Accessories That Compliment Your Outfit for Every Occasion

Some events or occasions call for a specific dress code and while many requirements, such as wearing a suit or formal dress to a black-tie gala, are obvious, there are other dress expectations that are more of a tradition or fashion etiquette. For instance, while its not usually printed on the wedding invitation, wearing a white dress to a wedding is a well-known dress code faux pas.

Today we take a look at what accessories you should pair with outfits for different occasions. While choosing your dress or other clothing items might usually take priority, the items you style with your outfit can have a huge impact on your overall look.

New Years Eve and Other Festive Gatherings

As the evenings grow darker and the festive season approaches, many of us find our social calendars begin to fill up fast. From works Christmas parties to get together with family or friends, a whole host of upcoming celebrations have us dusting off our best party attire.

Arguably, the biggest party of them all is New Years Eve. NYE parties are the perfect opportunity to wear a glamorous dress or jumpsuit and paired with the right accessories you can create a look that will be remembered.

Glamorous events like these call for glitter, sequins or textured fabrics like velvet and lace.

A simple dress or jumpsuit can be paired with a colourful sequin or glitter clutch. You could also choose large statement earrings or hair accessories for an interesting, yet sophisticated look. Alternatively, a sparkling silver or gold necklace will stand out well against a black velvet dress.

New Years Eve parties are not the time to play it safe with jeans and a nice top. This special occasion calls for a striking look. Glitter, sequins and shimmering accessories are a must.

Poker night at a casino

Some fashion traditions have a much more functional purpose. Next time you step into a casino, look around and notice what the players sat around the poker table are wearing.

Many of the most high-profile poker players can be seen to be sporting a hat. While a baseball cap is perhaps a fashion favourite amongst younger players, other hat types may include a trilby, fedora or even a cowboy hat.

Some professional players even go as far as wearing hats with sponsorship logos stitched onto them.

Celebrity poker players often wear tinted glasses or sunglasses during gameplay, which may seem a bit odd to spectators as games usually take place inside a casino.

But why do many poker players insist on wearing hats and/or glasses?

Many professional and amateur players use these accessories as part of their winning strategy, while for celebrities, it can be their way hiding from the spotlight. By concealing their facial expressions and eye movements, they feel less of an attraction as they hope to impair their opponents ability to judge their non-verbal behaviours.

However, the downside to this is that your opponents may assume that you lack the ability to control your poker face and need these accessories in order to aid your gameplay.

Concealment is not the only reason for wearing stand-out accessories during poker. Some players at televised events like the World Series of Poker (WSOP) do so in order to gain attention. Wearing a silly hat is one way of getting noticed by the cameras at these events and gaining more time on the big screen.

A Day Out at the Races

For those attending a formal day at races such as Englands Royal Ascot, wearing a headpiece isnt just tradition it is actually part of the events formal dress code.

Royal Ascot is an important event in the sporting and social calendar for many attendees. Many race goers plan out their outfit and accessories weeks or even months in advance.

The dress code for the Royal Enclosure states that a hat should be worn, although headpieces with a base of more than four inches are also acceptable. This gives women plenty of choice, from wide brimmed hat with an asymmetric tilt to a daintier fascinator, a style can be chosen to complement the rest of the outfit.

For those who are not used to wearing any kind of headwear, the thought of wearing a large formal hat can be a little daunting, this is where a fascinator or large headband may be better suited.

No matter what type of headwear you chose, it is important that it is the correct size, is comfortable and suits your style and personality well.

Watching the Tennis at Wimbledon

Tennis spectatorship is surrounded by many long standing traditions and etiquette, with strict dress codes for both players and spectators being in place at the bigger events. Interestingly, players are not permitted to wear any of items of clothing that arent white. This includes accessories and even smaller items like socks. The reason for this is that they expect players to stand out for their skill and gameplay, rather than their fashion choices.

For those in the audience, the dress code is similar to what you may expect at a formal summer dinner party or wedding, with floral print summer dresses or well fitted suits being the norm.

As for accessories, chic, classic and neat looking pieces are encouraged. Summer scarves in a light airy material are sported by many. Sunglasses are also a practical extra, which are necessary in order to see the pitch in bright, summery weather.


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