The Ultimate Gardener’s Amazing Gift Guide! Great Gift Ideas for Your Gardening Friends!

This article is all about fun and useful gifts for the gardener in your life. Enjoy perusing my gift giving ideas for gardening!

If you're anything like me, sometimes you have trouble finding that "perfect" gift for someone! Right? Well, first---what are the things they like? Take gardening, for example.  Gardening is a hobby many people have, and there are TONS of great possible gifts for your loved ones who love gardening of any type!

There are lots of different gift items I can personally think of that I would have so very much appreciated over the years, and even right now!  Finding gifts for someone who loves gardening is fun and easy, if you know where to start. 

Here's a little rundown of some great gift ideas for people who LOVE to garden! I've categorized them into different aspects of gardening to make it easy for you to find that perfect gardening gift!  And if these don't match up completely, hopefully you'll get some other great ideas just from looking!

(Especially with Mother's Day coming up---I hope you'll find this helpful!  And, if you are looking for more gift ideas, visit my Tea Lover's Gift Guide!)

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Are you wondering what kind of gift you can get the gardener in your life that they will LOVE? What kinds of things a gardener wants and needs? Well, here is a comprehensive list for you that covers EVERY THING that would make a great gift. for someone who loves to garden. With Mother's Day and Father's Day coming up, you should take a look at these ideas! #garden #gift #ideas #gardener #tips #suppies #healingharvesthomestead #formom #fordad

Are you wondering what kind of gift you can get the gardener in your life that they will LOVE? What kinds of things a gardener wants and needs? Well, here is a comprehensive list for you that covers EVERY THING that would make a great gift. for someone who loves to garden. With Mother's Day and Father's Day coming up, you should take a look at these ideas! #garden #gift #ideas #gardener #tips #suppies #healingharvesthomestead #formom #fordad

Here are the gardening categories below in order to make things easier for you to find what you're looking for, too:

Container Gardening Gifts

Composting & Vermiculture

Garden Accessories & Decorations

Fun Things & Necessities

Specialty Gardening (Bonsai, Succulents, Airplants)

Growing Herbs & Herbal Gifts

For the Larger Scale Gardener

Container Gardening Gifts

Container gardening is perfect for small spaces or indoor gardening. An attractive pot (like a distressed whiskey barrel in the link) can absolutely make an outdoor living area just amazing! Here are some ideas for this type of gardener.

This Mr. Stacky vertical container is definitely on my wish list! It's not only beautiful, but it's functional too.  What a great way to grow lots of plants in very little space!

Here's a more classic plant stand for those who love wrought iron! The reason I love this one is because it’s a double decker, and it’s made of heavy duty iron….so it shouldn’t tip over!

This is such a cool planter! It's perfect for planting annuals and looking great on a porch or even inside.  This wood-look planter has great reviews, and it is now on my wish list too!

Here are some books for container gardening know-how!  Years ago when I began growing in containers, all the books were all about growing houseplants!  I'm so very glad to see that there is so much information about growing vegetables, herbs, and flowers too!

Gardening Tools

As a person who is ALWAYS leaving my tools around our large yard, I just love this tote with pockets!  It's perfect for staying organized! PLUS, it comes with the tools!

Here's another tote with heavy duty ergonomic handles---  I love totes!

I'm getting older, and my low back sometimes gives me trouble.  These days, getting down on my knees and kneeling to plant my seedling babies can get rough!  You can sit on this or use it to kneel down. This is another item now on my wish list! :-)  I think any person would love this if they spend a lot of time in the dirt!

Check these garden gloves out!  :-0!!  I LOVE them!  Gloves with claws on the tips so you can really get into that soil properly!

I know these are basic pruners, but I love mine, and I couldn't do without them.  These have some kind of technology that makes the pressure you have to exert much less too.  Hence---here they are!

Composting & Vermiculture

I think all gardeners need some kind of compost system.  Not only will you improve your soil, you'll be living a non-waste lifestyle!  There's just something that makes me feel good all over when instead of tossing my veggie scraps in the trash, I put them in my kitchen composter to be later taken outside to the Big One!

This composter is here because it has gotten a LOT of great reviews.  We made our outdoor composter, so I haven't had to purchase a commercial one.  But if I were going to buy a commercial composter, I'd definitely look at the reviews because they are all so different. 

This composter is on the pricey side ($229), but it has the most excellent reviews.  I also like how it looks!

