As a man, it’s easy to feel like you have to stick with a basic uniform of jeans and a sweater or button down every single day


However, you can easily change things up by varying the colors you wear, and the style of pants.

Green pants may seem intimidating at first, but with the right top and accessories, any man can easily pull off the look. The great thing about green is that it’s in the same color family as blue. Anything you wear with jeans can easily be matched with green pants with a couple of minor adjustments.
1. Casual Outfits @gentsoutfits

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Green pants are highly versatile, but they’re easiest to wear with a casual outfit. With a more casual look, you’ll want to opt for a darker shade of green or olive. This style requires muted tones so as not to be too flashy or draw attention to the pants themselves. With a casual look, the eye should be drawn to the entire outfit, rather than one statement piece. 

A highly appealing look is a denim button down with green pants. While a denim button down can be worn with jeans in a different shade, green pants provide a much better contrast. What is nice about green pants with a denim button down is that you can choose any shade, not having to worry about what color jeans you would be wearing normally. 

Casual green pants can come in many styles; chinos can easily be dressed down, while skinnier, tighter pants can be worn with a classier pair of shoes and still look casual. Not only can you wear green pants with a denim button down, but you can make them even more casual with a light sweater, hoodie, or even just throw on a simple t-shirt and sneakers. 

A casual outfit with green pants can be worn with many different sneaker colors, but white stands out the most, and gives a bit of brightness to an otherwise dull colored outfit. Green pants can be worn with many different colored tops as well, from a simple t-shirt, to multiple colored layers.

2. Smart Casual Outfits @m3xxstmk @jwbofficial @abhishektiwary_ @thatvoguelens @insta.fashion_mens @clawdinsta @kristiyan_goleminov @juanchomirandav @mafancrew_fashionista
Compared to a regular casual outfit, a smart casual outfit tends to be more simple, and less about layers. A minimalist approach should be taken, but with dressy pieces. With a smart casual outfit, brighter green pants can be worn as a statement that draws the eye to an otherwise basic look. 

A tailored button down with regular blue or lack dress pants always looks nice, but wearing it with green pants takes the outfit up a notch. Green pants with a smart casual outfit make the man wearing it look like he knows about fashion, and knows how to dress himself. 

A smart casual outfit should be worn with dressier shoes, and green pants are versatile enough that you can wear just about any colored shoe. From a green shoe in the same shade as the pants, to even a red shoe for more of a statement, everything fits. However, the most attractive color is a dark or light brown shoe, as this gives the outfit a more cohesive appearance. 

A smart casual outfit doesn’t mean you have to be afraid to play around with color or fit. If you’re the type who likes to draw attention to his outfit, a brighter green is the way to go. However, a darker, more neutral green is easier to match with simple button downs. 

As for styling, you can make an outfit more casual by rolling up the bottom of the pant legs to show off some fancy shoes or a patterned pair of socks.

3. Business Casual Outfits @modern_pentecostal_fashion @botick_com @kyleaevermann @trendselsalvador @gino_vincenti @successful_business_look @sasaoljaca @stans_105 @guysnties1 @spacemanidol
An outfit can go from smart casual to business casual easily, with the addition of a blazer. With green pants, a dark blue jacket is the perfect item to tie your outfit together while not appearing too over the top. 

Of course, you can take the outfit one step further by adding any number of accessories to go with your jacket or blazer; a vest, a pocket square, stylish shoes, glasses, a tie, a belt or a bag all pull together an Instagram-worthy outfit. 

Green pants simply take a business casual outfit that might look a little boring to the next level with a color most people aren’t used to seeing, but it’s not such an over the top color that you can’t wear it to a board meeting at work. 

A dark green color gives a more casual vibe to an outfit that would otherwise look too formal. The color is for a man who likes to dress up and look like he cares about fashion, but who doesn’t want to appear too showy or over the top in his daily life. 

Of course, with a business casual outfit, your best bet for pants fit are chinos. These are perfect for a man who wants to dress up a little, but doesn’t have a place to wear an elegant or more formal suit. These can easily be paired with many shoe styles, but a nice pair of leather loafers will do the trick.

4. Urban Outfits @jf_maier@mariabyfifty @lefashionista_2019 @seedstore
An urban outfit has a lot more room to play around as far as style and accessories; you can wear green pants with a mix of casual or slightly more formal shirts, jackets, and shoes. You can wear many shades of green, however, with an urban outfit, it’s best to stick with a more subdued, darker color. 

To liven up all the dark shades, throw on a patterned polo shirt, or a white pair of sneakers. An urban outfit is about the element of surprise, without looking like you tried too hard. This is why you can match your green pants with a brighter sneaker (like red) while keeping the rest of the look minimal, by wearing a simple, black shirt or sweater. 

