Meet Old Man Steve, the 81-Year-Old Taking Over TikTok With His Wholesome Cooking Videos

Still haven't figured out how to use TikTok? Allow Old Man Steve to inspire you. An 81-year-old Texas native born Stephen Austin, Old Man Steve has become quite the TikTok sensation after teaching himself how to shoot and edit videos on the popular app, and his content is almost too pure and wholesome to handle.

Steve first started making YouTube videos 12 years ago, creating short sketches of him dancing, acting, or giving advice to elderly people, but his latest venture involves making cooking videos for TikTok. "I'm too old to do some of the stuff the young people do on TikTok ," Old Man Steve told POPSUGAR of his decision to impart some culinary wisdom on the youngins.

He teaches his followers (550,000 of them and counting) how to prepare basic staples like hot dogs, cereal, biscuits, toast, and more. They're all impossibly easy recipes, if you can even call them that, which is part of why his videos are so darn endearing. To top off his shtick, Steve is always wearing a different colorful hat, of which he has "over maybe 50 now," and his Southern drawl lends itself to some adorable commentary as he bakes, boils, and munches in his apartment kitchen.

"The remarks and comments I get warm my heart and make me feel people do care and I'm not really alone anymore."

A retiree who formerly worked in the box office at Dallas Summer Musicals, Steve told POPSUGAR that he's become the internet's collective grandpa, if you will, and he thoroughly enjoys spending his time making people laugh.

"My following on TikTok are young people and they want me to be their grandpa or I remind them of their grandpa," he said via email. "This makes me happy as I don't have any children or grandchildren. I live alone and the remarks and comments I get warm my heart and make me feel people do care and I'm not really alone anymore."

Welp, isn't that the darn sweetest thing you've ever heard?! Ahead, watch some of Old Man Steve's precious cooking videos on TikTok, along with a few of his other funny clips, and be sure to follow him on Instagram and YouTube for even more A+ content.

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