What’s It Like to Sleep With 3 People in a Day? We Found Out

Never Have I Ever: Had Sex With More Than One Person in a Day Did you ever play “Never Have I Ever” in college? Here are the rules: Everyone puts up ten fingers, and you go around in a circle and one by one share something that you’ve never done (and as human nature goes, the experiences shared are usually sexual). If you’ve done it, you have to put one finger down, and of course, drink. The first person to put all 10 fingers down loses or wins, depending on how you look at it.
One day we all have to become grown-ups, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop playing Never Have I Ever, or better yet — checking things off your bucket list. AskMen is still playing, and the rules are simple: In each edition of this column, we speak to someone about something they’ve always wanted to try in bed. They tell us about the fantasy, and why it turns them on. Then, they actually do it, and we get the lowdown on how the experience matched the fantasy.
Having sex with one person in a day is grand, but is two even better? How about three? 
Danielle, a woman in her early 30s from California, thinks so. Today, Danielle  is happily monogamous, but back in the day, she successfully did what many of us are too scared to do: act freely on sexual desires. At this point in her life, she can easily say, “I did that,” content and in love with no regrets from her past. 
Having sex with more than one person in a day makes you feel powerful and desired like a sex goddess, as Danielle describes. It’s taboo and the kind of tale that will get you called names if you’re found out, but that’s all part of the fun. 
Keep reading for profound and profane wisdom that Danielle learned from having sex with more than one person in a day.     
AskMen: Before you had sex with more than one person in a day, what did you think of the concept? Was it sexy? Scary? Did it turn you on?
Danielle: I was decidedly non-monogamous in my own mind at that time, exploring boundaries and the idea of "free love.” I never considered it to be anything but natural — who wouldn't want as many partners as hours in the day if the sex is safe and consensual? 
I knew that there were people that would find it repulsive, so that definitely added a naughty, kinky edge to the idea. It was totally a power rush to feel so desired. There was never really a fear of getting caught. 
All three men were in different social circles, and none of the hookups happened in public. I was generally just pretty fearless at that time. And as for hygienic fears, which are very real, I took all precautions possible.

So tell me about these legendary three.
I spent the night with friends in a neighboring town. In the wee hours of the morning, I found my way to the bed of a guy friend that I had a massive crush on. That conquest felt like a total victory, and I was totally high off of the encounter. It ended up being a one-off, and although we never hooked up again, we did stay friends. 
That afternoon I got an invite to the home of a super hot guy who I had been flirting with for a few months. We had casually hooked up a couple times before. He and I did the dirty, and then I headed to a different neighboring town a few hours later to spend the weekend with my long-distance boyfriend. Yikes, I know. 
Just a disclaimer: I had 100 percent proof that he was cheating on me. Our relationship was horrible and cringy from start to end, yet we felt like we needed to "make it work." So, in less than 24 hours, I slept with three different guys in three different towns.
How did it compare to any fantasies or preconceived notions you’d had?
It was kind of great, honestly. No complaints from any parties involved — granted, I was the only one who knew about my hat trick. I felt pretty lucky to have three totally different, beautiful men wanting me, and to be able to experience three totally different sexy scenarios back-to-back. 
I guess before I did it, I would have felt like it was "slutty," but, even then, I never understood how that hurts anybody. I didn't feel wrong or guilty — I just felt like I was out there getting mine.
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How was it sexy to you?
I felt like a sex goddess who visits the beds of mortals who crave her. There is nothing sexier than doing whatever the hell I want, when I want, and not apologizing for it.
Did you keep it a secret from the three gentlemen?
At the time, mostly yes. I actually cared about all three of them, and we were young and it would have been a huge scandal with some of our friend groups. I also wasn’t looking to explain myself to the world. I did tell my close girlfriends — pretty sure I just got a high five. 
In more recent years, I'll mention it if a relevant topic comes up. Fellow grown-ass adults mostly just say they're jealous that they never had the opportunity.
Did you do it again? Would you do it again?
Did I do it again? Never with three people in 24 hours again. But with two? A few times.
Would I now? No. I lived that life to the fullest, and now I've grown to appreciate the beauty and benefits of monogamy, which far outweigh that thrill for me.
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