What I Wanted and Bought in November

All of these things were on my floor after our move so I decided to make a flat lay out of it.  A mix of old and new things.

All of these things were on my floor after our move so I decided to make a flat lay out of it. A mix of old and new things.

I am so behind on my reviews right now, so in some ways these What I Bought posts are the only way to be current on the items that are eventually going to be reviewed. If you noticed I still have yet to review the items I received in September (like the Everlane soft day tote and Mansur Gavriel mini ocean tote). But thats just how it goes I guess when you are out of town for a month, move, and then have a surgery. Anyway onto the topic at hand

What I Bought

I purchased with some credit from Everlane: The ReKnit Day Glove (which I plan to compare with my Rothy flats in a review) and the ReNew Catch-All Case (one for myself and a couple more as gifts).

Dr. Barbara Sturm Flight Essentials Kit: Ive been hearing about Dr. Barbara Sturm stuff from the same beauty gurus (thats Eva Chen and Jennifer Fisher) who extolled the values of Augustinus Bader cream. So I used the Sephora VIB sale to try out this really expensive set. So far Ive only tried a couple of their items but I hafta say, theyre pretty great.

From The RealReal: I snatched up an Ilana Kohn jumpsuit (like this one here) with some credit. Ive heard about this brand from several other slow/ethical fashion but most of their made-in-NYC items are way out of my price range. I cant really wear it until after my fibroid surgery but I hope it fits! I also picked up a hat from Eric Javits (like this one) even though summer is over. But after seeing one in Bloomies (for over $200!) I really wanted one and figured I can still wear it in the winter in California since the sun is still blazing sometimes.

I also got a couple sweaters from PACT with credit (thanks again for all those who purchase through my referral link). If people are interested, Ill do a review of them.

What I Was Gifted

A new-to-me zero waste brand called Luxe Refill so kindly reached out to me to see if I wanted to try some of their products, and I said yes because who wouldnt want to try out a new zero-waste brand lol. Full review to be featured soon!

Mejuri Croissant Dome Cuff: Even though my Insta following is tiny, I guess Im enough of an influencer for Mejuri to notice (they are like the new Daniel Wellington it seems, gifting a ton of influencers for exposure lol). Im currently working on a review of the cuff and my experience with them even though all they asked for is a plug on Insta.

Everlane kindly sent me the micro form bag and their wool cashmere blanket scarf to try out. One is comically small, the other is comically big lol.

Whew, when I write this all out its a lot, and Im so far behind on all my reviews. Ive been thinking about it for quite awhile now but Im pretty sure Im going to try to move toward sponsorship next year, rather than reviewing a ton of gifted items. Of course I still plan to buy and try things myself but I also want to be more conscious of what I purchase going forward. I know youve already heard me say this, but seriously I have too much stuff!

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