Steal Alert: Banana Republic 52% off no BR Merch exclusions

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Banana Republic: 40% + extra 20% off (total = 52% off)

Didn’t they just do friends & family? Indeed. They’re not alone though. Pretty sure we’ve all noticed other brands + stores adjusting to the current environment. Everyone’s trying to figure it out. And the current state of the retail world can best be represented by this model photo from BR’s women’s spring line:

’bout right.

Is that the OG hands free? Hardly. Anyway, BR isn’t shouting about this from the rooftops. And 52% off? Exclusion free? That’s usually as good as it gets. Don’t forget that GAP inc. cardmembers can take an additional 10% off with BRCARD at checkout, for a total of 56.8% off.


Luxe Touch SLIM Fit or Regular Fit Solid Polos – $21.36 ($44.50)

BR Luxe Touch Polos

A super well loved basic. Size shown above is a large slim on 5’10” / 195. Some have reported noticeable shrinkage with these things, but I haven’t experienced that myself. You might though.


Slim Traveler Pant – $47.04 ($98.50)

Banana Republic Slim Traveler Pant

Usually excluded from regular, run of the mill, 40% off promos. But not here. 4.7/5 stars after almost 2000 reviews. Two thousand! They’re a jean style chino made with some sort of high-recovery Italian stretch cotton. So, comfort of your favorite pair of jeans, only in chino like colors & finish. Lots of colors to pick from. Also offered in Athletic Tapered and SkinnyFull review here.


Water-Repellent Quilted Vest – $81.12 ($169)

BR Water Repellent Quilted Vest

Well that looks mighty good. The fabric looks almost like an old-school twill? It’s a water resistant poly, but it doesn’t look shiny or slick or anything like that. Looks more like a vintage-y inspired workwear material. Less space age puffer. Nice dark hardware too.


Slim Stretch-Cotton Suit Jacket – $95.04 ($198)

Slim Stretch-Cotton Suit Jacket

Would 100% wear before any leopard print nonsense. Palm print, in a low(er) contrast blue-on-blue version like this, looks contemporary and almost… dashing? Look, it’s a risk, but no doubt it could work for a lot of you. Leopard print just screams velour sweat pants, KOOL cigarettes, and boxed white zinfandel. I’m good Janice, but thanks.


Hadley Italian Leather Brogue Oxford – $75.84 ($158)

BR Hadley Oxford

Inexpensive brogue bluchers. Are they gonna be the nicest shoes you ever buy? Probably not. Are they gonna look pretty darn good and can you wear the heck out of them without being overly worried about messing them up? You bet.


Water-Resistant Field Jacket – $109.92 ($229)

BR Water Resistant Field Jacket

Perfect for walking the dog, or taking a stroll with your S/O, or pushing your kids around in a stroller. If those things are currently allowed. The navy color and the dark hardware gives it a pretty sleek look.


Bombay Suede Belt – $28.56 ($59.50)

BR Bombay Suede Belt

I’ve said way too much about how much I personally like gray suede. Especially gray suede belts.


Slim Pique Blazer – $95.04 ($198)

BR Slim Pique Blazer

Sweet. Swazer. Action. Pique knit, so it’s got a bit of texture to it. All cotton. Wear the heck out of it. ESPECIALLY at home. It’s called enclothed cognition. So yeah Pete. Even at home. Now don’t that just blow the sailor hat off your dome.


Slim Traveler Chino – $52.32 ($109)

BR Slim Traveler Chino

New. A slightly dressier version of their enormously popular 5-pocket traveler pant. This time, cut in a business-ready chino. 98% cotton and 2% stretch. Enormously well reviewed already.


Nicklas Leather Sneakers – $66.24 ($138)

BR Nicklas Leather Sneaker

Everybody needs a pair of clean, white leather sneakers. These just happen to be less expensive than most. Nice blue heel tab. Only logo appears to be a subtle, tonal, stamped “Banana Republic” on the tongue.


Vintage Henley T-Shirt – $18.96 ($39.50)

Tri blend here, but perhaps not a blend you’re expecting: 65% polyester, 25% cotton, 10% flax (linen). Hits all those vintage notes just right. Which is probably why they’re calling it their “vintage” henley. Imagine that.


