Happy New Year 2020!

Happy New Year 2020!There are times its hard to believe that its the year 2020. It boggles my mind that 20 years ago I backed up everything on my computer and website because no one was sure

Happy New Year 2020!

if the computer clocks would cause computers to go haywire! Would the clocks turn to the right date? And it became known as Y2K.

Now 20 years later were ringing in the New Year of 2020. A lot has happened during the past 20 years and my business website has changed several times during the past two decades. And years later, I started to blog again, and who knew that it would become my passion.

I have come to love blogging and use it as a means to cover my most passionate topics in life. With crochet being most prevalent, and which will remain the reason for my blog to exist to begin with. My plans for this coming year will remain much the same as they have this past year. While the last couple of months were harried with returning from our fall vacation to holidays approaching, the blog was always foremost on my mind. And then with an upgrade to the blog, a totally new format to learning the WordPress upgrade; a change I knew was coming for well over a year but always lacked the time to test it out. Its funny how when something is pushed on you, you probably learn it much faster than first realized more of a sink or swim mindset.

Heres what you can expect:

  • Mondays: Menu plans / recipe reviews / cookbook reviews / new recipes
  • Tuesdays: Keep Me Posted
  • Wednesdays: Interviews / yarn reviews / pattern reviews / new recipes / DIYS / crafts etc.
  • Thursdays: New free pattern / past free pattern round up
  • Friday: Top five Friday finds

Wednesdays have pretty much become my hodgepodge of posts ranging from whats listed above to include my travel journal and short get-away trips. Whatever is happening Ill blog about it.

And of course, throughout all of this, I hope to design more new patterns to sell and am currently going to resume work on a decorative hat pattern I started last year. I have a few projects Ive started, still sitting on the shelf. Hopefully I can finish them!

To a New Year; I hope it brings the very best for each of us! And a big thank you for keeping me, keeping on!

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