Oppo’s leaked tracking tag has UWB and USB-C charging

Photos: XDA / Digital Chat Station (Weibo)
It looks like Oppo will be the next company to throw its hat in the Bluetooth tracking tag game, with a leak of the company’s new Smart Tag appearing over on XDA (via Weibo leaker Digital Chat Station).

Oppo’s tracker looks to distinguish itself in at least one key way from other major tracking tags by offering a USB-C port for recharging the tags, instead of requiring replaceable coin cell batteries (or even worse, nonremovable batteries, as is the case on some Tile trackers). That should make the new Oppo tags a bit more environmentally friendly, although it’s unclear what the impact on battery life will be compared to a more traditional battery system.

And while details are slim on the Oppo Smart Tag, the leak does confirm that the...

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