How To Make A Festive Your Kitchen This Holiday

Since the kitchen is the heart of the house, you should treat this place as interesting as possible. During the holiday season, you can decorate it as festive as you can. It is because the holiday vibes can be applied to anywhere, include your kitchen. Whether you are entertaining guests or spending a quiet evening at home, you will want to create a festive atmosphere in your kitchen. Related to that, with a few simple tips, you can easily make your kitchen a warm and inviting place for friends and family. First, if you’re looking for a fun way to decorate your kitchen for the holidays, consider making your own wreaths and hanging them from cabinet doors and windows. Hang them with ribbons to add an attractive look. You can add red accents to your kitchen. For example, some red ribbons, table runner, and red kitchen ware. You can also add festive baubles and ornaments to your kitchen to create an eye-catching display. Another way, you can add a Christmas tree that is equipped with festive ornaments. For more ideas, take a look at these ideas below.

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Holiday Kitchen Centerpiece


When you are going to dress up kitchen decorations for the holidays, centerpiece decorations are the main thing you can do in the kitchen island area. Here you can combine silver ornaments in the form of a mini Christmas tree which is combined directly with a deer that looks shiny. Applying it on a kitchen island countertop is a smart choice that you can do right now because it can be seen by anyone who visits your kitchen. Usually this centerpiece decoration is used in a modern or contemporary style room. Holiday Kitchen Centerpiece from @metcabinet

Small Evergreen Wreath Display


Holiday decorations throughout the year can never be separated without the use of wreath ornaments that can be hung anywhere in the room according to the needs of your home space. For now, you can make a mini-sized evergreen wreath that can be hung directly on the cooker hood in your kitchen. Even though it has a small size, its existence is ready to be used as the focal point of the room because it has a fairly bold color, namely natural green. A kitchen room that is dominated by white is an amazing idea. Small Evergreen Wreath Display from @everydaycottage

Evergreen Accent with Red Ribbon


Evergreen ornaments are Christmas holiday accessories that are sure to be used by everyone. You can increase the presence of evergreens in your kitchen by turning them into decorative wreaths for minimal holiday-themed redecorating. Red ribbon with this statement’s choice of colors will blend in with your wreath usage, it’s not enough to be here, it can also blend beautifully into any style of kitchen. A string of evergreens in a vase and a Christmas bell placed on top of the kitchen island are the sweet finishing touches. Evergreen Accent with Red Ribbon from @janscarpino

Farmhouse Holiday Kitchen Decor


Don’t worry when you have a kitchen decoration with a simple style and touch of color in the room. Because when the holiday theme comes, you can redecorate this kitchen decoration according to what you want. What you can do right now is to include some ornaments made of evergreen material with a variety of different shapes, for example, you can turn it into a wreath design and a garland that is applied directly to the frame of your glass window. You can also apply a splash of white in this room through the use of red berries that are installed together with the garland you have. Farmhouse Holiday Kitchen Decor from @farmhousebohodecor

Holiday Season Coffee Bar Kitchen


Bring a vibrant atmosphere to this year’s holiday with decorations that are different from previous holidays. Try decorating the coffee bar kitchen with a string light decoration that lights up which will provide additional light and warmth when the holiday season arrives. You can also add a miniature Christmas tree and Santa Claus decorations that dominate, besides that, to fill the empty space on the coffee bar kitchen wall, you can put a DIY sign that suits this season. Holiday Season Coffee Bar Kitchen from @simple.loving.home

Bold Snowflake Table Runner


A snowflake table runner with a bold red color can be placed on top of a kitchen island to be combined directly with a tiered tray which can be filled with a predominance of a combination of red and white. Santa cups, mini Christmas trees and white villages are a combination of ornaments that can be placed in this tray area. In addition to livening up the kitchen atmosphere, this snowflake table runner also makes the atmosphere of the room not boring. The layout is also very precise and strategic to show off to all guests who visit your home. Bold Snowflake Table Runner from @home.on.the.ridge

Hanging Santa Claus Hat Decoration


Do you have a large number of Santa hats? Meanwhile, you can hang this hat from the ceiling with a fairly sturdy rope. This is intended so that the kitchen decoration seems more like a holiday theme. The color which is quite bold will look more statement when the kitchen room you are using is dominated by plain white shades. Plaids table runners and window curtains are a beautiful finishing touch. Hanging Santa Claus Hat Decoration from @antiquefarmhouse

Gingerbread Ornament on the Countertop


Not only Santa Claus, when the holiday season comes, you can use other ornaments such as gingerbread. The two gingerbread that are placed on the countertop are complemented by a tray that has a striped pattern with a blend of red and white to emphasize this theme. Another red color also needs to be present in this countertop kitchen area, a Christmas truck in the corner of the room with red blooming flowers is also an important part that you can do. Gingerbread Ornament on the Countertop from @christinestarfish

