How to Wear a Cashmere Poncho or Cape this Season

Winter can be a hard season for Fashionistas, as it can be difficult to stay warm and stylish at the same time. While winter coats can be fashionable, it can also be hard to find coats that accentuate your outfits on a day-to-day basis. I mean, most people only have one or two coats that they can throw on before running out the door. So how can you stay warm while also keeping true to your own personal style?

Well, lucky for you, one of this seasons most exciting trends is wearing a cashmere poncho or cape. If you dont know what we mean, check out these cashmere ponchos from

Why a Poncho or Cape?

Heres why a cashmere poncho works so well: First, its simplistic, and minimalistic style is absolutely in this year. So, if you go for a poncho in a nice, muted color like grey, brown, black, or white, it will accent your beautiful minimalistic style while still showcasing off your own personal touch of fashion. It will also keep you warm while still looking stylish. Cashmere is a nice, warm material that is made to keep you warm in the coldest of environments, yet it is also durable and breathable, so you wont get too hot in cashmere when you arrive at your heated office or other heated destination. Lastly, its a great layer piece, so it can work throughout the year in any environment. What I mean by that is this: Its easy to wear a cashmere poncho over a t-shirt in the summer, over a nice fashionable top in the warmer weather, and over another sweater in the coldest seasons. You can easily take it off if you get too hot or dress it up with many layers underneath. It is a very versatile piece. So, a poncho, cape, or wrap is a given for any fashionista to own.

How to Pull it Off in the Most Stylish Way

Cashmere wraps and ponchos will go with anything, which is another reason why they are such a great accessory to own. Most people will style them regularly with jeans. If youre going to do this, I would style them with a darker pair of jeans. If youre visiting your office or a place of work, I would style your wrap or poncho with white jeans or dark grey dress pants. If you are heading to an office, be sure to wear the muted tones I mentioned above. Perhaps try for some brighter colors like red, blue, or pink for your wrap if youre going on an outing with friends. In that case, wear your wrap with brighter jeans. Layer your wrap on top of a white or black tank top in the warmer weather. During the cooler-weather seasons, pick a simple long-sleeved shirt or one with ruffles or stud details on the sleeves. If youre in extremely cold weather, layer a tank top under your long-sleeved shirt under your cashmere wrap. And be sure to style your look with a cute hat and stylish shoes that match your wrap.

Wearing a cashmere wrap or poncho is the best way to keep you stylish and warm this winter season. Be sure to follow these guidelines and own your optimum style.


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