An urban look often has multiple layers and textures, from a linen button down to a denim jacket that looks as if you just threw it on without thinking, leaving the house as a man whom style is just ingrained into his personality. 

An urban outfit uses the surprise element in a subdued way, for example, shirts with unique patterns that have neutral colors. Green pants easily match the urban personality: an unusual color without looking showy. 

Of course, you’ll need to accessorize, and what better way to do that than with a pair of too cool for school sunglasses. Just don’t forget the attitude to go with them , that’s the most important element of an outfit.

5. Spring Outfits @bertjandejong @salvatorefraufenu @henryandsmith @sevendenim @laufsteg
Spring is a great time in fashion, as there are so many different ways you can dress; from light layers to an all out winter outfit with a heavier jacket, it seems as if there are no rules. This can be said of an outfit with green pants at this time of year as well. You can play with color by wearing a really bright green, or wear pants that are such a dark green it’s hard to tell that they aren’t blue or black. 

The style of green pants at this time of year can also be highly variable, from formal, to semi-casual chinos, and from a tighter pant to cargo pants with pockets. Green pants are as highly fluctuating in spring fashion as the season itself; some days are cold and rainy, while other days are warm and sunny. Green pants can be dark, and minimalist one day, and bright and attention-seeking the next. 

Green pants with some texture, such as corduroy, paired with a soft sweater and jacket are perfect for the beginning of spring when that ugly winter weather just won’t go. They can also be paired with lots of layers to give some depth to your spring outfit. 

When things start to get a bit warmer and the sun finally makes its appearance, throwing on a pair of bright green pants is sure to liven up any outfit.

6. Classic Outfits @ateliergardeur
A classic outfit takes on a much more minimalist approach, from the colors to the texture, and there aren’t a huge number of different layers. Green pants on a classic outfit work great with lighter, neutral colors like beige, brown, white and grey. In this case, the green pants look a but lighter, and more subdued, as the outfit takes on a very calming look. 

A suede jacket perfectly pulls together an outfit that feels easygoing and smooth, just as the lighter green pants look so soft you’ll want to run your hands along them. Of course, classic is exactly what it sounds like; a look that can go with just about any accessory, and take the wearer through any type of day or event. 

A classic outfit looks soft and comfortable, yet dressy at the same time; something we all strive for in daily life. Green pants give such a comfy outfit a bit of pizzazz, without looking like the man wearing them is trying too hard. A simple, white button down could also be added, as there is nothing more classic than a crisp, simple shirt that doesn’t take away from the comfort of the outfit. 

If a minimalist outfit feels too boring, a suede pair of shoes can give some added texture without looking too over the top, especially in a simple grey or beige color. 

7. Dapper Outfits @gino_vincenti @savagemrsmith @gentlemanscreed
When one thinks of a dapper outfit, green pants aren’t usually the first things that come to mind. However, green pants can sometimes be exactly what such a look needs to make it more unique than other men going for the same look. To go for a really dashing look, a patterned blazer with a pocket square is formal, but a turtleneck can give it a chic, yet casual look, especially with a dark purple color. 

For the ultimate dapper man, a vest under a blazer with a tie is practically a uniform. Pairing a brighter pair of green pants with a salmon sweater vest makes the look more unique, rather than minimal, more neutral colors that take away the attention. For extra style, roll up the pant legs to show off a pair of sharp, leather dress shoes. 

A dapper outfit doesn’t always have to be a blazer, or formal tie, it can be a more simplistic look as well. A beige, cotton polo shirt, with tighter green pants in a formal texture looks super swanky. 

A belt in the same green shade makes the pants look as if they were taken straight from the catwalk. Add a pair of white sneakers to make it more casual, or a pair of leather loafers to take it to the next level. Don’t forget a pair of glasses and some attitude.

8. Autumn Outfits @ajit_monk
Green pants work perfectly in autumn; every shade of green matches fall colors, from orange to red. Dark green, neutral pants can be worn with all kinds of light layers during this season, and they can easily be taken into winter with some small changes. 

An orange sweater suits dark green pants perfectly, especially when you add extra layers like a dark green scarf as well. Leather accessories suit this season, especially a belt or Chelsea boots in any color, but especially brown. Autumn is all about the light layers, so pair green pants with burnt orange, brown, dark red, dark blue, or black sweaters, jackets, and scarves. 

For extra cold days, an autumnal colored hat or scarf can be paired perfectly with dark green pants and a dark wool jacket. When the sun shines, a v-neck sweater in dark red, with a simple button down and dark green chinos is the perfect autumn uniform. A tan trench coat is also incredibly stylish, especially with tighter green pants. Complement an autumn outfit and green pants with brown boots or loafers that will take you straight into winter. 

At this time of year, green pants can be worn with a more formal outfit, or something more casual. The ensemble doesn’t matter, green pants can go with anything, no matter the season or type of outfit. 

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