A Month of Mayhem

In the dying hours of half term, I’m sure we’re all decompressing and being glad that June is now with us. But May was a pretty crazy month for me, even before half term and I’ve got some stuff to share with you that might not even be child-related (shh! don’t tell anyone!).

So, what *did* I get up to May, aside from trying to say intelligent things on conference calls while tween girls scream at “A Hat in Time” next to me? Well, early on I took an epic road trip with C’s Mum and met up with some of the other BLWers. We were all heading for Devon and a beautiful wedding at Ilfracombe’s Tunnel Beaches:

The next day, I spent several hours on rural trains to somehow wind up in Bournemouth with Auntie Savage. We were staying in the same hotel as I’d visited with the kids last Easter but this time we paid £12 each and got to use the spa facilities in the basement. If you’re looking for the kind of things that I like, then a swim in the sea on a gorgeous sandy beach followed by a long soak in the jacuzzi to warm up again is pretty perfect.

I almost forgot what we did on the first day of May, which was a swift visit to the Black Park Country Park near Slough. We were doing a hostage handover with CousinZ so were only there long enough to play in the playground for a bit and then get a coffee. It was very pretty though:

More recently, I had a wild day out in Central London with Holly, Weasel’sMum and Kim. Our initial plans fell through but we had poke bowls and bubble tea and lounged around St James Park, almost getting clobbered by flying objects from charming Italian men. We scored last minute tickets to “Bleak Expectations” which had Robert Lindsay narrating – who I thought of as the guy from “My Family” until I got home and Nathan reminded me that he was also Wolfie “Citizen” Smith. What a legend! It was a very entertaining show which I may review properly at some point but then again, I may not. Do enjoy these pictures of the contrasting entertainment in Leicester Square though – giant transformers and big-screen opera, together at last.

So apart from that, May was pretty quiet, right? Yeah, except for the usual work and church stuff. Oh, and being involved in a complicated choir concert:

Which I followed up the next day by doing a maypole dancing display (I mean, what else do you do at the time of year?):

And along the way, blessing the English Class with some proper LWAT knowledge on London parks and landmarks:

Oh, and one of my kids had a birthday. Did I forget to mention that? It was a really busy month. Roll on June!

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