How To Celebrate Mother’s Day From A Distance

Take this from one who knows—moms do a lot, so it’s only right that we have at least one day a year to acknowledge all that moms do for their loved ones. Mother’s Day is just around the corner, but since a lot of us won’t be able to celebrate in-person with our moms this year, we are partnering with The Bouqs Co. to get a little creative and make a list of ways to celebrate the moms in our life from afar! AND they’re helping us host a giveaway for one of their gorgeous bouquets- so be sure to check it out on our Instagram post! Bouqs is known for their eco-friendly farm fresh flowers—if you’re celebrating from afar they’re a perfect gift and you can save 20% with our code ABM20 through 5/11/2020. Whether she prefers presents, gestures/words of appreciation, or quality time together, we’ve got you covered!

Send some flowers: Flowers are one of the top ways that I feel loved as a mom (especially on Mother’s Day too!). Bouqs has an amazing selection of flower varieties (and succulents!) so you can find something that fits your mom’s personality perfectly and is delivered right to her door. Every stem is responsibly sourced, and since they’re farm fresh and ship in bud form they’ll last even longer in the vaseMy mom is a professional-level amateur landscaper (the local garden club asked if they could come give tours of her yard!), so if anyone appreciates a beautiful flower, my mom does! I picked out a bouquet for my mom that has an English garden feel to it since I always think of her when I pass that type of flower, and roses are my favorite blooms, so I chose this beautiful arrangement for my rose-loving self.

Write a heartfelt letter: Mother’s Day is the perfect time to write her a letter and reminisce over some special memories you have of your time together or to tell her things you’ve always wanted to say in person (but were afraid you’d cry and not get through it). I know I can’t get through the first sentence on an emotional speech without bawling, so writing letters to my mom over the past year has been a great way to let her know how much she means to me without all the embarrassment of an ugly cry face in public—everybody wins!

Make a grown-up coupon book: Remember when you used to make these for your mom? If you live in the same city, you can make a book of in-person coupons to use sometime down the road like “take you to brunch” or “shopping trip to flea market” or whatever she’s into (mine would be for “one game of Pickleball” as my mom loves Pickleball). If you’re not in the same city, you can make them for long-distance activities like “video chat coffee date” or “one streaming movie” that you’ll buy for her when she wants a relaxing night in.

Have a video chat call (with props): Dig out some of your old memory boxes and gather up some items to do show-and-tell with mom—remember that terrible hat you used to insist on wearing everywhere as a teen, the teddy you’ve had since you were a baby, or that card she gave you on your 16th birthday that you still have? Show a few of your treasured mementos to mom and let the memories roll out!

Make a photo book: Create a book with photos of you and your mom over the years! You can go for a personal touch and print them at home and create a handmade version (with whatever craft supplies you happen to have) or you can order one online and use photos from your computer. If you have kids, maybe do a book of pictures of the grandkids so she can show it off to all her friends next time she hosts girl’s night at her place.

Create a handmade card (and include artwork from little ones!): I think most parents have a special box with handmade cards from their kids from when they were little, so let’s add one to the pile! Get out your construction paper, scissors, glue, and make a card that shows you put some love into it! This is also a great project to have little ones help you with, as making cards for grandma is usually a top activity in their minds as well …

If you do happen to be in the same space as your mom this May, don’t worry, these are still great ideas for you too! Whether you decide to pick one or to mix and match, your mom will feel the love even if that in-person hug will be delayed a little longer. Three cheers for moms! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

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