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Here’s what you missed last week from my small corner of the crochet world…

The Latest…

We’re actually starting the new Halloween doily crochet-a-long this week with the first section; the pinwheel center. This section can be worked as shown in white or use black. Even colored in later by painting if desired. I hope you join me because the section will be published tomorrow morning! Here’s a sneak peek!

PSSST – don’t forget to enter your name in the drawing for a free digital copy of Annie’s new book entitled A Very Crochet Christmas!

Past Free Pattern!

What free crochet pattern was posted last week? Free Frog Fever!

Before summer has it’s finale and while the days are warm, it’s time to revisit some frog projects that will put a smile on your face and a sparkle in your child’s eyes. These whimsical and fun projects are sure to please, but more importantly, capture that last little bit of summer before the days grow short and the temps cool! [Read More…]

What Pattern Is It?

The pattern I’m describing is:

I can hold a bottle I’m green, but not with envy I sport a red hat I’m perfect for Christmas but let me get this straight; I don’t like it one bit
You can begin your search here!
Here’s the pattern described last week!

Christmas Snowflake Set

This pattern is available here!

Thursday’s Upcoming Free Pattern!

Every Thursday a new free pattern will be published, or an old one from the archives, will be republished!

As the weather slightly turns cooler and fall fast approaches it’s time to revisit some of my favorite fall patterns; pumpkins! In this case all designed to match with our tea set, tissue holder, and cup cozy representing pumpkins in all their glory!

Past Top Five Friday Finds!

I try to find comparable free crochet patterns that coordinate with my latest free pattern on the blog. And five patterns keep it simple, easy to reference and the of course, only the best! Here’s what I found last week:

This week focuses on my pick for the Top Five Friday Finds in free crochet patterns for Halloween Doilies! As I gear up to publish a Halloween doily crochet-a-long I had to see what other cute doilies there were and I found some ADORABLE ones that made the top five for this week. BTW – It’s Friday the 13th….. YIKES! [Read More…]

Featured Patterns!

At Crochet Memories I have lots of patterns, but unless you’re looking for something specific, few people have the time to simply browse. It’s never too early to start on Christmas projects. From door hangers to pillows and just plain fun projects, you’ll love each of these!

Christmas Polar Bear Door Hanger

Door hangers. Oh. So. Cute! You can hang them from any door to cabinet handles. I like to hang them all around the house and this little cute is one of my favorites. That’s because it reminds me of mom. When the Coco Cola Polar bear commercial was on, my mom loved it. It was only fitting to design one for her!

Peppermint Candy Pillow

After seeing a cloth peppermint pillow design wrapped in tulle, I just had to design one in crochet. It’s such a fun pillow to display over Christmas and likely to bring one to buy some peppermint candies! LOL I love the tulle wrapping and I think you will too!

Pineapple Angel Christmas Wreath

If you love angels and wreaths, this just may very well be the perfect crochet project that will bring a festive touch to your home. A dainty pineapple angel fits inside a delicate wreath of more classic pineapples. I hope you give this project a try!

Crochet News – say what?

I just might have to get this product – it really conveys a lot in my world. Click here to see what I mean!

Crochet Magazines You’ll Love!

Who doesn’t look forward to magazines filled with new and awesome crochet patterns? Here are three – and yes, these are affiliate links!

This Week’s Menu Plans:

If you’ve followed the blog much, you’ll notice I publish my upcoming menu plans for each week. Why? Actually this is to keep me on the up and up. I tend to get busy and before I know it, I’m out of steam and if I don’t have something planned, it’s the same old question that plagues many households at around 6:00 in the evening with; “What’s for dinner?” “I don’t know, what sounds good…” until eventually you’re ordering pizza or running through the drive thru at McD’s. Here are my menu plans:

We recently sampled a taste of a stuffed chicken breast we both liked. A. Lot! This was during our recent camp trip with hubby’s brother and sister-in-law, Rick and Cheryl. I just had to create a recipe that came close to the original! [Read More…]

Crushing on Amazon

Who doesn’t love to shop? And who doesn’t love to save money. I’ve found that often when comparison shopping, Amazon has the best price and being a Prime member, means no shipping charges. These are what I’m looking at now…

I hate to admit it, but I’m not much of a fan of Martha Stewart. There I said it. But I do enjoy some of her recipes, crafts and the like. So when I saw this Christmas craft and recipe book, it was added to my list of must-haves. I enjoy browsing through crafts and recipes of all kinds for the Christmas season. So. Much. Fun!

Tuesday’s Trivia!

What is an antimacassar?
A race car An island A multi-massacre Another name for doily
Here’s last weeks answer to “Is there such a thing as shadow filet?”

In short; yes. The long answer is it’s a form of filet where you work less than the standard dc, ch 2, dc. It provides a more detailed image that’s all grown up!
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And here’s another Christmas book. There are times I wished I still hosted Christmas to put these ideas, recipes and crafts to work for me. LOL

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