets and necklaces for the summer. Who wants a bunch of heavy, clunky jewelry weighing down on you while you’re outside sweating? Not I! these ear cuffs look so pretty, and don’t require that you get a new piercing! With everyone wearing their hair up this summer, why not give your ears a little extra bling?

A Stylish Pair of Sunglasses

One of the biggest pieces in 5 Summer Fashion Staples For Miami is the right pair of everyday sunglasses. Now, of course the flashy and trendy sunglasses are great for a special brunch or day at the beach, but a classic design is always your best bet for every day wear.

Choose sunglasses with frames in a classic tortoiseshell or an elegant black color and a shape that flatters your face. I love my Salvatore Ferragamo sunglasses, I have been wearing them for about two years now! This is actually the longest I’ve ever had a pair of sunglasses – I am notorious for losing them or breaking them because well, I am lazy. I have made a special effort to keep these in their case since I received them, but I just lost the case last week on the beach in St Pete. So you’ll probably find me wearing some old SWAG sunglasses from a blog trip I future photos, as I will likely lose them soon!

If you are more daring and can pull it off, perhaps a pair of cat-eye tortoiseshell sunglasses is your style. Though square, rectangle, and round glasses have been the more common and popular style, the cat eye is seeing a resurgence in popularity. Just make sure to select frames that suit your face, as sunglasses are a fashion accessory just as much as they are protective eyewear!
These 5 Summer Fashion Staples For Miami Work for ANY Hot and Humid Climate!
Lightweight Cotton Dresses

I practically LIVE in dresses all summer, as even during the evenings, it is too humid for jeans! I invest in a few new pieces each summer, like this cotton bodycon dress I am currently in love with! Angeline’s dress is also from Amazon, it is my dress, but because it is empire waisted, she is still able to wear it although she’s almost 7 months!

A lightweight cotton dress is the most important of these 5 Summer Fashion Staples For Miami because you will literally wear them EVERY DAY – AND NIGHT!

A Pair of Comfortable, Breathable Sandals

As you can see, I am a fan of comfortable sandals…year-round! Now, of course you can wear any kind of shoes when it is hot and humid out, but why would you? I absolutely love wearing my boots during the cooler winter months – which in Miami is like December – February, and I basically live in my TOMS! But summertime requires a pair of breathable sandals so that we aren’t walking around essentially in pools of our own sweat…at least that is an issue that I personally face every summer!

A Great Sun Hat

When you are considering your 5 Summer Fashion Staples For Miami, invest in a great sun hat! Whether you are wearing it out on the boat, at the beach, or just for a summer day at the park, a classic wide brimmed sunhat is perfect for giving your outfit a little extra sparkle and protect your skin from the sun. 

Regardless of how you choose to dress during the hot and humid summer months, make sure to use sunscreen and hydrate! Summer is my favorite season, BUT it can be absolutely brutal if you aren’t hydrated and plan your wardrobe according to the weather. 

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