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It’s Friday, and it means that the next part of the Geometry&Texture mystery make-a-long (MAL) has been released. This week we are making a mandala coaster in overlay crochet technique. We are hosting the MAL together with Martin Up North, and he has already revealed two of his designs: a Rödön Pillow and See Me in A Crown Hat. Next Friday, Martin will release his final pattern, and that will be the official end of the make-a-long. 

If you missed the beginning, it is still not late to join. I would say, it is even the perfect timing now, as you can see almost all patterns in advance, and there is still left the space for one mystery design from Martin. 

If you are not sure how this MAL works, check all information on my blog HERE. And you might also want to see my already released designs: Early Waves Cowl and Gaudi Pillow. You can find Ravelry listing for three of my patterns HERE. And Martin’s patterns can be found HERE

See me in a Crown hat - by Martin Up North

Today’s design is small and cute. Hopefully, working on it will not take long, and you will be able to catch up with the previous projects. The Mandala Coaster is worked in overlay crochet, in its classical way. 

There are two copies of the pattern, one of which contains lots of progress pictures to accompany instructions for every round. And I have recorded a video tutorial as well (find the link in the pattern). I chose a mandala because they are always fun and satisfying to make, and they give peace of mind. A nice opportunity to take a short break from every day’s race. 

Also, they have a round shape (a circle), which I thought is a wonderful addition to our “geometry” collection, which already includes rectangles, squares, and triangles. And of course, overlay crochet is always about the texture, which is the theme of our make-a-long. 

You will need leftovers in three colors (I recommend using solid shades). For my mandalas, I used Scheepjes Catona yarn and a 3mm hook. Mini skeins of 10g will be enough. 

You can also choose more colors, and mix-and-match them as you like. 

What is great about this pattern is that you can stop at any round, and the mandala will look finished and balanced. That’s why you can use it in so many ways. As a coaster or wall hanging. 

You can make several motifs in different sizes and join them into a bunting. Or you can crochet two mandalas of the same together through the last round and stuff it to create a semi-bauble for your Christmas tree. 

These mandalas will make cute gift tags, too! 

I am already curious to see what you will do with them. This is all I wanted to share with you today. Please, do not forget to visit Martin’s blog next Friday to see his final release for our collaborative (and very fun!) make-a-long. 

And…. Some new crochet adventures to come 😊 Stay tuned! 


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