Exploring Watamu: Adventures at The Mida Creek

Watamu is a popular destination known for its idyllic beaches, vibrant marine life, and a wide range of activities to keep visitors engaged. From snorkeling in crystal clear waters to exploring hidden gems like Marafa Hell’s Kitchen and the Mambrui sand dunes in Malindi the possibilities for adventure are endless.

However, our stay at The Mida Creek Hotel took things to a whole new level, with an array of fun-filled activities that left us with unforgettable memories. Join me as I take you through our journey and show you why The Mida Creek Hotel is the perfect base for an epic coastal getaway.

Mambrui Sand Dunes,Malindi

A breathtaking natural wonder that should be on every traveler’s must-see list is the Mambrui Sand Dunes near Malindi. These 30-meter-high dunes, which were created by the accumulation of sand over ages, provide stunning views of the surroundings.

From the hotel, we hopped on a ride that took us 50 minutes to get to the dunes, it was a true adventure and I could not help but think we are in Dubai haha. The sun was hot at the time we arrived and I would highly recommend for anyone visiting the place to go during the sunset.

The local environment depends heavily on the sand dunes, which are not only stunning to look at. They act as a natural barrier against coastal erosion and aid in shielding the land from the damaging effects of storms and ocean currents. A variety of flora and animals that have been uniquely evolved to thrive in this particular habitat can also be found in the dunes.

Marafa Hell’s Kitchen

A peculiar sandstone canyon outside of Malindi, Kenya, is known as The Colored Canyons of Marafa or Hell’s Kitchen. Locals refer to it as Nyari, which means “the place broken by itself”; it was formerly a massive sandstone ridge that had been eroded by wind, rain, and floods into a number of sharp canyons. The gorge is especially spectacular after dusk, when the tones of the ribbed sandstone gullies are enhanced and mirrored by those of the setting sun. The sandstone’s layer-cake colors reveal whites, pinks, oranges, and deep crimson.

Finally, when the tour was over, we decided to rest and get some refreshments because the temperatures rise and it gets really hot, be prepared with a hat, sunglasses, refreshments and proper dressing for the hot weather. All in all it was such a unique experience seeing it in real life being that not many people know and acknowledge this beautiful site.

Dolphin Watching

After a sumptuous breakfast, we set out for an unforgettable adventure on the Indian Ocean. Our captain, a seasoned expert in navigating the waters, greeted us warmly and made us feel at home. As we cruised through the ocean, we felt the fresh sea breeze on our faces enjoying the views.

Our primary goal was to spot the friendly dolphins that call the waters of Watamu home. Our captain skillfully maneuvered the boat, and soon we were surrounded by a playful pod of dolphins. We watched in awe as they swam gracefully around us, flipping and twirling in the water.

But the fun didn’t end there. We then put on our snorkelling gear and dove into the crystal-clear waters to explore the vibrant marine life. We were treated to a mesmerizing underwater world of colorful fish, sea turtles, and even a few curious rays.

As the morning turned into noon, we finally headed back to The Mida Creek Hotel, where a delicious lunch was waiting for us. We were thrilled to have experienced such a unique and exciting adventure all thanks to the amazing team at the hotel.

Sunset Ride

After a relaxing afternoon spent by the pool, we eagerly awaited our next adventure at The Mida Creek Hotel. We had arranged for a sunset boat ride with our trusty captain to witness the mesmerizing beauty of the sun setting over the horizon.

As we set off on the boat, we were filled with excitement and anticipation. The captain expertly navigated the waters and took us to the perfect spot to witness the golden hour. We soaked in the breathtaking views and enjoyed the peaceful ambiance as we played some music on the boat.

Although we were hoping to spot some flamingos, unfortunately, luck wasn’t on our side, and we didn’t get to see any. However, that did not dampen our spirits, and we continued to relish in the beauty of the moment.

As the sun slowly descended below the horizon, we raised a toast to our incredible adventure at The Mida Creek Hotel. It was a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, and we were grateful for the memories we had created during our stay.

Kayaking and Paddle Boards

One of the highlights of our stay at The Mida Creek Hotel was trying out their selection of kayaks and paddle boards. The hotel has a great selection of kayaks and paddle boards, perfect for exploring the creek and trying out some yoga moves while floating on the water. It was a fun and peaceful way to spend the evening, and we were impressed by the quality of the equipment.

In addition to kayaks and paddle boards, The Mida Creek Hotel also has Giant mountain bikes for hire, which we were tempted to try out but couldn’t fit it into our schedule. We made a mental note to try it out next time we visit.

For those interested in more adrenaline-fueled water activities, The Mida Creek Hotel’s water sports partner, Poseidon, has got you covered. Located in the center of Watamu, Poseidon offers the best selection of surf gear in Kenya, along with kite surfing lessons and rental services.

We learned that Poseidon also organizes various SUP (stand-up paddleboard) excursions, which we thought would be an exciting way to explore the area’s coastline and nearby islands. With so much to do and experience, we knew that our stay at The Mida Creek Hotel was far from over, and we couldn’t wait to try out more of their water activities.

In conclusion, Watamu is a coastal paradise that offers an array of activities to suit everyone’s interests. From dolphin watching and snorkeling to sand dune adventures and sunset boat rides, there’s never a dull moment. And with the Mida Creek Hotel as your base, you’ll have access to all of these experiences and more. Their exceptional team will ensure that your stay is unforgettable and that you leave with memories to last a lifetime. So pack your bags, book your stay, and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime in Watamu!

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