Make Halloween and trick-or-treating even more exciting with a Halloween costume scavenger hunt

Halloween KidsActivity Printable Printables ScavengerHunt

This free 4-page printable is perfect for kids of all ages. It’s especially helpful for young ones that want to go trick-or-treating but don’t want to go up to the houses to ring the doorbell.

A scavenger hunt for kids is fun anytime of the year. A scavenger hunt can be a distraction for children that are hesitant about or frightened by Halloween costumes. For those children who enjoy Halloween and costumes, this Halloween costume scavenger hunt can add an additional layer of excitement as a Halloween activity.
Halloween Costume Scavenger Hunt Take me to the Halloween Costume Scavenger Hunt Printable
You can have children hunt for the items on the Halloween Scavenger Hunt individually or in groups. Pairing a younger child with an adult or older child makes it possible for children of all ages to play along.

You can have the children look for all the items on the card or have them use the scavenger hunt to play Halloween bingo by finding items in a column or row. The flexibility of this kids scavenger hunt makes it easy to adapt for a variety of players and for a variety of situations:
At a Halloween parade At a Halloween party While trick-or-treating For children who prefer to stay home on Halloween and hand out candy
There are so many different kinds of Halloween costumes and parts of costumes, that make it fun for even very young kids to play along.

Items to Look for in the Halloween Costume Scavenger Hunt
Wigs or Hair Green Pink Rainbow Red Hats Big Pointy Top Hat Tiara Flowers Halloween Mask Costumes Alien Cat Skeleton Mummy Robot Superhero A White Costume Pirate Mermaid Princess Clown Astronaut Unicorn Witch Blue Costume Bear Bat Vampire Military Scary Wonder Woman Ghost Strong Man Cartoon Character Dinosaur Spider Fire Fighter Sports Uniform Green Costume Wizard Animal How to Print the Halloween Scavenger Hunt Pdf Supplies Printer Paper I prefer to use card stock paper so that it hold up better during the hunt. Laminator – If you’d like to use these Halloween scavenger hunt sheets year after year, it’s easy to laminate the pages at home. Halloween-themed pens or Halloween pencils Download the Halloween Scavenger Hunt printable pdf Print it out on your home printer More Halloween Activities Halloween Scavenger Hunt Halloween Mummy Coffin Guessing Game Halloween Pencil Case Halloween Luminary Decorations from Upcycled Bottles Upcycled Halloween Kids’ Craft
Pin this Halloween Costume Scavenger Hunt printable for later so you can easily find it for your next Halloween.

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Printable KidsActivity Printables ScavengerHunt Halloween

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