Lululemon Hats On Sale | Popular Styles Only $14 (was $48)! Free Shipping!

It’s obvious how I feel about Lululemon – it’s basically my heart and soul. So, I am always looking for the best deals – for you and me! haha! I spotted these Lululemon Hats on Sale that you don’t want to miss. Be sure to check out the Lululemon Clothing Sale too!

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If you are a Lulu fan, you probably already know that they don’t have just one kind of ball cap – they have one for every occasion! Whether you are using it for running, hiking, training, or style, Lululemon has it! And, not only do they have it, they have it on sale! Check out these incredible deals that I found! 

Lululemon Hats On Sale

Lululemon Women’s Baller Hat On Sale 


These are my favorite hats to wear for everyday use! The fit is SO good. Get this Ancient Copper Women’s Baller Hat Soft on sale for just $19 (was $38). You will wear it all the time!

How fun is this pattern? I also am loving this Intersperse Pink Multi Women’s Baller Hat Soft! The stitching keeps it elevated and screams Lulu but comes at such an affordable price. Add it to your closet for $19 (was $42)! That’s such a good deal!

Lululemon Drawcord Hiking Cap On Sale


I LOVE this Wild Mint/Dewy Drawcord Hiking Cap. The color is so pretty and the style is so unique. I am thinking about taking up hiking just to wear this! haha! It’s on sale for only $14 (was $48). 

I also spotted it in this adorable pink color! I thought I was sold on the blue, but ah!, I may like this one even more! Get this Pink Clay/Ancient Copper Drawcord Hiking Cap for $14 (was $48) too! With these prices, you could get both colors cheaper than the price of one normally!

Lululemon Perforated Running and Training Hat On Sale


How great is this color? It has large mesh sections that are great for keeping cool while you’re running and training. Grab this Charged Indigo Perforated Running and Training Hat for only $14 (was $42)!!

Lululemon Breathable Cinch-Back Running Hat On Sale


If you train religiously, then having a neutral color might be best for you! This Breathable Cinch-Back Running Hat goes with EVERYTHING. It has a reflective piece too, so that even though it’s black, it still is recognizable to cars and keeps you safe! Buy it while it’s on sale for $29 (was $58). This unisex hat would make a great gift too! 

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