Christmas is around the corner, and we can already hear the bells jingling to indicate their arrival


With winter hot on our heels, its time to pull up our socks and prepare for the merriest holiday of the year. Between buying gifts, sending out postcards and trying every kind of candy cane there is, you have a lot on your plate for this season.

With the list of tasks ever-growing, do not forget the most important part of Christmas, the family gatherings. Calling your loved ones for a meal is one of the things we cherish most about the season. And therefore, the table becomes the center of all laughter and joy. It should also be the center of attention, to display your feast and hard work. Which is why decorating this part of your house should be on top of the priority list.

As our good deed for the season, (Santa are you taking note?) we’ve decided to compile 35 ways for you to decorate your table this year.
1. Go Traditional with Red and White
Credit: TheLilyPadCottage

You can never go wrong with a traditional red and white themed table. Tried and tested for years, this one-color combination is as Christmassy as it gets. Joyful red placed against pristine white is a combination we can never get enough of in the season. Take inspiration and pair your red candles with white ribbon, white plates with red tablecloths and so on. The opportunities are endless.
2. Vintage Tablecloth
Credit: Etsy

Bring back a bit of retro with this beautifully designed tablecloth. With larger flower motifs coupled with leafy vines spreading around, this makes from a perfect no-fuss decoration item. In traditional Christmas colors, this is the way to go if you do not want to go all out with your décor, but still maintain the spirit of Christmas.
3. Country Style Table
Credit: Thewhitebuffalostylingo

Take a trip down to the countryside in your own living room with this rustic-inspired table decoration. By using pinecones and glass lamps, it imparts a cozy feeling that will keep you feel warm to your core. The creative use of wood slices as plate holders only adds to the appeal of the theme. Place a little cone on top of each napkin as a cloth weight, and you’ve tied up this decoration to earn the praises of everyone present.
4. White Christmas Inspired Tabletop
Credit: Sugar and Charm

We all hope for a white Christmas. The snow gathered outside can make even the most stoic of us swoon in joy. This arrangement takes inspiration from a snowed-in Christmas feel by going all white with minor hints of color. By adding a few ferns and pop of color, they highlight the other dishes present on the table. A win-win situation, you get compliments for both your cooking and your decoration skills.
5. 5 Minute Votives
Credit: Findinghomefarms

Do not have the time but still wish to impress everyone? Try these votives which can be made in five minutes flat, and look like a million bucks. With some glass jars, green vegetation and table candles, you can make these beautiful centerpieces, without much effort.
6. Santa Hat Topiaries
Credit: DIYcandy

Santa hats are a staple in any winter holiday decorations. They are easy to find, often lying around the house all year round. Make these little topiaries from the hats to act as your centerpieces of the dinner. Of nothing, they’ll earn a good laugh from Santa when he comes down for a visit.
7. Silver Bells Centerpiece
Credit: Apracticalwedding

Use silver bells to highlight your candles and provide them with some support so that they don’t fall down with a bit of jostling around. They can be paired with the traditional vines and laid together to form a beautiful centerpiece. Minimalistic and functional at the same time, these bells are truly the prettiest of all decorations. Jingle bells all the way.
8. Berries and Vines Centerpiece
Credit: Julieblanner

For a modern look, pair together the basics of Christmas decoration in a deconstructed fashion. Place some leaves, berries and pillar candles together as a runner down the center of the table. For an added kick, use scented candles instead of pillar candles, and you’ll have a room that smells a s heavenly as it looks
9. Mercury Glass Tablescape
Credit: Blesserhouse

Mercury glass décor can never go out of season, and this decoration shows us why. The classy arrangement is held together by the subtle sheen of the glasses, neither too harsh now too subtle. With a bit of artful twigs placed here and there, the design is complete, without any strain involved on your end.
10. Pomegranate Centerpieces
Credit: Abeautifulplate

Go astray the carved path and try out new decoration pieces that look just as good as the classics. Pomegranates have a deep red color that complements the spirit of Christmas, and a unique shape that intrigues all. place this wonder fruit together with some oranges and clovers for an innovative design that doesn’t look dull and repetitive.
11. Rustic Décor
Credit: Lizmarieblog

Go back to your country roots with this simple yet elegant design that brings together the best of the season. With a neutral color palette and sleek items, this a sure winner in the hearts of those who prefer a minimalistic design.
12. French Farmhouse Table
Credit: Thediymommy

Create a mini-portal to France with this french inspired decor. The design uses chic elements that are reminiscent of a Parisian bakery on a sunny afternoon. A treat for all those who suffer from wanderlust.
13. Truck as a Centerpiece
Credit: Rosemary-thyme

Christmas brings out the excited child in all of us. Take help from this inner child for your decorations this year. With a toy truck and some paints, you can recreate this fun Centerpiece for all to get nostalgic about.
14. Outdoor Christmas Feast
Credit: Zevyjoy

If the weather is sunny, there is no reason to remain cooped up in your house. Take the party to the backyard with this outdoor brunch arrangement. The eye-catcher is the use of tiny birdhouses that function as table centerpieces but can later be upcycled to welcome tiny twerps in your garden.
15. Copper Pipe Centerpiece
Credit: Prettyhandygirl

