If you’ve seen ads or campaign headquarters for The Bush 2020, then you might have been worried that another Bush is running for president

Rest assured, this isn’t another hat in the rink for next year’s election. But for the record, this bush is smarter, better looking, and much more capable of running the country.

Since launching a year ago, Flamingo has designed products for women to care for their bodies how they see fit in the realm of shaving, waxing, and overall hair removal. And now, the brand has moved into the vaginal skincare space with its newest product Mons Mist.
Mons Mist conditioning spray, $12, shopflamingo.com
Mons Mist is a conditioning spray for pubic hair and the skin in the area. Named after the mons pubis—the biological term for the area that it’s made for—the formula is gynecologist and dermatologist tested. Along with this newest product in its lineup, Flamingo is also launching what it calls the grow-choice movement—The Bush 2020.

With catchy and clever campaign slogans like “No waxation without representation,” and “Fighting for the American pubic,” the campaign is all about celebrating a woman’s choice to do what she wants with her body hair, whether that’s to shave it, wax it off completely, or wear it in all its fullness.

“It’s time to stop telling us what to do with our body hair and encourage listening to the only voices that really matter: our own,” the campaign reads.

The campaign has a headquarters and activation on Canal Street in New York City, with product and campaign merchandise giveaways, and events that are open to the public. Mons Mist is available at shopflamingo.com today. And you can visit the thebush2020.com for more information about the campaign, and even to take a quiz to find out what bush is right for you.

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