Delta Boys Basketball sectional preview

MUNCIE, Ind.--- The Eagles of Delta High School turn their attention to the postseason as their regular season comes to a close.

Focusing on the Sectional 24 competition, this year's Eagles team sets themselves apart from previous teams with their athleticism and commitment to the game.

"This is probably our most athletic group that we've had here, just top to bottom in terms of depth and that presents a little bit of a challenge, just trying to find guys minutes. That's been the toughest task going in and keeping guys happy that are talented," head coach Mark Detweiler said. 

Having experience on this team is key and being able to see how this team is different from the rest is going to be what makes the difference in the long run. 

"We're definitely quicker as a team, so I think that's going to help us in March. If we just keep playing together, we'll do great things and hopefully win a sectional title," senior guard, Blake Jones said. 

With only three games left on their schedule, preparation for the tournament is in prime season and how they have gone about that preparation is what's going to give them the extra push.

"We've done a lot of preparing. We have five juniors starting so that's big getting ready for tournament time. But we've just been focusing on defense and getting deflections, which leads to steals, which leads to our fast break points and has been making us win games," star junior, D'Amare Hood, said. 

Throughout the course of the season, the Eagles have made defense a staple of their game plan and that has been a credit to most of their success.

"We hang our hat on the ability to guard the ball and we've been really good guarding the ball all year. That's something going into the tournament, if you feel like you've got dudes that understand how to guard the basketball and stay in front, then I feel like we've got a chance," Detweiler said. 

The Delta Eagles play in Sectional 24 and the draw for seeding takes place this Sunday at 5 p.m. 

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Delta Boys Basketball sectional preview

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