Lenovo Updates Their ThinkCentres and ThinkPads for a Summer of Working from Everywhere That’s Not Your Office

If your workspace is anything like mine, you’re probably suddenly in the position of upgrading your home office, because you realized this short-term shutdown is not so short term. If your computer equipment is getting long in the tooth, Lenovo has new desktops to keep you productive in the office or in sweats in your spare room!

For the all-in-one fans (no shame, sometimes you just want your computer and monitor rolled into one):

ThinkCentre M70a and ThinkCentre M90a will be out in June 2020, covering both the budget and high-end market. M70a is focused on giving you the best bang for your buck, starting at a wallet-friendly $749. If you’re looking for more power and performance and willing to pay up for it, the M90a starts at $1,099.

For the laptop fans:

The ThinkPad P14s and P15s are here for just about any and all work you can throw at them. They sport Intel Core i7 processors at 4.9Ghz, NVIDIA Quadro graphics, 2 TERABYTES of storage, and support for both Ubuntu and Red Hat Linux. Whatever you need to do, whether it’s getting those TPS reports in on time or get the next SpaceX launch off the ground, you’re covered. Look for both varieties in May 2020 starting at $1,599 for the P14s and $1,579 for the P15s.

Tower users:

I’m sure someone out there uses a desktop tower more often than just “this got assigned to me by corporate.” If you’re a desktop fan for work and life use, not just for gaming, there are regular towers and “small form factor” (SFF) towers. All these will be available in June 2020, starting at $649 for M70t Tower, $629 for M70s SFF, $759 for the M80t Tower, and $819 for M80s SFF.

ThinkCentre in One (Modular All in One):

These are pretty cool, fulfilling the promise of modular computing that we’ve been predicting for years. Basically, it’s an all in one solution with a swappable mini desktop attached to the monitor. Start with one setup, and then when you need to upgrade, pop in a new tiny tower right to the monitor. It’s like giving your computer a DIY brain transplant! Tiny versions of towers start at $499 for the M70q Tiny, $879 for the M80q Tiny, and $909 for the M90q Tiny, all in June 2020.

So gather all that money you’ve saved from not commuting, and head over to Lenovo’s site to check out their new lineup.

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