Holiday Wreath Window Treatment


Don’t let your kitchen window be empty and boring when the holiday season comes this year. The easiest way you can try is to hang a wreath with a choice of Christmas ball materials consisting of a variety of different sizes and colors. This Christmas ball can be combined with other materials such as plaid patterned ribbon with quite bold color choices too. For the countertop around this window area, you can decorate it with candle sticks and flower arrangements with a statement red color choice. Holiday Wreath Window Treatment from @nehomemagazine

Holiday Deer Kitchen Jars


Deer is one of the choices of animals that are suitable for use in some of your kitchen jars. Here you can use it in the coffee bar area to emphasize the holiday theme this year. The use of this deer pattern can be on several coffee cups and a jar for storing other cooking utensils. Just arrange everything neat and orderly, finish with additional string lights for a dramatic lighting addition that you can do easily and cheaply. Holiday Deer Kitchen Jars from @dekorcubur

Gingerbread Village Centerpiece


Take a look at some gingerbread villages combined with candy cane Christmas trees placed symmetrically with the same height and ingredients. Both can be used as centerpiece decorations that can be placed on top of a kitchen island countertop made of white marble. Santa Claus’s touch on the use of cups and plates is a clever idea that you can incorporate too. In this way, the holiday kitchen decoration will be more lively and fun. Gingerbread Village Centerpiece from @lifeandhomeat2102

Red Ribbon Accent Decoration


The addition of red ribbon to the holiday kitchen decoration, which is dominated by white, is highly recommended to try. Just add this ribbon to the use of some holiday ornaments such as wreaths and add to the pendant light that you use to make it look more charming. This red ribbon can be easily and cheaply obtained at the nearest craft store or can also be purchased online to make it more practical. Red Ribbon Accent Decoration from @ncmodernfarmhousedesign

Bold Statement Red Berries Wreath


Apart from evergreens, other natural ingredients that you can turn into holiday wreath ornaments are fresh red berries. You can make it into several wreaths to hang on the white kitchen cabinet. Both will provide a more vibrant color contrast. Also hang it with a red ribbon, the idea of using this wreath ornament is enough to make your white kitchen look more colorful and festive. Bold Statement Red Berries Wreath from @wowilovethat

Holiday Cottage Kitchen Decor


Cottage and holiday season themes will blend perfectly in the same room. For example, you can try it in the kitchen which is widely used for daily activities. Here you can start by using a large wreath ornament and a series of dry branches in a plain white ceramic vase. For the glass window, you can frame it with a snowy evergreen garland that is long enough. Isn’t it easy enough to try. Holiday Cottage Kitchen Decor from @sweetlittlesmithfarm

Simple Look Holiday Kitchen


The vintage feel that dominates your kitchen can be perfected with some of the holiday ornaments you have at home. For example, you can put a series of evergreens in a wooden vase and a mini sled that can be filled with dry pinecones. The kitchen island made of wood also emphasizes this vintage theme. These holiday and vintage nuances will work well together in the same room and will certainly create the feel of a room that is very warm and comfortable to use with the family. Vintage Holiday Kitchen Ideas from @early_american_dreaming

Santa Claus Countertop Themed


Santa Claus is one of the Christmas holiday figures that will never fail to try. What you can do right now is use a glass and a kitchen utensil storage with this figure which has dominant red and white colors. Just put it on your countertop with a neat and orderly arrangement. This is one of the easiest decorations that you can do yourself without the need for professionals. Besides being able to be used as a room decoration, it can also be a storage that saves space. Santa Claus Countertop Themed from @claudea_m

Mini Evergreen Wreath on the Chairs


Make some evergreen wreaths in small sizes so you can hang them on different parts of the interior or on different pieces of furniture. For example, you can hang mini wreaths on the chairs and kitchen cabinets. To make this evergreen wreath look bolder, you can enhance its appearance with a red ribbon that you can easily get online and of course at a very affordable price. You can get evergreen materials directly from the backyard garden for free. Mini Evergreen Wreath on the Chairs from @moderntexasliving

Holiday Themed Kitchen Cabinet


Look at the design of the kitchen cabinet which is dominated by white, doesn’t it look very elegant? Yes, you can have it and redecorate it with some hanging wreaths that are perfected by adding bold red ribbon accents. Just hang this wreath in each of your kitchen cabinets evenly so that it can be used as a room statement. Making is also very easy and doesn’t require a lot of outlay, isn’t it highly recommended to try. Holiday Themed Kitchen Cabinet from @inspiredhomemagazinefar

Red Christmas Ball Ornament Ideas


Not only through the use of evergreens to present a Christmas holiday theme in your kitchen decoration. A Christmas ball with a deep red color is also an option that you can try to hang on the kitchen stove that you use every day. Just hang enough of it to make it the focal point of the room. This Christmas ball when exposed to the reflection of the light will look more shiny and of course it will give a luxurious impression without going overboard, because the nuances of this kitchen are dominated by white, the presence of Christmas balls can be seen more clearly. Red Christmas Ball Ornament Ideas from @alisonpickart

