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Summer is just around the corner, folks. Beach vacations and hanging out by the pool are two of the best warm weather perks. But even if you’re an adult who works 9-to-5 and doesn’t get a summer vacation, there will (hopefully) still come a time when you’re able to frolic in the sand or post up in a pool chair. Either way, you’ll want a cute beach (or pool) towel with you.

Not only do towels, you know, dry us off after we’ve been in the water, they can also serve a different purpose. When you go to the pool or the beach and you want to take a quick photo for Instagram to prove that you weren’t stuck in a cubicle all week, you want a set-up that will stand out. One of the best ways to do that (along with stylish sunglasses, aesthetic drink-wear and a book to show that you do read) is having a super cute towel. I mean, what’s a beach set-up without an aesthetically pleasing towel? Not cute enough for Instagram—that’s what.

Even before Instagram was a ~thing~, I used to try and pick the cutest towels from the stack my mom kept above our washer. It wasn’t always easy—a lot of the towels had gotten old, bleach stained or hole-y—but I had a couple towels I knew were cute enough to bring to that sixth grade pool party. Now that we document pretty much every aspect of our lives, having a cute beach towel feels even more necessary. I know it can sound silly, but surrounding yourself with cute things (along with other, non-material things like love!!) can kind of improve your mood. It’s the same as putting on a cute outfit when you’re not feeling great—it just kind of helps start the process of adjusting your attitude.

Faux psychology aside, there’s nothing wrong with wanting a cute beach towel to sit on while you soak in the sun. Whether or not you Instagram your beach and pool accessories is up to you. Just do whatever makes you happy—while also wearing plenty of sunscreen!

The Beach People Tasseled Towel $80 buy it
Um, this might be the cutest towel I’ve ever seen.

Slowtide X Modelo Coldie Beach Towel $34.95 buy it
Chill on this towel while cracking open a cold one.

You, Me, Sea Beach Towel $58 buy it
You, me and the sea—that’s all we need.

Hustle Beach Towel $39.99 buy it
Because the hustle never stops—even at the beach.

MAYDE Summer Cloud Seasons Beach Towel $79 buy it
Bright stripes you’ll love all summer long.

Colloquial Beach Towel $43.50 buy it
Squeeze the day.

Exhale Beach Towel $39.99 buy it
Who can resist a little abstract art that’s perfect for the ‘gram?

Slowtide x Tori Praver Swimwear Soleil… $34.95 buy it
A pretty pink take on summer’s animal print trend.

Cats Ice Cream Beach Towel $39.99 buy it
Some furry companions on your beach trip.

Beach Please! Giant Towel $38 buy it
This towel is top banana—whatever that means.

Pendleton White Sands Oversized Towel $49.50 buy it
For an outdoorsy aesthetic.

Striped Dyed Beach Blanket $73.50 buy it
Perfect for spreading out on the sand.

The Emily and Meritt 'Do Not Disturb'… $29 buy it
I’m just sayin’ it how it is.

Giant Daisy Towel $68 buy it
So dreamy.

Sunkissed Beach Towel $43.50 buy it
The perfect towel for a day of tanning.

Rainbow Shaped Towel $36 buy it
This cheery beach towel would brighten anyone’s day.

Kenzo Tiger Head Beach Towel $130 buy it
This beach towel is definitely a splurge item, but it’s so cool.

Swirl Beach Towel $29 buy it
So ~entrancing~.

Beach, Please! Giant Towel $38 buy it
See ya there! xo

Bitch Relax Beach Towel $39.99 buy it
Listen to your towel.

Girls Beach Towel $43.50 buy it
Sun and fun(damental rights).

ban.do All Around Beach Towel $68 buy it
Freshly squeezed.

Pendleton Disney's Mickey's Salute… $54.50 buy it
For all the Disney fans.

Cactus Print Beach Towel $7 buy it
Cacti that won’t prick you.

Lilly Pulitzer Garden Round Beach Towel $59 buy it
So many pretty details.

Emily Isabella Herringbone Beach Towel $43.50 buy it
This towel is just so freakin’ cute.

BAGELS, BAGELS, BAGELS Beach Towel $39.99 buy it
IDK what bagels have to do with the beach, but I love this towel.

All Around Giant Towel $68 buy it
It’s like sitting on a leaf, but way comfier.

Tibetan Tiger Beach Towel $54.99 buy it
I’m honestly just obsessed with this tiger beach towel.

Stripe-Dyed Beach Towel $36 buy it
Tie-dye is a must for summer.

Oversized Tassel Trim Heart Beach Towel $59 buy it
Big enough to really spread out.
Sydney Beach Towel $68 buy it
A classic striped beach towel is always cute.

The Emily & Meritt Palm Leaf Beach… $29 buy it
The perfect towel for a tropical vacation.

Serenade to Saturn Beach Towel $39.99 buy it
For those of you who like your aesthetic a little eclectic.

Emily Isabella Swimmer Beach Towel $43.50 buy it
How cute is this towel?!

All Around Giant Circle Towel $68 buy it
The perfect spring and summer beach accessory.

'60s Eye Pattern Beach Towel $39.99 buy it
The “eyes” have it: This beach towel is perfect.

Talia Beach Towel $43.50 buy it
I’m obsessed with the color of this adorable towel.


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