I thought we would have some sunshine today.  This morning there were peeks of blue sky off to the north (by the bank) but it was just a tease.  Within five minutes of taking this picture the thick clouds were back and stayed all day.  All


Day.  Ugh.

We got a dusting of snow overnight.  See it on the arms of the chair?  But it was warm enough today that it all melted away as did much of the rest of the snow.  Not that I'm complaining, but this is one dry winter.

Again today I had one devil of a time mustering up any oomph today.  I vacuumed (not my favorite activity) and washed a sink of portion containers and that was about it.  Writing wasn't bad today, the prompt was the best one so far this year and I managed to write a page.

This evening I started January Cast Sock #2 using that same variegated yarn.  I'm really loving the colors.

16 January--Barbara Malcolm, The Seaview. 

Chapter 36

            As we stood there, Iggy rubbed his hands down my arms and letting me talk.  He nodded and hummed but didn't interrupt.  After I calmed down a bit he said, "I think you should take a walk."  When I shook my head and drew in a breath to refuse he said, "I will go out to make certain that Calvin is gone and will even call up to Vista Market and ask Evelyn if she has seen his truck go by.  Evelyn does not miss much."

            I nodded, thinking a walk in the sunshine and cooling breeze might chase away the feeling that Calvin was hovering over my shoulder ready to pounce on me.

            "All clear," Iggy said coming back into the room. "Evelyn said that the plumbing truck went racing past about fifteen minutes ago."  He hugged me to him then set me upright.  "You go walk.  I will tell the plumbing crew that Calvin was called away and said for them to finish the job today."

            "Will they be able to finish today?"

            "They will, and if any of them got a ride with Calvin this morning I will take them home."  He turned me toward the back door and said, "Now, go walk and do not come back until you can take a breath without shuddering."  I looked at him.  "You think I did not notice? Go."  He turned away, calling out to the plumbers as he went.

            I grabbed the straw hat I'd been leaving on a nail by the back door, settled it on my head, and walked out into the sunshine.  It was a glorious day, hot and sunny with a small breeze off the bay.  I walked past the old police station which had a tree growing through the roof now and past Tamarind Watersports where Dougie and Freddy were hauling tanks into the shop to be filled.  I waved and kept on walking down the dirt and gravel road that threaded through the little cluster of houses--past Old Reynaldo's house with his goats tethered to the roadside that bleated at me as I went by, past Billy the fisherman's house where he, his wife, and their six children lived.  I waved at one of the daughters who was taking laundry off the line and remembered that Billy was Dru and Calvin's son and these were their grandchildren.

            I sat on a boulder at the end of the road for a couple hours watching the little summer waves lap at the rocks and sand at my feet and the gulls dive for fish, coming up with empty beaks more often than not.  I might have even dozed off for a while.

            On my way back I stopped in at the dive shop to visit with Lomira.  She likes to crochet and I like to knit and crochet so we compare projects and trade patterns and tips once a week or so.  I decided that as soon as the Seaview was up and running I wanted to host a weekly, or maybe bi-weekly, fiber night.  You know, make some lemonade or iced tea and some savory and sweet tidbits and invite a knitting circle of women, visitors and residents.  I missed the camaraderie of my women friends from home so I hoped to replace them with new ones in my new home. 

Today's toss was an old telephone.  Not a dial-phone-old phone, one with push buttons.  I think it was the phone in Durwood's hypnosis practice office many years ago.  I don't know why we still have it.  Yes, I do.  Durwood wouldn't ever get rid of anything so it's up to me.



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