Reopening: Mini Golf at Scandia and GolfLand with Tee Times

My family visited Scandia in Fairfield. GolfLand in Castro Valley is also open again with similar social distancing measures and assigned tee times from 10 am to 9 pm.

Socially Distanced mini golf is open at Scandia by appointment. After months without plans on the weekend, it’s really nice to have something on the calendar the kids can look forward to. It’s cheap, it’s chill, and it felt like a low risk outing. We’ll go again for sure.

Scandia Family Fun mini golf
Scandia Family Fun mini golf course | Photo: Jordan Latham

With a ten dollar deposit, Scandia is letting families book a mini golf time slot online. The deposit counts towards the golfing fees, and kids 5 and under golf free.

Be ready for the heat. Most of the Scandia family fun locations are in areas that get hot this next month. Today we went to Fairfield and in late May it was already 85 degrees. The entire course is in the direct sunlight, but thankfully we had a nice wind kick up. When you plan your trip, the kids probably need sunscreen or a hat.

Social Distancing Mini Golf and Hygiene Stuff

When we checked in for our “tee time”, all the staff were wearing gloves and masks. We watched them wash and sanitize the clubs before handing them to us.

Each golf club gets a scrub
Each golf club gets a scrub down | Photo: Jordan Latham

The way Scandia spaced out their bookings gives families a lot of elbow room. We played all 18 holes without ever being with in 15 feet of other golfers. We made it through the course in under an hour, and the kids had fun nearly the whole time (until about hole 17, a new record!).

It felt good to be in the same vicinity as other people having fun. My kids are 3, 5, and 6, and followed approximately zero golf related rules. But they had a blast. They loved the windmill and the castle. In a time that feels so tense it was all very relaxed. No one scolded them for going off the path, climbing on the rock walls, or hucking balls at each other.

scandia mini golf
Feeling the power of his (mini) golf club at Scandia | Photo: Jordan Latham

Parents will want to know

  • Bathrooms are open, but they only allow one family at a time. If you can find them through the weird maize of silent, unplugged video game arcade.
  • Everything else in the fun center — even the other outdoor activities — remain closed to the public.
  • Cups on putting greens have been modified to allow for ball retrieval without the need to touch any surface.
  • Tee times from 10 am to 8 pm.
  • Scandia website for more info >>
  • Golden Tee Golfland website >>

Pro Tip: Scandia allows reservations all the way until 8pm. Snagging an evening spot might be the coolest temperatures and least intense sunlight.

scandia mini golf
This Scandia mini golfer is a very competitive six-year old | Photo: Jordan Latham

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