I'm a little in love with kitchen composters these days.  In fact, we have three of them in our kitchen! You can throw your coffee grounds, veggies, egg shells, etc. in them and they do not smell!  It's amazing! And the plant matter actually breaks down, too.  it's incredible how much waste I can get into one of these.  We eat LOTS of vegetables, so our kitchen composters are used a lot.

Isn't this one cute? I love the fire engine red color!

And here is a beautiful stoneware kitchen composter! Perfect for the countertop!

And for the vermiculture enthusiast (or the Wannabe, like me), this worm condo (factory) is a great idea! This style is very popular, and one of my expert gardening friends swears by this system!

And don't forget the worms! Red wigglers are the BEST for your garden!

If your favorite friend needs information about raising worms or composting, here are some options:

This is a serious gift, and something many people into self-reliance or prepping for emergencies think of and some use---but it could also be a great potential gag gift too! :-)

The worm farm below is the one I have, and I just love it! It fits neatly into a corner of my multi-purpose room in the house for winter, and does well outside in the shade in summer. I have lovely worm castings all year long!

Garden Accessories & Decoration

We are not big into garden accessories or decorations because the hurricane level (seriously---often over 100 mph) we get up here on our mountain. 

BUT, I have a great friend who LOVES her garden accessories--especially solar powered light objects.  She gets absolutely giddy, and I'm not kidding.  It makes me happy to see her so happy!

One thing that we DO use in our solar-powered home are the garden lights because they are easy to tie down.  Lights at night make us happy!  Here are some ideas to start with!

Who doesn't love lights at night? Festive and pretty----

How about a sweet and whimsical gift?  There are TONS of cute frog garden sculptures here!

Isn't this cute? You could buy a pot full of flowers for an instant present!

Necessities & Fun Things for Gardeners

How about considering a flower press for your gardening friend? It's fun to press flowers and leaves to create something beautiful that will last forever...or to keep records for herbal medicine! 

Every gardener needs some waterproof shoes! There are LOTS of options these days, too.  You can buy them tall, medium, and short, with all kinds of color choices and patterns!  These rubber boots are also great for cleaning out the chicken coop! :-)  LOVE these!

How about some gardener's soap? You know how that dirt and grime gets stuck in your hand-wrinkles and under fingernails?  This soap is exfoliating and also filled with helpful skin-softening oils.  Best of all, it contains no parabens!

If you don’t like toxins in your soaps, consider making your own gardener’s soap!

How about a hat? There are lots of cute gardening hats out there that protect delicate skin from the sun or weather while working outside!  You can find great men's and women's hats!

Specialty Gardening

There are all kinds of gardening: bonsai, houseplants, growing herbs, succulents, veggie gardening, even fantasy gardens with airplants! Here are a few starting ideas for the specialty gardener in your life!

For the Zen Gardener: A little juniper bonsai---

And how about a book to go with it?

A few years ago, I went through a hanging garden phase with air plants.  To this day, I still love them... There's something cheerful about seeing a plant suspended from a glass globe hanging in a window!  You can purchase the globes and plants separately too, if you want to create your own garden!

Perfect for Mother's Day, Valentine's or any occasion! It's a hanging living wall hanger! :-)

Growing Herbs & Herbal Gifts

Growing herbs, either outside or in a windowsill, is great garden therapy.  There is just nothing quite like picking your own herbs to create your own teas or just to cook with!

And if you want to create your own herbal basket, here are the seeds! What a great collection!

Hey! Have you ever wanted to learn to create your very own personal tea blends?  Find out how!

Hey! Have you ever wanted to learn to create your very own personal tea blends? Find out how!

For the Larger Scale Gardener

Sometimes a gardener just has to till the top layer of soil---even when using no-till garden methods.  Here's a basic tiller that works great!  Our soil is so hard and rocky it broke a gas tiller, so now we just use hand tools. 

Here's an all-in-one "till drill"!  It does everything:  tills, digs holes for bulbs, and more!

OK---I LOVE this shovel! It's a folding model that can double as a survival/outdoor shovel too.  For a friend who camps and gardens---this is great!

Final Thoughts on Fun, Reasonably Priced Gifts for Gardeners

I hope you enjoyed looking through these choices as much as I enjoyed the window shopping! :-) Enjoy your shopping! I'd love to hear your thoughts so let me know what you think of these gifts, and if there are others you'd like to see mentioned too!

I tried to be sure to cover most kinds of gardeners, but if I missed any style you feel should be represented here, please leave a comment in the comments section or email me!

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Hugs, Health, & Self-Reliance....And great luck to you finding the perfect gift!


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