Kanye West’s ‘Jesus Is King’ Clothing Range Gets Heat For Using Government Logos

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Kanye West has released the official Jesus Is King merchandise that consists of a variety of city-specific designs. This is to complement his latest Sunday Service session in Kingston, Jamaica.

During the performance, 120 choir members including Kanye West himself wore the “City of Kingston” apparel from his collection, per HYPEBEAST.

West’s latest merchandise involves a range of clothing items, including mock neck and long sleeve T-shirts, crewnecks and a hat. Curiously, the collection also features many city and government logos, such as Kingston’s logo, its national hummingbird symbol and even Jamaica’s coat of arms.

The use of these government logos has attracted controversy. For instance, Jamaican native Deika Morrison accused West of profiting off the logos, while violating government protocols. Others agreed with him, pointing out that using the Jamaican flag on merchandise is a “flagrant violation” of the flag protocol in their country.

Even the mayor of Kingston responded saying he would further investigation into the matter.

For those interested in getting the merchandise, you can pre-order them at Kanye West’s official website.

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Did GOJ give permission since they seem pleased with the KSAC logo on the shirt? Flag is non-negotiable, last I checked.

“ [The Jamaican Flag] should never have placed on it, any mark, insignia, letter, word, number, figure or drawing of any kind”https://t.co/gIS4o7loyc
— Deika Morrison (@deikamorrison) October 19, 2019

And as we are here, the permission granting persons and entities watched the movie and listened to the album being branded “Jesus Is King” that all our national symbols are being associated with, right? In the process of this approval, correct?
— Deika Morrison (@deikamorrison) October 19, 2019

Sorry. Which part is not our Coat of Arms? Maybe I’m tired and not seeing clearly. The left is from the website. The right is from JIS. pic.twitter.com/s4ZAdUs39P
— Deika Morrison (@deikamorrison) October 19, 2019

Last Night Kanye West hosted his Sunday Service in Kingston, Jamaica.

The Pop-Up event was a very large undertaking and was a successful event thanks to our professional industry stakeholders. pic.twitter.com/RcLQj4PVn3
— Delroy Williams (@MayorWilliamsJA) October 19, 2019

The issue of permits was raised firstly. As the @ksamcorp has done for many local promoters; we facilitated the application despite the timing.

The notion that this “express” service was because of the fame of Mr West holds no merit as we followed the ordinary channels.
— Delroy Williams (@MayorWilliamsJA) October 19, 2019

The City of Kingston does have an official logo which was put to twitter in about 2017/2018 for a flag and is seen in the background of this picture.

The Minister and I will update the public on concerns re the use of this and other emblems in short order. pic.twitter.com/iLzJn9IWRM
— Delroy Williams (@MayorWilliamsJA) October 19, 2019

[via HYPEBEAST, cover image via Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock.com]
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