Ready for Halloween decor? Make one of these fun DIY Halloween wreaths

Halloween Holidays

Everything from witch wreaths to spider web wreaths and more! 

Halloween is such a fun holiday. As much as I love Christmas I also really enjoy Halloween. It’s likely the holiday I decorate the most for other than Christmas.

I have Halloween village and all kinds of fun decor. And one of my favorite ways to quickly decorate is a wreath so of course, I need a Halloween wreath or two.

When thinking about DIY Halloween decorations I like to plan ahead and keep track of the things I want to make in my Halloween planner. It helps me make sure I really do get around to all the fun ideas or at least some of them.

I really enjoy watching Halloween movies while making Halloween crafts. It makes the time go by quickly and helps me really focus on the crafts and actually getting them done.

You will see at the bottom of this page there is a free printable to help you keep track of the Halloween movies you want to watch. You could also list the crafts you want to make while watching the movies. 
DIY Halloween Wreaths Easy Black Lace Halloween Wreath
Beautiful black lace wreath that is extremely easy to make.
Read More DIY Halloween Ornament Wreath Photo Credit:
The beautiful look of an ornament wreath made perfect for Halloween.
Continue Reading Bleeding Flower Wreath Photo Credit:
A fun and unique Halloween wreath.
Continue Reading Haunted House Halloween Wreath Photo Credit:
How cute is this haunted house wreath?
Continue Reading Halloween Spider Web Wreath Photo Credit:
Prefer neutral decor colors? This wreath is for you.
Continue Reading Witchy Halloween Wreath Photo Credit:
Purple and green are fun colors for Halloween and this wreath fits in perfectly.
Continue Reading A Witches Hat Wreath Photo Credit:
Want something different than the usual wreath shape? Check out this witches hat wreath.
Continue Reading Freddy Krueger Halloween Wreath Photo Credit:
Love scary Halloween movies? This wreath is for you.
Continue Reading Easy Nightmare Before Christmas Wreath Tutorial Photo Credit:
Nightmare Before Christmas is a fun movie and these wreath is a great way to bring a touch of it in your home.
Continue Reading Easy and Fun Monster Wreath DIY Photo Credit:
This wreath with the fun colors is less spooky and perfect for younger kids.
Continue Reading Spooky DIY Halloween Door Hanger Photo Credit:
An unique and fun Halloween wreath.
Continue Reading 5 Minute Mini Halloween Wreath Photo Credit:
This fun wreath only takes 5 minutes to make!
Continue Reading Michael Myers Halloween Wreath Photo Credit:
Another fun Halloween movie themed wreath.
Continue Reading DIY Halloween Wreath Photo Credit:
A Halloween wreath you can make in no time.
Continue Reading "Always Watching" Easy Eyeball Halloween Wreath Photo Credit:
A fun and creepy Halloween wreath.
Continue Reading Create a Beautiful Skeleton Halloween Wreath Photo Credit:
This wreath would be simple to change up to fit any color scheme.
Continue Reading Mr. Boo’s Blinged Out Wreath Photo Credit:
A creepy, yet still cute wreath.
Continue Reading DIY Halloween Wreath with Duct Tape Photo Credit:
A fun wreath made with duct tape.
Continue Reading Make a Halloween Wreath with Pom Pom Action Photo Credit:
A fun wreath with a vintage feel.
Continue Reading How to Make a Glittery DIY Skull Wreath Photo Credit:
The unique colors in this wreath can add a lot fun to your Halloween decor.
Continue Reading Scary Halloween Wreath Photo Credit:
This would a great wreath to customize to fit your style.
Continue Reading DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Wreath Photo Credit:
An affordable option that uses Dollar Tree supplies.
Continue Reading Feather Boa Halloween Wreath Photo Credit:
A fun wreath that uses a feather boa.
Continue Reading Mickey Mouse Halloween Wreath Photo Credit:
A Disney lover's dream Halloween wreath.
Continue Reading Buy a Halloween Wreath
Know you won’t really have time to make one of these wreaths or is crafting not your thing? Buy one of these fun Halloween wreaths instead.

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