The Rock Packs Tequila and ‘Lion Dogs’ in His Gym Bag — See His Gym Bag Secrets, Spilled

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From wrestling and major motion pictures to owning the small screen with shows like Ballers, it seems like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson can do no wrong. And if the success of his semi-recent collaboration with Under Amour is any indication, he truly is a jack of all trades, but master of them all.

While The Rock hasn’t unveiled any new collaborations or items, a recent Instagram video gave fans a closer look at what he keeps in his gym bag. Now, we wouldn’t dare say that succeeding in the gym like The Rock is as easy as buying what’s in his gym bag (if only). However, picking up a few tips is a fantastic place to start if you’re looking to keep the weight off this holiday season.

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Have a productive week, my friends. And when you think you’re ready to eat lion meat, let me know.

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In his gym bag, Johnson keeps some pretty standard items close by, and judging by the shape he’s in at the moment, it’s clearly working for him. To try and keep pace with this legendary athlete and actor, we compiled a list of everything featured in his gym bag so you too can strive to be like The Rock.
1. Project Rock 60 Bag
Before we dive into what he keeps inside the bag, let’s begin with the bag itself. Available in all black or a dark academy navy, this water-resistant bag will keep up with your work ethic regardless of the weather outside. With a design that is as multi-faceted as the actor/wrestler/fitness guru himself, the Rock 60 features an array of handy pockets, straps and areas to clip and stash things so that you can tailor your bag to your liking. The inside boasts a healthy amount of room for your shoes, clothing and water bottle, while the convenient shoulder straps allow for comfortable transport to the gym and back.

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Buy: Project Rock 60 Bag $80.00 buy it    2. BlenderBottle Classic
The Rock never heads to the gym without his protein shake, and his go-to container is the classic BenderBottle. Though you can use it as a regular vessel for drinking water, the BlenderBottle shines as a conduit for protein shakes on-the-go. If you’ve ever tried blending a protein shake by hand, you’ll know how clever and invaluable the BlenderBottle can be. Utilizing a small wire ball that looks suspiciously like a whisk, the BlenderBottle will break up any chunks of protein powder floating around in your drink, delivering a fresh and smooth drink with nothing more than a few hardy shakes. A must-have if you’re trying to hit your weight goals this year, it’s no wonder Johnson keeps one handy while working out.

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Buy: BlenderBottle $8.90    3. Mattel Magic 8 Ball
An unconventional pick but perhaps this has been the secret to The Rock’s success all along? Or perhaps not. Either way, what’s wrong with a little fun and a confidence booster every now and then? When a tough workout is staring you in the face, sometimes it’s nice to get a good pep talk from a plastic 8 ball. In the case of this handy device, simply ask a question and shake it vigorously and hope you get some good news. Spoiler alert: The Rock was not happy with what his Magic 8 Ball revealed to him so it ends up in the trash at the end of his Instagram vid.

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Buy: Magic 8 Ball $5.69    4. Espolòn Añejo
Though it’s not the brand of tequila Johnson drinks in his latest video (that’s a recipe of his own making which we hope to be able to try one day), we’re big fans of Espolòn and their take on Añejo tequila. While alcohol isn’t the best thing to hydrate with before a hard workout, it can be a great reward after the fact, or as The Rock demonstrated, good for a quick sip and pick me up before a challenging day at the gym.

Courtesy of Drizzly
Buy: Espolòn Añejo $34.99 buy it    5. “Lion Dogs”
Another unconventional addition to Johnson’s workout bag was a pack “lion dogs.” Okay so we can’t find The Rock’s go-to lion meat but these beef franks are the next best thing (lion dogs can’t be real, right?!). Regardless of the type of meat you choose (lion, beef or otherwise), hot dogs are an excellent source of protein, especially when you grab ones that are 100 percent beef like this offering from Hebrew National. Though not the type of snack you want to leave in your bag for multiple days at a time, a hot dog is an easy way to get more protein in after a difficult workout.

Courtesy of Amazon
Buy: Hebrew National Beef Franks $37.99    6. Post-Workout Beanie
As we approach the cooler months, this one should be a no-brainer, you need to keep warm after working out. Though you’ll be feeling pretty toasty after exerting yourself, stepping out into the cool, fall air will drop your body temperature quickly, leaving you susceptible to sickness. A beanie is an easy way to keep warm. What’s more, it won’t take up too much space in your bag. We love this one from Carhartt because it has a snug fit, comes in a handful of straight-forward colors, and isn’t too tough on the wallet.

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Buy: Carhartt Men's Acrylic Watch Hat A18 $12.98    7. Headphones
Last but not least, headphones. Even if you own your own gym (like The Rock) a good workout can be made better when you’re totally focused. For those of us not lucky enough to own a state-of-the-art gym, it’s all too easy to get distracted from fellow gym goers and background music. To fight this, we recommend a tough pair of Bluetooth headphones, like this pair from Under Armour. Wireless, stylish and comfortable, you’ll find yourself blissfully unaware of the outside world as your pump, squat and lift your way to your fitness goals, all thanks to these headphones.

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Buy: JBL UA Sport Wireless Train on-Ear Headphones $199.95
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