15 luxurious blankets, comforters, and sheets you can find at Home Depot

15 luxurious blankets, comforters, and sheets you can find at Home Depot— Recommendations are independently chosen by Revieweds editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.

A good nights rest does so much good for the body and mind, its astounding that society seems to look down on it. New York City brags about being the city that never sleeps, all-nighters are often praised in professional settings, and time itself is manipulated in ways that can hurt your sleep.

But it doesnt have to be that way. Sleep should be a relaxing, luxurious part of your everyday routine. And many of our favorite sleep products can help make that happen by shrouding you in the comfort you deserve.

I already wrote about how Home Depot is a great place for home decor, but did you know that Home Depot owns two highly rated bed linen brands? You can shop The Company Store and StyleWell on the Home Depot website, and if you buy online and pickup in store, you can go home with a set of 5-star fleece sheets and a brand new set of fence screws.

Lets take a look at some of the great blankets, comforters, and sheets Home Depot sells that could help you get a better nights rest.

1. Our choice for best down comforter

Alberta Comforter
Credit: The Company Store

This comforter is our favorite down comforter on the market.

Winter is cold and uncomfortable, making it a terrible time for sleep if you dont have a good comforter to keep you warm. Dont settle for a good one, though. You deserve the best in all facets of life, including sleep and comforters.

The Alberta Comforter from the Company Store landed near the top of our rankings of the best comforters of 2019. The superior construction and soft, warm materials help differentiate this from all the other options out there. Plus, our tester found that it kept the perfect temperature throughout the night.

Get the Alberta Medium Warmth White Queen Euro Down Comforter from Home Depot for $399

2. These deliciously warm flannel sheets

Flannel Sheets
Credit: StyleWell

Flannel sheets are a necessity if you live up north.

Flannels also for bedding, not just for shirts. You physically lay on your sheets, so a good set is key for your comfort. Because its winter and only going to get colder for the next few months, StyleWells cotton flannel sheet set is well worth your consideration.

Reviewers have praised the sheets for their warmth, and the fun patterns and colors can be used to match any decor. Some people have noted that these arent as thick as other flannel bedding sets, but thats because the construction is built for breathability. Keep that in mind when youre determining if you want to be just a little warmer at night.

Get the Cotton Flannel 4-Piece Queen Sheet Set from Home Depot for $19.99

3. This fleece blanket for peaceful sleep

Fleece blanket
Credit: Home Decorators Collection

This cozy fleece blanket is perfect for draping over chairs and cuddling in front of the TV.

In my opinion, a good blanket is a one-way ticket to dreamland. Because Im a warm sleeper, I tend to prefer lighter blankets to their heavier counterparts. And nothings worked better for me than a plush, fleece blanket. Theyre soft enough for maximum comfort, but light enough that I dont get too hot and wake up sweaty in the middle of the night.

The Plush fleece blanket meets all of these criteria. Its soft and inviting without being overly warm or heavy. It also washes well, which is great news if you want to use this year round without having to look for a replacement every season.

Get the Plush Midnight Full/Queen Fleece Blanket from Home Depot for $13.19

4. These sheets of (microfiber) ice

Credit: SensorPEDIC

Theyre as cold as ice (but in a good way).

Again, I sleep warm, so Im biased towards bedding thats designed to prevent me from overheating at night. This icy pair of sheets is designed to stay cool at night and it comes in colors that match those low temperatures.

This set currently has a 4.6 average rating, with reviewers saying the sheets dont fade over time and feel soft to the touch. Overall, these sheets set out to help people stay cool while sleeping and seem to be succeeding at that mission. Whats more, theyre also hypoallergenic so theyd be a good choice for people with sensitivities.

Get the Ice Cool 4-Piece Dark Blue 400 Thread Count Cotton/Nylon King Sheet Set from Home Depot for $131.99

5. A quilt you dont have to sew

Credit: The Company Store

This cute quilt comes in a variety of colors.

Quilting is a popular art form because it yields a useful product while also being a great canvas for different interpretations and meanings. But this is a list about great bedding, not fun crafts. Fortunately, Home Depot still has us covered with great quilts like this one from The Company Store.

Unlike a family heirloom, this quilt is a solid color so there isnt a design to talk about. However, the full spectrum of color options means you can find the perfect one to match your palette. The quilts maintained a 4.6 average rating thanks to its comfortable cotton material, so this could be a great choice if you need something heavier than a blanket but lighter than a comforter.

Get the Company Cotton Solid Full/Queen Quilt from Home Depot for $169

6. A comforter for all seasons

Credit: StyleWell

Try staying awake after looking at this fluffy comforter.

Because they tend to be big, bulky, and heavy, comforters can be treated as winter bedding, but that ignores all of the options that are designed for warmer seasons. Take this comforter from StyleWell as an example.

As most of its reviews point out, this comforter is extremely lightweight so its great for sleeping in the spring and summer. Additionally, the microfiber material is soft and airy, making this one of the more breathable options out there.

Get the Microfiber Full/Queen Comforter from Home Depot for $34.97

7. A blanket you can throw any old place

Company throw
Credit: The Company Store

Love a good throw? Check this one out.

