When you think about nautical trends, what kind of images come to mind? It’s understandable if you imagine a pointy white hat and a navy tie (cigar optional)


However, although nautical trends draw inspiration from the wind and the sea, this niche goes far beyond what we imagine as traditional sailor attire. Versatile, stylish, and subdued — there’s a reason why this style seems to be sticking around as the years go on.
Nautical Fashion Outfits for Women 1. Breton Striped Outfits






















To be a “Breton” is to be from Brittany, a seaside region of France in the country’s northwest. When used in the context of fashion, the term “Breton” actually refers to the stripes of the shirt itself, which is in its purest form a set of navy stripes on a white cotton shirt. The origin of this style is utilitarian, as it was first put forth by the French government in the mid-1800s as the navy uniform for northern France. 

The Breton stripe gained real notoriety in the fashion world when it caught the eye of famed fashion designer Coco Chanel, who promptly began using the stripes in her designs. More than one hundred years later, the Breton stripe has truly stood the test of time as it continues to be a favorite across a variety of fashion styles.

Although we appreciate a classic navy and white stripe, we also love the look of Breton stripes that aren’t completely true to the original but instead simply take inspiration, like vertical multi-colored stripes. This pattern also transcends clothing types, and looks great on a number of wardrobe staples from dresses, pants, and even shoes.

2. Vintage-Inspired Outfits





There is something about the romantic allure of the sea that takes us back to a simpler time. While we’re here feeling nostalgic about yesteryears when boat transportation was novel and luxurious, it just makes sense to grab some inspiration from this highly fashionable time.

Some of the best ways to incorporate the best of the early 20th century include tops with large knots, white dresses with sharp collars, wide-legged pants, or even an on-the-mark broche. There is a reason why nautical fashion has endured for many decades, and it’s not likely to sail out of style anytime soon.

3. Double-Breasted Blazer Outfits


There are few wardrobe pieces that offer such an instant sense of put-togetherness as the blazer. For a nautical twist on the classic blazer, invest in a piece that is double-breasted.

A double-breasted blazer is one that has two flaps in the front that overlap one another. There are also two rows of buttons that run parallel to each other. Although the addition of buttons may seem superfluous, the result is a fit that is flattening to the torso. 

Even if it seems unusual to see a blazer that fits this way now, this style actually used to be the norm for blazers and jackets prior to the 20th and 21st centuries. Interestingly, double-breasted pieces have always been more popular in the United Kingdom — a fact that still continues to ring true today.

4. Fisherman’s Sweater Outfits


Anybody that lives in a maritime climate knows the reality of a fluctuating temperature and the subsequent need for layers. Although the term “fisherman’s sweater” usually refers to a type of off-white knit that originated in the seas of Ireland, it can also refer to any type of comfortable pull-over that could break the cool wind of the ocean before it hits your skin. Bonus points if it has anchors or miniature sailboats on it.

Nautical Fashion Outfits for Men 1. Breton Striped Outfits













Leave it to France to invent a clothing pattern that looks equally amazing on both women and men. Just like on women, the Breton stripe can be used not only as shirt material for men, but can also make a great option for pants, ties, and even belts.

Feel free to match it with a pair of boat shoes (like Sperry’s) or with cotton pants or shorts. Breton stripes have long-time been a favorite of some of the most stylish male celebrities, like James Dean and even Pablo Picasso. Men, this is an especially good pattern choice for the warmer temperatures of spring and summer.

2. Chino Pants Outfits









For the uninitiated, chino pants are a type of lightweight cotton trouser that is usually worn in warmer weather and is usually tan in color (though not exclusively). As they look very similar to the more-popular khaki pants, the two are often confused for one another. However, they are technically two different fashion styles.

While khaki pants have their stitching visible, chino pants notably have their stitching on the inside, which often leads them to being hailed as a more formal alternative to the khaki pants. Unlike many of the styles presented in this article, Chino pants do not have their roots in the sailing world — they were originally intended as a military uniform.

However, thanks to their comfort and loose fabric, their transition into ocean fashion has been seamless — just like the pants themselves!

3. Double-Breasted Blazer Outfits


The double-breasted men’s blazer, just like the women’s, is most popular in the United Kingdom — and it seems like the British are onto something. This blazer type, like regular-breasted blazers, can easily be dressed up (with a matching pair of pants) or dress down (with a pair of jeans).

If six buttons is too busy for your personal taste or body type, it is also possible to find jackets with two or four buttons. For an extra vintage touch that harkens to the sea, consider choosing a blazer with a nautical patch in its corner (or ironing one on yourself).
  4. Fisherman’s Sweater Outfits




Men are in luck when it comes to the fisherman’s sweater style, because the possibilities are almost endless. For those who prefer to stay true to the style, cream-coloured knits are a classic and comfortable answer.

To stay especially devoted to the trend, look for a sweater that is made out of Irish wool. If that’s not feasible for you, a cotton grey sweater can also fit nicely within a nautical theme — especially if you are pairing it with a pair of boat shoes and cotton pants.

5. Marine-Inspired Details Outfits



You don’t need to live by the coast to have permission to wear maritime-inspired outfits. Maritime fashion takes its inspiration from everything sea-related, from the beaches, to the ocean to the ships that sail upon them.

Like vintage outfit styles, the emotions behind maritime outfits are a romantic homage to a life at sea.  In order to achieve this look, you can be as intentional as having an anchor on your t-shirt, or as subtle as incorporating sea-colored fabrics into your wardrobe. What it means to you is simply up to you.

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