Pipe Cleaner Crafts: 50 Colorful Projects for Kids of All Ages!

Looking for a creative craft for your kids? Check out these pipe cleaner crafts for kids of all ages — toddlers to teens! Even adults will find some fun chenille stem crafts on this list.

Pipe cleaner crafts for kids of all ages

Why should you have pipe cleaners in your craft closet?

Pipe cleaners, also known as chenille stems, are a popular crafting material for kids of all ages:

  • Little ones like the variety of bright colors and the fun fuzzy feeling.
  • They come in different styles (like glitter), sizes and shapes (like bumpy)!
  • All kids find them easy to shape, bend, and twist, making them perfect for creating detailed designs.
  • They are relatively inexpensive and can be found in many craft stores, which makes them accessible for all levels of crafting.
  • There are easy crafts you can make only using pipe cleaners! Not needing other supplies is a huge bonus.

So, make sure your craft supplies include pipe cleaners and your kids will be able to make all sorts of fun and colorful craft projects. Here are 50 creative pipe cleaner crafts you and your kids will enjoy making:

Pipe Cleaner Crafts

Here are 50 pipe cleaner crafts — fuzzy, colorful and creative crafts for kids of all ages!


How to Make Coffee Filter Dancers

Photo Credit: onelittleproject.com

I can't believe how graceful pipe cleaner and coffee filter dancers can look! Aren't they beautiful?


Shamrock Headband

Learn how to make a St. Patrick's Day shamrock headband for kids or adults. I love how the pipe cleaners give this headband some fun movement!



Photo Credit: www.corkandchroma.com.au

Make these fun rainbow ornaments for St. Patrick's Day, spring, or for your Christmas tree!



Photo Credit: frugalfun4boys.com

Create posable superheroes using paper straws, beads and of course pipe cleaners! These turned out great.


Wine Cork Reindeer

Make a wine cork reindeer with pipe cleaner antlers using this simple tutorial - perfect for turning into a Christmas ornament, decor, or place settings.


Craft Stick Crocodile Craft

Photo Credit: www.easypeasyandfun.com

I love when kids can make their own toys. After these cuties are finished, they can join the other toys in the playroom!


Paper Cone Giraffe

Photo Credit: kidscraftroom.com

Make your giraffe as tall as you want with this construction paper and pipe cleaner craft. Just stretch the springy neck up higher if you like!


Bubble Wands

Photo Credit: seevanessacraft.com

It's easy to craft up princess bubble wands using a few pipe cleaners and beads. This is a craft that most preschoolers can do independently or with little assistance! You can make any shape you like.



I love these ghosts! Sometimes the simplest thing can be so much fun. Just one pipe cleaner and 2 wooden beads needed for each one.


Clothespin Butterflies

Learn how to make clothespin butterflies that kids are going to love! This is easy to make with craft paint and pipe cleaners.



Oh my! These are too cute for words. They are made with wool and pipe cleaners and they even have little felt blankets.


Cork Cats

Photo Credit: www.ourkidthings.com

I just love the pipe cleaner tails on these wine cork cats! I can think of so many places to put them for a fun surprise.


Love Bug

Photo Credit: rhythmsofplay.com

Something with this many legs usually would make me run in the other direction. But this love bug? He is just too cute!


Furry Pet Pencil Pots

Photo Credit: www.bakerross.co.uk

Make your favorite pet into a pencil holder! These are not only cute, they are a recycle craft since they start with a toilet paper tube.


Paper Pumpkins

Get step by step instructions to make a paper pumpkin with a pipe cleaner stem and leaves! Kids are going to love this fun craft idea for fall and Halloween.


Unicorn and Rainbow

Photo Credit: buggyandbuddy.com

Look how bright and colorful this unicorn craft is! This combines a paper plate craft, a cotton ball craft, a pipe cleaner craft and coloring — phew that is a lot of fun.



Photo Credit: buggyandbuddy.com

Turn a paper plate into a cactus by painting it green, adding holes with a holepunch and giving it a pipe cleaner flower and needles!


Bead Bunny

Photo Credit: rhythmsofplay.com

These wooden bead and pipe cleaner bunnies are adorable! Fun kid's craft for spring or to celebrate Easter.



Pipe cleaners are perfect for creating colorful garlands for a celebration.



Photo Credit: frugalfun4boys.com

Learn how to make various animals using pipe cleaners! This turtle is super adorable and has step-by-step directions with photos.



When it comes down to it, pipe cleaners can make just about anything. Turkeys are included! I love all of the colors used for this bird craft!


Snowflake Coasters

Photo Credit: sugarandcharm.com

Create pretty snowflakes using white pipe cleaners and glue. Hang them as ornaments, or use them as fun winter coasters as shown!


Elf Ornament

Kids will love creating this fun craft stick elf ornament to hang on the Christmas tree. The highlight of this ornament is the fun whimsical hat made from a pipe cleaner.!