There are so many types of blankets that I almost forgot to include a throw on this list. But a throw blanket is wonderful as a decorative piece and an extra layer of warmth, so I had to find a great one.

This cotton weave throw blanket has hallmarks of a good throw: its colorful, durable, and easy to maintain. It comes in 23 colors, meaning you can get one that matches nearly every space in the house.

Get the Company Store Cotton Weave Tangerine Throw Blanket from Home Depot for $49

8. The velvet sheet dream

Flannel sheets
Credit: The Company Store

Its hard to turn down a good pair of flannel sheets.

This fitted sheet isnt actually made of velvet. Instead, this set is made from a thick flannel made to feel more luxurious and plush than sheets made of similar material.

Given the thickness and velvet recreation, its a pleasant surprise to see reviews mention how well this set washes and that each laundry cycle causes minimal wear. After all, being able to maintain your bedding will help you enjoy it over and over again.

Get the Legacy Velvet Flannel Fitted Sheet from Home Depot for $59

9. A quilt set for settling down

Credit: Home Decorators Collection

This comforter is perfect for all seasons.

Bedding sets make it easy to maintain a uniform look in your bedroom. This set from the Home Decorators Collection comes with a quilt and two pillow shams, so your pillow and blankets can finally match.

The 4.8 average rating is due to its versatility and adaptability. The lightweight build makes it work well in warmer months, and the cotton and satteen materials do well in maintaining warmth during winter.

Get the Binghamton 3-Piece Quilt Set from Home Depot for $59.48

10. Sheets fit for a pharaoh

Egyptian Sheets
Credit: Home Decorators Collection

Egyptian sheets are a must-have.

Egyptian cotton is sought after because its length makes it stronger than other fabrics. This also lets it be used for high thread counts to create soft, luxurious sheets.

The 4.6 average rating shows that the 500-thread count Egyptian cotton sheets exceeds the materials reputation. This set is particularly comfortable and soft thanks to its low-pile construction, which means the cotton is tightly woven for a smooth nights sleep.

Get the 500 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sateen 4-Piece Queen Sheet Set from Home Depot for $59.97

11. A sheet set thats low maintenance

Sateen sheets
Credit: StyleWell

These crisp sheets look good with nearly any bedding.

Washability is part of what separates great bedding from the rest of the pack. Sheets, blankets, and comforters need to be washed often in order to stay in good shape and to avoid any nasty smells or stains.

StyleWells 300-thread count sheet set hangs its hat on being low maintenance, and reviews indicate the set holds up after standard washing without special care. Whats more, the relatively high thread count makes these sheets almost as comfortable as their Egyptian cotton counterparts.

Get the StyleWell 300 Thread Count Easy Care Sateen 4-Piece Queen Sheet Set from Home Depot for $22.04

12. A down blanket for when you go down for a nap

LaCrosse comforter
Credit: The Company Store

This fluffy comforter is highly rated on the Home Depot site.

Blankets are meant to be layered, one on top of the other, until you find the right amount of comfort and warmth. A down blanket like the Company Stores LaCrosse Down Blanket is a good option to have in your linen closet because of its versatility.

Its soft and light enough that it could serve as your primary blanket during warmer times of year when you only need to block out the chill of an air conditioner. That lightweight construction also makes it easy to pair with a comforter or even a plush throw to make yourself warmer as the temperature drops.

Get the LaCrosse Down Blanket from Home Depot for $219

13. A quilt set you never have to change

Multicolor comforter
Credit: Greenland Home Fashions

This multicolor comforter is big enough for nearly any mattress setup.

When you think about bed size, you probably think about whether its a twin, full, queen, or king, so basically just the length and width. But mattresses are 3-D, so you have to account for depth too and ensure that your blankets, comforters, and sheets can fit the height of your bed.

This particular bedding set is designed for deeper mattresses so everything will be adequately covered. Other than that, this has a 4.9 overall rating, making one of the highest rated quilt sets at Home Depot.

Get the Greenland Home Antique 3-Piece Multicolored King Quilt Set from Home Depot for $86.22

14. A weighted blanket we can get behind

Weighted blanket
Credit: Lucid Comfort Collection

Weighted blanket? Well take four.

A weighted blanket is essential for just about every home. We havent tested this particular blanket, but it comes highly rated on the Home Depot site.

The Lucid Comfort Weighted Blanket is a good introduction to this type of bedding. First, it has a nearly perfect 5-star rating. Second, its only 15 lbs., putting it on the lighter end of the weighted blanket spectrum. Start with this one and then see if you want to move up to something a little heavier.

Get the Lucid Comfort Weighted Blanket from Home Depot for $73.49

15. A warm and snuggly heated blanket

Heated blanket
Credit: Biddeford Blanket

Heated blankets are ideal for the winter months.

Sometimes traditional blankets dont quite cut it, and thats when you call in a heated blanket to act as a ringer. With a 4.4 overall rating, this heated blanket is just what the doctor ordered.

Being able to literally control the temperature and heat is a real stress reliever and allows you to find the ideal temperature without the guesswork of layering multiple blankets on top yourself. Some reviewers have noted that other Biddleford blankets lasted years, so durability is an added bonus here.

Get the Biddleford Blankets 1003 Series Comfort Knit Heated Blanket from Home Depot for $59.49

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