MSI’s Stealth Studio takes aim at the Zephyrus G14

The MSI Stealth 14 Studio on a white background. The screen displays the MSI dragon.
Look how tiny. | Image: MSI

There are a number of 14-inch gaming laptops floating around, but the most notable one by far is Asus’s ROG Zephyrus G14. It’s a powerhouse and an easy recommendation to anyone seeking a portable device that can really game.

But this year, MSI has decided to throw its hat in the ring. It’s just announced the new Stealth 14 Studio, which it’s boldly claiming is “the most powerful 14-inch gaming laptop.” That is a tough title to live up to, considering that the G14... exists (not to mention Razer’s Blade 14, which is also a strong, and sometimes even stronger, performer).

The main reason I’m skeptical of this claim is that the Stealth 14 Studio appears to max out at an RTX 4070, while the Zephyrus G14 goes all the way up to the RTX 4090....

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