Trump Pledges to Destroy the Communists

It is hard to believe that we are going to actually call them out.  the banding parties will soon begin.

I was well aware that trump was a friend of joe McCarthys lawyer.  And Archbishop fulton sheen and his mother like mine was a scottish prespatyr.  these were certainly his mentors and he certainly chose to understand communist method.

what is certainly coming is a complete round up of all the REDS old and new.  This political cult has been about for decades and needs to end now.

*** Trump Pledges to Destroy the Communists ***

JUNE 12, 2023

NY Times Headlines:

‘"This Is the Final Battle" : Trump Casts His Campaign as an Existential Fight

Trump Supporters’ Violent Rhetoric in His Defense Disturbs Experts

The former president’s allies have portrayed the indictment as an act of war and called for retribution.


Contrary to being weakened by these self-inflicted "indictments" and stage-managed attacks, The Donald, by Q / White Hat design, is growing stronger by the day. The coincidence theorists, both within our ranks and as well as in the bewildered Kingdom of Normiedom, will no doubt dismiss the coming developments of 2023 & 2024 as the results of tactical "blunders" by "Biden" and the Deep State -- coupled with a "spontaneous" backlash of "the people." Whatever. At this point, such a debate doesn't really matter. By accident or by design, Trump's triumphant "return" will be vengefully glorious to behold.

The indications of what's about to come are becoming more obvious. Trump doesn't make promises nor telegraph threats that he cannot deliver on. Far from sounding concerned about the "Federal indictment" (and possible "arrest"?) -- Trump's recent Truth Social posts and speeches reveal a righteously vengeful man brimming with the supreme confidence of a Bridge player holding a "Trump Card" (pun intended). One of the Slimes articles headlined above reports:

"This is the final battle. Either the Communists win and destroy America, or we destroy the Communists,” the former president said in Georgia, seeming to refer to Democrats. He made similar remarks about the “Deep State,” using the pejorative term he uses for U.S. intelligence agencies. He railed against “globalists,” “warmongers” in government and “the sick political class that hates our country.” Mr. Trump also described the Justice Department as “a sick nest of people that needs to be cleaned out immediately.” (emphasis added)

It's hard to believe. As recently as 7 years ago, any public figure who dared to accuse his enemies of being "Communists" or "Marxists" or "Globalists" would have been laughed out of public life by the gatekeepers of both Libtardia and Conservative Inc. as a kook and an "anti-Semite." Yet Trump -- totally unchained and empowered like never before -- is properly labeling these bastards as such nearly every day now. Somewhere in the lush pastures of Heaven, Senator Joseph McCarthy (whose main legal aide later became Trump's lawyer) is smiling ear to ear.

War-Painted Trump / Truth Social June 9th, 2023

June 12, 2023

Joe McCarthy has returned in the person of Donald Trump -- only this time, he has got the formidable force of various generals, admirals, Military Intelligence, the National Guard and the volunteer "Digital Army" of the Internet all standing behind him.

Concurrent with the mainstreaming of terms like "Communist" and "Globalist" is the beginning of a similar mainstreaming of the horrible reality of child sex trafficking involving the "elites." A few promising signs:

* The establishment Wall Street Urinal (probably under submission now) recently ran a front page story about child rapists communicating among themselves via Instagram -- using code words such as "pizza!"

* Tucker Carlson -- now unchained from FOX -- is going deeper and deeper into this once taboo topic.

* The milquetoast Charlie Kirk of Conservative Inc's "Turning Point" -- after being called out by Q Anon Queen Liz Crokin -- that tireless champion of children and scourge of Satanists -- has just announced that he won't be ignoring the issue any longer.

* Jim Cavaziel (Jesus from Passion of the Christ) has a child trafficking movie (based on true events) coming out in three weeks. The film, called Sound of Freedom, will actually be playing in theaters all across America.

* Former Trump insider Steve Bannon just interviewed Cavaziel about the Sound of Freedom film on his podcast.

* Tim Ballard -- upon whose work the Sound of Freedom is based -- was interviewed on FOX and is becoming better known.

* A 4-part documentary about child trafficking -- erroneously reported to be a Mel Gibson production -- is in the works. (Gibson contributed information, but he isn't producing it).

* The Epstein Island dirt -- being teased by "Elon Musk" -- will come out when the timing is right.

* And to top it all off Trump himself just "re-truthed" a post about the upcoming documentary about child sex traffic.

The prep-work staging is well under way, and the humanity-uniting knockout blow that will be the exposure of "elite" child sex traffic (on top of all the other crimes) is coming. Trump -- written off for dead by the Sunshine Patriots and the Black Pilled Society -- is actually holding all of the cards.

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