November Recap

 In November we finished up cross country season for both Kayla and Brooklyn which was great because it was getting cold outside.  This picture below is a favorite, look at that sky!

A free evening meant a date night for Chris and I.  I ordered a fun and yummy cocktail this night.

I got in cat snuggles whenever possible

Christmas carols began and Christmas mugs came out early too.

Brooklyn's last race of the season!
She did great and earned a medal to add to her collection.

After Chris and I watched Brooklyn race we headed to our favorite winery to enjoy some sips before we had to head home to pick up the girls from school.

Brooklyn at pick up.
The team got to stop at In N Out on the way back so she was proud to sport the hat.

More cat time at home

A friend of Brooklyn was having issues with stress and her mom reached out to me in hopes that Brooklyn could find the reasoning behind the situation.  I talked to Brooklyn about it and later that night I went into her room and she was sitting at her desk researching ways to reduce stress and all about it.  If I had to pick a friend in this world it would definitely be Brooklyn.  She loves her friends with her whole heart and is always such a great friend to them.

June always dreaming of being outside

Kayla got home from practice and smelled terrible but that didn't stop Brooklyn who had already showered from sitting right next to her best buddy.

Brooklyn competed in her schools turkey trot again this year and came home with a pumpkin pie.

This is how Brooklyn likes to make her hair wavy for school the next day.  She did this all on her own.

After a wonderful Thanksgiving with family we celebrated Friendsgiving with our friends.

Lots of pictures and sooo much food!

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