Rita Ora Looks Like Little Red Riding Hood’s Sexy Older Sister in This Chic Esemble

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Someone call the Big Bad Wolf, because Little Red Riding Hood is all grown up, and looking pretty damn delicious. I mean, I know that real life isn’t a fairytale, but some celebrities make it feel like one—and Rita Ora’s latest street style outfit is proof of that. The singer stepped out in London on Monday night looking like a literal snack for the Big Bad Wolf and a figurative snack to me. Dressed in an all-red-everything ensemble, Rita Ora resembled Little Red Riding Hood’s sexy older sister. (Or is Little Red Riding Hood just a fully grown adult now? Either way, the singer looked chic as hell.)

While leaving the Cartier dinner at Chiltern Firehouse in London, Rita Ora took to the streets—unafraid of any Big Bad Wolves that might be around scoping her out for a midnight snack. The singer wore an incredibly gorgeous red ensemble, complete with red knee-high boots and the most unique hat I’ve seen all year. Rita Ora never fails to amaze me with her style, but this look was something special. Typically, the singer goes for fully mismatched, pattern clashing, wild AF ensembles. On Monday night, though, Rita Ora’s street style look was monochrome—but still very extra (which is why I love her). I mean, how many people can step out looking like Little Red Riding Hood, but make it fashion?

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No, fairytales aren’t a part of real life, but I love that Rita Ora always makes me feel like she’s living in one with her outfits. The singer has truly boasted more incredible ensembles than I can count, yet I’m always delightfully surprised when I see her latest looks. All those Big Bad Wolves better stay the hell away from my Little Red Riding Hood.

Mark R Milan/Shutterstock.
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