For a modern and mechanical design, look no further than this copper pipe candelabrum. This piece can be recreated easily with a minimal apprenticeship in metalworking. The end result looks so stunning that you can repurpose it year-round.
16. Black and White Table
Credit: thewoodgraincottage

Breakaway from the stereotypical Christmas fanfare with this black and white themed table. Making a statement piece that will be the talk of the town is as simple as coordinating as these two colors in perfect proportion. For inspiration, take a look at this design that nails the monotone look.
17. Fragrant Display
Credit: Countryliving

Make a centerpiece that does more than just look pretty. Puncture a few oranges with cloves to get a pleasant citrusy aroma that permeates every corner of your house. You can even distribute these as party favors after all is done.
19. Wooden Box Centerpiece
Credit: Fynesdesigns

This design is a great example of how one piece can steal the show. With a bit, if woodwork and an evening free, you can make this crate of goodies that will delight all present.
20. Red and Gold Centerpiece
Credit: Taketimeforstyle

A feast fit for kings requires a table to match. This regal decoration uses primarily red and gold accented pieces to draw the eyes and the praises. Let the wine spill and good times follow.
21. Blingy Christmas Table
Credit: aspoonfulofsugardesigns

Extra glitter can never be a bad thing. In fact, glitter can take any drab decoration and pull it up a notch or two. However, this design takes it a step further and covers their entire design in bling. For the adventurous, this might be the table you are looking for.
22. Framed Baubles
Credit: Shanty2chic

If you have any baubles that you are itching to display, the tree will not cut out. Especially for baubles that are handmade or family traditions, this is the best way to put them on display.  With a wooden frame, you can assemble this display piece in a matter of minutes.
23. DIY Christmas Luminaries
Credit: Todayscreativelife

We swear by DIY. It is easy, cheap and loads of fun. What’s there to not like about a good DIY. Which is why you’ll love this make it yourself lights. Taking less than 5 minutes to make, they lend a whimsical look to your table.
24. Evergreen Christmas Centerpiece
Credit: Thegoldensycamore

Keep a piece of good memories with you for all seasons. Adopt a mini evergreen and jazz it up with a few cinnamon sticks and streamers. An inexpensive and nature-friendly way to decorate the house this year.
25. Party Popper Christmas Table
Credit: Youaremyfave

Bring the party to the table with these colorful poppers. Fun to look and even more enjoyable to arrange together, they are sure to bring a blast to the table. For an added elegance, piece together a pearl string to act as a runner through the center of the table.
26. Angel Wings Chair Decoration
Credit: Countryliving

The chairs are another decoration opportunity that most of us overlook while setting the table. With this innovative way to make your guests feel like they are on the seventh heaven. Cut out a few cardboard wings and glue feathers on them to create the classic wings. Later, attach them to the back of chairs for your very own wishing chair.
27. Branch Hanging
Credit: Foter

Before you throw that log into the fireplace, think if it can be used as a chandelier for your table. With an extra-long and thin branch, you can his bi up and hang baubles, streamers, and photographs.
28. Felt Tree-Topped Hurricanes
Credit: Goodhousekeeping

Small hurricanes in green hues and glittery winds are here to make a splash this season. You can stick these up on the walls, use them as ribbon ties and centerpiece. You surely cannot go wrong with a Christmas tree on Christmas day.
29. Green Tree Candles
Credit: Crateandbarrel

For the tree fanatics, thus candle is the stuff dreams are made of. Designed to look like a fern and sculpted to details, it is a fine addition to the table. The pine scent it gives off makes the atmosphere vibrant and also decrease anxiety.
30. Christmas Cake Pedestal
Credit: Stonegableblog

Put up all your favorite decorations on a cake pedestal to show them off to your guests. You can go all out and even color the pedestal in different shades to complement the spirit of Christmas.
31. Hershey’s Kisses Centerpiece
Credit: Smartschoolhouse

No other decoration can be as sweet as this one. A piece for all ages, use Hershey’s kisses to make a centerpiece that will most definitely disappear by the end of the night. but will definitely not disappear from the memories of the people.
32. Christmas Napkin Rings
Credit: Littlehouseonthecorner

A final touch to your crockery, add a delicate napkin ring to hold it all together. Anything from a plain ribbon to fancy ceramic ones will do. Go a step further and customize these rings to hold names of those attending, and you will have a hassle and quarrel free dinner.
33. Paper Trees
Credit: Placeofmytaste

Recycle old papers into trees that will earn you good wishes from the partygoers and mother nature herself. These trees are easy to make, and will not burn a hole through your pocket. They are eco-friendly and can be easily disposed of later, but you might not want to consider how cute they are.
34. Floral Runners
Credit: Julieblanner

Flowers are the way to a woman’s heart, it is, therefore, injustice to not include these in our list of decorations for the table. Assemble blooms from your garden, buy plastic ones from your local arts and crafts store or make them in your house as a fun activity for the kids. In the end, seeing them all tied together on the table earns our gold star of approval.
35. Waterless Snow Globes
Credit: Tidymom

Invite one and all to the party, and definitely invite this snowman that will liven up your table like no other. This decor is kid-friendly, which means it will not spill nor break easily with the touch of hands.

Experiment with a few and you might just create a new decoration that is completely yours to show off. And if you are a procrastinator like us, consider this to be a godsend of inspirational ideas to get you started.

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