The 5 Best Ways to Protect Your Babys Skin in Winter

Cold and windy weather can cause baby skin problems. We know how to avoid them and protect your little one! Scroll down!

Winter brings us so much joy! We all like going out and playing with our children! First snow, first snowballs, first snowman, snow angels So much fun! But after the outing, we can notice our children having some skin problems: dryness, redness, rash, chapping, even allergic reactions. Besides, central heating dries the air inside and harms the delicate skin too. So, in winter, we must enhance the care routine and get to know some baby must-haves, which will protect and soothe your childs skin!

Here are some recommendations which we have tested ourselves!

1. Walkabouts in Winter: Do It Right

Did you know that there are several rules on how to walk with a child in cold, windy weather? Here they are:

  • The first promenade with a newborn should not exceed 15 min. Add 5min. every day.
  • Its better to skip the outing if the temperature is lower than -50`F.
  • Do not walk more than an hour and a half if the weather is cold and/or windy.

Admittedly, walking in fresh air is much-needed for overall health. Plus, a good time outdoors will improve your babys sleep. However, kids are very susceptible to chill and wind. And too long stays outside can cause baby red skin and dryness.

2. Protect Your Babys Skin With The Right Clothing

Weather-appropriate clothes are a must for everybody, especially for babies. During cold winter months, children have to wear one more layer than adults; however, it should be light, made of natural materials. Do not forget about gloves, even if its not too cold! The kids skin is too delicate and becomes chapped easily.

Stay away from woolen clothes they are warm but may irritate sensitive derma and cause baby skin allergic reactions.

3. Take Care Of Babys Skin During Bathtime

Babies like playing in the water, making splashes But its better to avoid long baths keep time limit to 3-5 min., otherwise, itll cause baby dry skin. If your child adores sudsing, let him/her do splashing in soap-free water, almost all soapy products cause dryness.

Children dont need everyday washing, several times a week is enough. Only the diaper area requires daily attention just wipe it with a damp cloth if the child is not too messy. Dont forget about the water temperature it must be lukewarm.

To end the bathtime successfully gently pat your little one with a soft towel, dont rub it may cause chapping.

4. The Right Microclimate At Home

Cold and windy weather may cause baby skin conditions. However, your home microclimate can even worsen them. How? If you turn on the heating to the full, itll dry the air and, hence, your and the childs skin. The ideal temp inside is 65-70`F, it may seem too cold for some people, but pediatricians insist that this is the best room temperature for children. So, keep your home cool and cuddle your little bundle of joy so that you both stay warm and cozy!

For heat-lovers, there is a great solution a humidifier. It improves not only skin condition but overall health. If you or your kid is not allergic, add some essential oil create a special atmosphere at home!

5. Choose The Right Skincare Baby Products

You, as a caring parent, pay much attention to the baby must-haves for the skin. So, what do we need to protect and soothe it during winter?

Moisture Lotion.

A childs skin loses moisture and becomes dry far more quickly than an adults one, especially during winter months. Cover your little ones skin with lotion after bath time to keep it hydrated and prevent dryness. You can use baby oil for skin instead of cream. Pat your kid with a soft towel and apply some oil on slightly wet skin. Itll lock moisture inside, and your babys skin will stay soft and supple.
Experts recommend doing this procedure before going to bed, the baby will fall asleep easier.

Barrier cream and lip balm.

Face, hands, and lips are prone to chapping the most, especially in light-skin babies. Hence, do not forget to apply some thick, protective cream and lip balm 20 min. before going out!

When you come home, let the kid warm-up and cover his/her skin with a bit of light moisturizer, itll rehydrate derma.

Baby wash and shampoo.

Do not use regular soap! Apply a treatment specially made for babies. It must be high-quality, mild, and, preferably organic. Such baby wash wont dry out delicate skin; instead, itll nourish and soften babys derma.

A childs scalp and hair may suffer from dryness in harsh weather conditions too. Plus, he/she wears a hat a lot, which makes things even worse! Just use the right baby shampoo itll hydrate and soothe his/her sensitive scalp and hair.

Here is a list of no-nos in baby skincare products, avoid to buy items if they contain the following components:

  • Dye
  • Fragrance component
  • Parabens
  • Alcohol
  • Polyethylene glycol (PEG)

These items can cause baby skin allergic reactions, and they are overall health hazards.
Baby skincare products must be gentle, fragrance-free, and hypoallergenic.

With these simple tricks, youll forget about baby skin problems and just enjoy your time together.

We hope that this winter will bring much happiness to your homes! Take care of your little bundle of joy!

Bio: Elizabeth Barlettah, a mother of 2 children: boy and a girl, writes at as a part-time cosmetologist. She specializes in skincare and follows all the possible novelties!

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