Minnie Mouse Paper Bag Puppet [Free Template]


If your kids are Disney fans, they will love making their own Minnie Mouse paper bag puppet! Playing with the puppet is a great way to spend time in the car on the way to Disneyland or Walt Disney World.

Minnie Mouse is a beloved, classic Disney character right next to Mickey. When visiting the parks it is not uncommon to see kids and adults alike wearing mouse ears. Who does not love Mickey and Minnie?

When I posted my Mickey Mouse Puppet craft, I knew that I would also need to make a version of the puppet for Minnie too! I just love how her skirt ruffles flutter and her eyes are trimmed with her signature eyelashes. My daughter has to take a picture with Minnie every time we see her around the theme park.

This simple Minnie Mouse Paper Bag Puppet will be a fun craft if you are planning to visit one of the Disney parks this year. Your kids will love getting ready for the trip with both puppets and bringing them along to play with on the car ride to the park.

Your kid might notice that this is not the Minnie Mouse that you see on TV. Instead of a big red bow, she has a little hat with a yellow flower sticking out on top. The old version of Minnie Mouse still wears a red polka dot dress though!
How to Make Disney Minnie Mouse Paper Bag Puppet Supplies: Free Minnie Mouse paper bag puppet template Colored construction paper or cardstock (black, red, and yellow) Brown paper bag Scissors Glue stick Black marker or Sharpie Instructions: Step 1: Prepare the Templates Patterns
Download and print out the free Minnie Mouse paper bag puppet template. If you have the appropriate color cardstock, you can print it directly on the cardstock paper and cut out all the template patterns.

If you are using construction paper, print out the template on white printer paper and cut all the pieces out. Then use the cutouts as stencils to trace onto colored construction paper. The printable template contains the details of what colors the template patterns should be. After you are done tracing, cut out all the traced outlines.
2. Assemble Minnie Mouses’s Head
First, let’s create Minnie’s head! Glue Minnie Mouse’s eyes and nose on the white face cutout. Glue the red tongue cutout inside the mouth.

Apply glue behind the face cutout and stick it on top of the head cutout. Next, glue the two black ears to the sides of the head cutout. The ears should go behind the head cutout.
3. Create Minnie Mouse’s Body
Glue the black body cutout on the bottom of the brown paper bag.

Next, we are going to assemble Minnie Mouse’s iconic skirt! If you haven’t done so already, take the white skirt dot cutout and make sure you have 6 of them. If you only have the one printed out from the template, then trace the circle 5 more times on white paper and cut them all out.

Glue the white dots on the red skirt as shown in the picture below. Using scissors, cut around the edge of the red skirt cutout to trim the white dots so that their edges match the outline of the red skirt.

Glue the red skirt on top of the white skirt, leaving a thin white border at the bottom of the skirt. The skirt is finished! Now you can glue it to the body cutout, closer to the bottom of the brown paper bag.

If you want to add some additional details, use a Sharpie and draw two black curved lines on the skirt. The one on the left side should go along the edge of the skirt, and the one on the right should be almost aligned with the right edge of the paper bag. Now Minnie has hips for when she dances to Disney music!

If you don’t have a Sharpie at home, you can also cut the curves out of black construction paper.
4. Putting the Minnie Mouse Puppet Together
Glue Minnie’s head to the top flap of the brown paper bag.

To assemble the hat and the flower, first, glue the red hat base in the middle of the black hat base. Then glue the top of the red hat (red half-circle) to the black hat base. Make sure the top of the hat is attached behind the black hat base.

For the flower, glue the yellow flower on top of the black flower cutout, leaving a black border around the edges. Then glue the white flower center on top of the black flower center cutout. To finish the flower, glue the flower centers to the middle of the yellow flower.

Finally, cut a slightly curved black strip out of black construction paper or cardstock. Apply glue on both ends of the black strip and use it to connect the flower to the hat.

You are done with the Minnie Mouse paper bag puppet! Isn’t Minnie the cutest?

I know there are a lot of pieces to this Minnie Mouse craft, but everything was designed so that the puppet looks realistic to the original cartoon. If you are working with preschoolers and feel like there are too many template patterns, you can leave out the black backings to the hat and flower parts.

Make sure you head over to the Mickey Mouse Puppet post to create Minnie’s best friend!

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