The Best Surfing Hats to Protect You from the Sun This Summer

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When you’re out surfing, it’s easy to forget about getting sunburned. You’re trying your best to catch a wave, having a great time, talking to friends in between sets, and altogether forgetting the real world exists (which is pretty ideal, honestly). But then you get home and realize your face is so red you resemble a tomato.

Prevention is easier than a cure, and although surf hats don’t cover 100% of your exposed skin where skin cancer is most likely to appear (chest, face, legs) it’s best to adhere to the play it safe rule. So what is a summer surfer to do? Wear zinc oxide sunscreen and wear the best surf hat.

A good surf hat can protect you from the sun and best of all, they’re not all goofy bucket hats, even though we have plenty of those on offer! A good hat for surfing means it has ties under your chin or fits snugly so it won’t fly off your head if you get sucked under a wave or take a sweet wipeout. Keep your hat on your head and your tender skin protected (have you checked out our organic sunscreen options?) with these best hats for surfing.
   1. Rip Curl Wetty Surf Cap
Protect your face and neck with the Rip Curl Wetty Surf Cap but don’t forget to slather on the zinc. This surf hat is comfortable and secure; it will stay on your head even when a big set comes through. This cap has a detachable chin cord and toggle, making it adjustable for just the right moments. If there’s a sneaky eight-foot set coming out the back, tighten this baby down and keep paddling.

Buy: Rip Curl Wetty Surf Cap $62.70
   2. Patagonia Surf Brim Hat
The Patagonia brand is paving the way for eco-friendly surf products to become the norm, and their brim hat is an exceptional choice for avid surfers. In a slightly trimmed bucket style hat, the Patagonia Surf Brim hat is made from recycled nylon (a plus in our book) and is a stylish and affordable choice. With a water repellent material, a quick-drying internal headband, and a comfortable cord to cinch beneath your chin, this hat is great for the water. Protect your skin with a surf hat, you really might email us and thank us later. And don’t forget your zinc!

Buy: Patagonia Surf Brim Hat $39.00

   3. Hurley Men’s Vagabond Sun Hat
The traditional bucket hat had to make an appearance, and few do it better than Hurley. Their version of the sun hat is a stylish, large brimmed hat with plenty of coverage. It’s bigger than the other bucket-style surf hats on our list, but just as ideal for its amount of protection. With an adjustable chin strap, this waterproof, hand-wash-only surf hat will prove essential to all your surf sessions. Plus, the cool camo print will make you stand out among your friends out on the water.

Buy: Hurley Men's Vagabond Sun Hat $35.93
   4. FCS Essential Surf Bucket Hat
The FCS brand has a great surf hat available that comes in three sizes and plenty of colors. This bucket-style hat is ideal for a long day on the water, whether you’re surfing, SUP’ing or just kickin’ it on the beach. With long style flaps to protect equal areas of your face, neck and chest, the bucket hat is a perfect summer companion. Beat the sunburn with a surf hat, you won’t regret it.

Buy: FCS Wet Bucket Surf Hat $34.00
   5. Dakine Indo Surf Hat
Dakine’s surf hat is pretty stylish for a bucket hat. With a light gray color, it’s certainly in season and the mesh panels only help its cause. Protect your ears with the side panels and keep the back of your neck covered with the large brim. A stylish and functional hat that will look good and protect you while out in the waves, Dakine has a sure winner on their hands here.

Buy: Dakine Indo Surf Hat $27.96
   6. Kaiola Surf Hat
This technical surf hat is colorful and stylish and has a longer brim than most surf hats, leaving you with more coverage at the end of the day. The Kaiola hat has a lot of perks: one of the best being that the brim flips up for better paddling vision. Plus, it’s a duck dive-proof hat so you don’t have to worry about losing it in a big set wave. Enjoy your time on the water and worry less about sunburn or sun damage with the Kaiola Surf Hat.

Buy: Kaiola Surf Hat $65.00

   7. Mission Cooling Bucket Hat
The Mission hat works wonders on the hot scalp because when wet, it becomes cool, acting as a balm to the overheated head on a hot summer day. Tired of feeling hot while out on the beach? Cool off with the Mission bucket hat or wear it while surfing. The great design will keep the sun off your face and the adjustable chin strap will keep it from falling off when catching an epic set wave.

Buy: Mission Cooling Bucket Hat $19.99
   8. Ocean and Earth Indo Stiff Peak Surf Hat
Who isn’t a fan of the brand Ocean and Earth? It only makes sense that with all their innovative ideas and products that they’d have a sick surf hat. Plop this right on your head along with your favorite color zinc and avoid the melanoma scare. Keep your skin protected and covered with this unique stiff peak hat. The design is a traditional bucket hat but the biggest perk is the long flap at the back to keep your neck covered. This is an excellent surf hat and well worth the price point. Pop this on and enjoy your surf sesh.

Buy: Ocean and Earth Indo Stiff Peak Surf Hat $45.00

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