Red Touch Color Holiday Kitchen


When you have a modern kitchen decor that is dominated by plain white, the touch of red that is inserted into this room will look very bold. This red touch can be applied to several ornaments such as beautifully blooming flowers, mini-sized hanging red berry wreaths and some tissues displayed in a transparent glass vase. Having a touch of red in the white kitchen decoration makes the room look more lively and fun, you can try it cheaply and easily right now. Red Touch Color Holiday Kitchen from @showcasekitchens

Pink Holiday Kitchen Decoration


Pink and white are a mix of colors that can blend perfectly in your current holiday kitchen decor. This touch of pink can be tried on the Christmas tree and several other ornaments beside it. This pink color can be applied to the use of Christmas balls that can be hung on the bottle brush of a medium-sized Christmas tree. Just put this Christmas tree right next to the kitchen island so that it can be seen clearly by all the guests who come to your house. Pink Holiday Kitchen Decoration from @thedollhouserepublic

Santa Themed Kichen Shelves


Not only on the countertop only. But now you can apply the Santa Claus figure theme to the open shelves which are applied directly to the part of the wall that is still empty. Several coffee cups and jars with Santa Claus patterns can be hung on wooden shelves that are equipped with hooks, just arrange everything neatly and orderly. Furthermore, an evergreen garland combined with red berries can be hung firmly so that it does not come off easily during the Christmas holidays this year. Santa Themed Kichen Shelves from @joanna.anastasia_

White and Red Tray Display


Do you have a tray that you no longer use? If you have it, you can reuse it as an area to put some of the Christmas holiday ornaments that you already have at home. The ornaments that you can display are those that have a combination of red and white so that they have a harmonious theme with this holiday theme. Ornaments that you can arrange for example Christmas balls, DIY star ornaments and two evergreen Christmas trees placed symmetrically, this evergreen Christmas tree accent adds color so it looks more eye-catching. Holiday Tray Kitchen Island Display from @cammiscountry

Holiday Dining Chairs Style


When you have a tiered kitchen island, of course, its use will be more multifunctional. Because here you can also use the kitchen island countertop area as a dining table decoration which can be perfected with a chair that is high enough so that it becomes a combination of furniture that will work well together. It’s a good idea to decorate the back chairs with some wreaths made from fresh evergreens, so that the appearance of this wreath looks more festive, you can complete it with red ribbons made of satin. Holiday Dining Chairs Style from @southernlifestyled

White Themed Holiday Kitchen Decor


White is always a color choice that will never fail to be tried in several room decorations with any theme or season. Now you can try it in the part of the holiday kitchen that can be perfected with some evergreen wreaths that can be hung in several different areas. For example, you can hang it on the back of the chair and in the cooker hood area which has been painted white too. These wreath designs with quite a lot of them are ready to be used as an initial welcome when the holiday theme comes. White Themed Holiday Kitchen Decor from @threetimesahome

Holiday Color Small Kitchen


Holiday kitchen decorations usually use a combination of red and white, and this is a habit that is often done and will never fail. Just try the red color on the use of curtain glass curtain cabinet windows which are perfected with a prominent star pattern. For wall paint and other interiors, you can use white paint, which looks natural and is suitable for decorating small kitchens for a wider and more open look. Holiday Color Small Kitchen from @barboramahnelova

Hanging Wreath Holiday Windowsill


The glass window decorations in this holiday-themed kitchen will look more alive when you hang some wreath ornaments that have the same size. Evergreen and red berries are a blend of ingredients that blend together perfectly. You can combine them into one part. Then hang this wreath ornament using striped ribbon to make it look livelier and attract attention, you can try it right now. Hanging Wreath Holiday Windowsill from @allthings_holidayseasons

Holiday Kitchen with Country Style


The kitchen corner will be more attractive when you decorate it with the appropriate theme. For example, you can dress it up again with some holiday ornaments dominated by splashes of deep red. This red color itself can be applied to the use of napkins, bottle brush Christmas trees and curtain patterns that are used. In this way, the countertop in the corner of the kitchen room will look livelier and attract attention. Holiday Kitchen with Country Style from @our_country_dream

Hanging Wreath with Striped Ribbon



Do you have pine needles in your backyard? If you have it, you can pick and use it as the main ingredient for wreath and garland ornaments. Yes, just change it into several hanging wreaths of one size to be applied directly to the white kitchen cabinet that you are using. Striped ribbon is the best accent that you can use as a rope. Hang it parallel to make it look more aligned and tidier, of course. For the garland, you can frame it on the glass window frame. Hanging Wreath with Striped Ribbon from @karinadesignideas

Mini Christmas Tree Centerpiece


Several mini Christmas trees of various sizes and different materials can be used as centerpiece decorations in your kitchen island area. This is done so that it can bring a touch of holiday in this kitchen decoration. Not only a mini Christmas tree, but you can also combine it with a few evergreens that can be arranged neatly in an open rectangular wooden tray area. This centerpiece decoration is ready to be used as a different view for guests who come to your home. Mini Christmas Tree Centerpiece from @homeonchapelhill

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