January STEAM Activity Calendar 2023

January welcome a new year and a new set of opportunities to explore STEAM activities. The January STEAM Activity Calendar for 2023 features January holiday and snow-themed challenges. I hope you will enjoy starting the year exploring the activities found on the January STEAM Activity Calendar

Getting January 2023 STEAM Activities Calendar

First, you will need to download the calendar.

Second, if you don’t have Acrobat Reader you will need to download it. The algorithm page is an Acrobat Reader PDF file.

Third, you will need to go to your download file and open the page.  You may be asked if you want the file to open right after you download it. If you are, you won’t have to hunt for it in your download file.

Finally, when you open the calendar you will find hyperlinked activities. When you click on them, you will be taken to the activity’s location on the web.

Here are the January STEAM Activity Calendar Holidays Celebrated

January 1st

New Year’s Day

January 4th

World Braille Day

January 5th

National Bean Day

January 6th

Carver Day

January 7th

Harlem Globetrotters Day

January 8th

Snuggle a Chicken Day

January 9th

National Static Electricity Day

January 10th

National House Plant Day

January 13th

National Rubber Ducky Day

January 15th

National Hat Day

January 18th

Martin Luther King’s Birthday

January 19th

National Popcorn Day

January 28

National LEGO Day

Toys and Books that Explore January Holidays

The links below are affiliate links.

Braille Letter and Number Learning Board for Word Braille Day

Greenhouse Building Kit for National House Plant Day

Community Helpers Puzzles for National Hat Day

Amazing LEGO creations you can build with bricks you already have!

Exploring the January 2023 STEAM Activities Calendar

You will be able to access the directions needed to explore each activity when you click on each of the October hyperlinks. After you get to each activity’s blog post, you will find a supply list and step-by-step activity directions.

Many of the activities offer free worksheets or recording sheets. You can use what they have for you to download or create your own versions of the activities if you like. The idea is to inspire you to explore STEAM activities with your children. You know what they can handle and how they like to explore concepts and activities.

A variety of different types of STEAM activities have been included on the calendar. You may find that some are more appropriate for older children while others are great for children of all ages. I think that some of them could be done with a partner or parent. However, some of you may have children that want to complete them on their own.

More STEAM and STEM Activities

Magical Creatures STEM Coding Algorithm Drawing Activity - This activity was created to go along with the book Miss Turie's Magic Creatures. It is a fun way to work on coding and exploring algorithms.

Drawing a Magical Creature Based on an Algorithm

Building Numbers 11-20 with Crayons STEM Task Cards

Building the Numbers 11-20 with Crayons

Editable Telling Time from Sunrise to Sunset STEM Worksheets

Telling Time from Sunrise to Sunset STEM Activity

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