It Might Be Spring

According to the calendar it's Spring and we've been having very Spring-y weather, but here's one indicator that winter isn't done with us.  I've been noticing the last couple days that there are still Juncos around.  Juncos summer in the Arctic and winter here so if they haven't left yet I figure that it really isn't spring.  We all agreed at knitting tonight that we could very easily get slammed by at least one more snowstorm.  I hope we're wrong.

Another harbinger of Spring is my daffodils.  These are the ones I planted 42 Novembers ago and they're still coming up happily and making pretty yellow flowers.  See the one on the left that's going to be the first to open?  Can't wait.

Before the Junco perched on the birdbath this little Downy Woodpecker perched in almost the exact same place.  It's rare to see a woodpecker getting a drink, they usually head straight for the suet feeder which this one skipped today.

To save myself from having to think too much at knitting tonight I started a Preemie hat this afternoon.  This yarn, while not as colorful, is worlds softer than the bright yarns I used to make the last couple cast socks.  It'll be much more comfy on a baby's head that the scratchy colorful yarn. I've only got about three more rounds to finish this hat but I didn't want to keep knitting and be up blogging too late.  I'll finish tomorrow.  Besides my hands were tired.


Today's toss was an old Weber cookbook.  I have one that I refer to a lot and then there's this one with fancy recipes in that never get made.  I just like to grill meat and veg, not make all fancy dishes on the grill.  Someone will love it, I'm  sure.

The prompt today was someone asks how you are today.  How do you reply?  The standard answer is "I'm fine."  Sometimes it's "I'm okay" when I'm not so great.  Today, I'm fine.


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