Release Day for Jenns Buried to the Brim!!!


Jenn McKinlay: What a thrill it is to be back in Notting Hillwith the hat shop crew! I didn't expect to ever write another hat shop mystery, so I was thrilled when I had an idea for just one more (for now) and the publisher said how about two? I agreed to one (again, for now) and I can't tell youhow much fun I had being back in London with bad puns,shenanigans, hats, and corgis! Yes, corgis! The research was the most cuteness I have ever endured for a book. Truly.

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What's being said: "Most all cozy mystery series have characters you can relate with, but few have the depth these characters bring to the page." --The Cozy Review

In Buried to the Brim, Scarlett finds herself entering a dog show, taking the place of Aunt Betty, Scarlett's fianc Harrison's favorite aunt, with Betty's prized corgi Freddy. Naturally, as if entering a dog show when you don't know anything about them isn't stressful enough, the sponsor of the dog show is found murdered and it appears that Aunt Betty is the most likely culprit. How can the hat shop crew not get involved? It's mayhem and crumpets, I tell you!

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Because I write a lot of series. Three mystery and two romantic comedy, and now single titles, too, I am frequently asked which my favorite is. I usually joke that it's whatever one for which I've just written "The End". But I'll let you in on a secret, while I still say that all of my series rotate for favored status, the protagonist I most identify with is Scarlett Parker. She is without a doubt a kindred spirit for me. A people pleaser and ultra extrovert, she is impulsive landing herself in awkward positions (a specialty of mine) but she operatesfrom the heart and is always trying to do the right thing. In short, I get her.

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So, how about you, Red and Readers, do you have certain characters that you relate to on an elemental level? If so, what fictional character feels most like reading/writing about yourself?

New York Timesbestselling author Jenn McKinlay's beloved Hat Shop duo Scarlett Parker and Vivian Tremont return to don their sleuthing caps and solve a murder that's death in show.

London's most refined canines and their humans are gearing up for the Pets and Wellness Society's annual dog show--and Betty Wentworth, favorite aunt to Scarlett's fianc Harrison and proud owner of corgi front-runner Freddy, knows that this could be their year with the right edge. Never one to turn away a corgi in need, Scarlett convinces her milliner cousin, Vivian, to design matching hats for dream team Betty and Freddy as they compete for Best in Show.

It's a tail wagging good time until the dog-food sponsor of the event is found dead and Betty is the prime suspect. Vivian and Scarlett agree to enter the competition in Betty's place and help Harrison catch the real killer before Betty is collared for a crime she didn't commit.

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