Glitter Fairy

Photo Credit: www.bakerross.co.uk

Use sparkly glitter pipe cleaners to make this fairy! You can hold her by a pipe cleaner in the back and make her look like she is flying.


Crystal Stars

Photo Credit: onelittleproject.com

These crystal stars made from pipe cleaners and a simple borax solution are SO COOL. They're a real easy science project. The crystals magically form overnight!


Bird Pencil Topper

Photo Credit: artsycraftsymom.com

Your kids will love doing their homework with these fun bird pencil toppers! I want one for myself.



Photo Credit: iheartcraftythings.com

Such a delightful whale blowing out water made of pipe cleaners! This would be a fun craft any time of year.


Christmas Poinsettia Canvas

Photo Credit: modpodgerocksblog.com

This easy Christmas craft for kids will be a cute addition to your holiday decor! Families can make this poinsettia canvas together.



Photo Credit: factorydirectcraft.com

Make a super fun crab with a seashell, googly eyes and pipe cleaners! You can make them whatever fun colors you like.


Spring Flower Vases

Make pipe cleaner flowers to go in an Easter egg 'vase'! The fuzzy flowers are so cute. These are fun hands-on craft for your kids and easy to do in an afternoon! 


Coffee Filter Butterflies

Make these cute butterflies using inexpensive supplies like coffee filters and pipe cleaners! Kids will love to make these for spring or summer.


Crazy Pasta Sculptures

Photo Credit: www.hellowonderful.co

Pipe cleaners and painted dry pasta can make some really cool sculptures. This one looks a bit like people dancing, don't you think?


Funny Bunny Pom Poms

I love this silly bunny! Learn how to make the pom pom base and then give him some pipe cleaner glasses.


Cute Acorns

The pipe cleaner arms and legs are just so cute on these fun acorns. Your kids will have fun drawing different expressions and waving the hands!


Christmas Tree Ornament

Photo Credit: artsycraftsymom.com

How about a white Christmas this year? These white pipe cleaners make it look like you have a snowy Christmas tree ornament!


Pony Bead Pumpkins

Photo Credit: cutesycrafts.com

Just add beads to pipe cleaners for these fun pony bead pumpkins - such great way to work on fine motor skills and keep toddlers occupied at the same time.



Looking for a "last minute" craft to do with the kids in honor of Halloween? Use white pipe cleaners and a craft stick to make a little mummy puppet and put on a show.


Star Cake Toppers

Have kids get involved with decorating cakes with pipe cleaner toppers. These are stars for the 4th of July, but there are so many shapes you can create!



Photo Credit: www.allabouthope.net

Create your own fuzzy feathers using pipe cleaners and colored pencils. For this craft, kids will need to know how to braid... or they can learn!


Cardboard Tube Zebra

Photo Credit: craftsbyamanda.com

Turn a paper towel cardboard tube and some pipe cleaners into a fun zebra! The pipe cleaners are perfect for the mane and tail.


Bunny Finger Puppet

Photo Credit: cutesycrafts.com

I can see little bunny finger puppets hopping around just looking at this craft. Oh, and that tail!


Foam Dinosaurs

Photo Credit: www.playpartyplan.com

Use varying sizes of foam eggs to make your own dinosaurs. You just need some toothpicks, paint and pipe cleaners!


Heart Rings

Photo Credit: onelittleproject.com

These pipe cleaner heart rings are easy and SO CUTE. They're perfect for Valentines Day or any time. All you need is one or two pipe cleaners and 5 minutes!


Lacing Jellyfish

Photo Credit: mamaofminis.com

Have fun coloring the free downloadable jellyfish and then adding tentacles using colorful pipe cleaners!


Egg Carton Art on Canvas

Photo Credit: modpodgerocksblog.com

If you need an easy kids’ craft idea with great results, this egg carton art is fun and sure to please. This recycled canvas art can be customized for any holiday or decor!



Photo Credit: busybloomingjoy.com

Playdough, pipe cleaners and googly eyes are all your kids will need to make these not-so-scary spiders!


Christmas Trees

Photo Credit: twokidsandacoupon.com

Have the kids get into holiday decorating by making these cute pipe cleaner and pom-pom trees. Display them all together or spread them around the house for everyone to find.


Bee Finger Puppet

Photo Credit: www.adabofgluewilldo.com

Use yellow and black pipe cleaners to wrap around your finger and create a bee finger puppet. Oh, you need to see the super cute photo of Jennifer's son wearing 5 puppets on one hand!


Bunny Ears

Photo Credit: cutesycrafts.com

All you need to make these cute Easter bunny ears are pipe cleaners! Super easy craft.


4th of July Finger Puppets

Photo Credit: www.woojr.com

Use pipe cleaners and pom poms to make your own patriotic finger puppets: the Statue of Liberty, a bald eagle and Uncle Sam.

Will you be keeping pipe cleaners to your craft closet? Let me know in the comments below and then check out these other fun crafts for kids using common craft supplies:

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