Slim Smart-Weight Performance Suit Jacket & Matching Pant = $219.36 ($457)

BR Smart Weight Performance Suit

Big fan of subtle, blue plaid suits. They look great in both the warm weather and the cool weather months. This thing is from their lightweight line. Appears to be totally unlined in the back. Wool/poly blend. Easy to dress up or dress down, so you can go from kicking back to getting in front of a video conference call with ease. PLUS, since these are suit separates, you won’t need to have the pants hemmed.


9″ Slim Core Temp Short – $33.36 ($69.50)

BR Core Temp Shorts

Shorts time will come. These will be the shorts you’re looking for. Lots of colors. Same great, lightweight, cooling core-temp fabric as the well loved pants. Oh you’ll pay less for shorts. But every time you put those cheaper shorts on, you’ll wish you would have put on the core-temp shorts you have.


Nicklas Leather Sneakers – $61.44 ($128)

BR Nicklas Leather Sneakers

The popular, affordable Nicklas sneaker, here in rich black and tan leather.


Classic Denim Jacket – $47.28 ($98.50)

BR Denim Jacket

Classic for a reason. Look, things are still, overall, across all brands, a bit trendy this year. So while everyone else is wearing salmon varsity jackets with Narwhals on them, you (or I, or both) could wear a classic jean jacket. The end.


Motion Tech Shirt Jacket – $61.92 ($129)

BR Motion Tech Shirt Jacket

An alternative to the denim jacket. Why? Because some of us wear jeans a lot, and we get scared of “double denim.” (It’s a skill all Canadians possess, but few of the rest of the world do.) Lightly insulated. 4-way stretch. Looks like it could be a kinda perfect light weight spring piece of outerwear.


Hinto Italian Leather Bluchers – $76.32 ($158)

BR Hinto Italian Leather Bluchers

Sometimes you just want a super simple, incredibly versatile, blucher (not oxford) shoe that you can wear with just about everything. I’m pretty sure that welt is fake, but it’s great looking all the same.


Rapid Movement COOLMAX Jeans in Slim or Athletic Fit – $57.12 ($119)

BR Rapid Movement COOLMAX Jeans

Could be a major winner for those of us that run warm, and/or favor jeans even when it warms up a bit.


Water-Resistant Field Jacket – $109.92 ($229)

BR Water-Resistant Field Jacket

Has a matte cotton look and feel to it, although it’s a cotton/nylon blend for water resistance. A medium on my 5’10” / 195 lb frame is just on the edge between perfect and a little snug. But it’s a keeper. This kinda looks bad-ass. Like, 007 kinda bad ass. Okay, not the same. But close!


Italian Leather Belt – $28.56 ($59.50)

BR Italian Leather Belt

Almost 200 reviews, and 4.5/5 stars. Think of it as a nicer, slightly dressier version of the GAP basic belts.


Performance Stretch Wool Slim Dress Pant – $56.64 ($118)

BR Stretch Wool Dress Pants

Extraordinarily well reviewed. BR’s stand alone wool dress pant. 99% wool and 1% elastane. Great for the office. Heck, great for anywhere. They look good with sneakers! (See above.)


Slim Dark Rinse Japanese Traveler Jean – $57.12 ($119)

B.R. Slim Dark Rinse Japanese Traveler Jean

The legend. After over one THOUSAND reviews on the BR site, these things still have a 4.6 out of 5 star rating. Full review here.


Core Temp Chinos – $47.04 ($98)

BR Core Temp Chinos

Oh you can buy the pants, but to get dat azzzzz as shown at the very top of the post? You’re gonna have to work for that, Pete. And it’s hard work. Hard enough work that your jaunty captain’s hat ain’t gonna stay on top of your damn head during all those burpees. Listen. I know you hear a LOT about these things. But BR does a lot of things right, and these are at the top of the list. Perfect with everything from a t-shirt and sneakers, to a sportcoat and suede boots. Frankly, these are the best all-around chinos out there. Bonobos is in the conversation, but most of us would still favor these for their cooling/temperature regulating properties. I wear mine year round. Often excluded from sales. Lightweight, breathable, and absurdly comfortable. Full review here.

The 52% off everything, no BR Merch exclusions quiet-deal (no code needed) ends on 4/1. Love ya Pete. Happy sailing.

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