4 AM; Lungs, Radiance, Telecommunications, 5G, and the Coronavirus – “Tell your doctor if you have liver or kidney disease”

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Op-Ed by Patricia Burke

This article is for entertainment purposes only. No medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment is provided.

When I began an in-depth study of chi gong, one of the first things my teacher did was give me guidance on the season of the year when my health would be most vulnerable, based on my individual constitution.  Thousands of years ago, Chinese masters keeping meticulous written records realized that certain individuals tended to fall ill during the transition to different seasons of the year. Some are most vulnerable at just one season, some at the equinoxes, some at the solstices. And some have to take extra care during all 4 seasonal transition times.  These were also the individuals who knew when the spring thaw or the lightning storm was coming. They are sentinels.

The $300 million project by Spread Networks involved the construction of a 1331km cable that runs straight through the mountains and rivers from Chicago to New Jersey – with the sole goal of reducing the transmission time for data form 17 to 13 milliseconds. The speed advantage is essential when it comes to algorithm-based trading on the stock market and currency exchanges.

The coronavirus is highlighting long-standing inequities and deep structural imbalances in society. Everyday citizens are  becoming increasingly aware of the magnitude of populations with food insecurity, including both school children and the homeless population. Health care injustice is both created by, and exacerbated by, the for-profit model of health care instituted under the Reagan administration. The pandemic has revealed unequal virus testing, and lack of access to medical equipment, supplies, and practitioners. And, it is apparent that a significant portion of the hard-working population who live paycheck to paycheck has suddenly been catapulted into financial hardship, through no fault of their own.

As society rushes to address the virus emergency, the pharmaceutical, financial, and telecom sectors in particular are accelerating plans to justify how they should become further embedded into our lives, while asking decision-makers and regulators to remove barriers to development, expansion, and economic growth. Television and radio ads are encouraging investors to buy low, and they are, gobbling up restaurants and other properties. Drug and telecom ads are dominating the airwaves.

Whether the response to the virus will accelerate the agendas of corporate America even further, or whether the implications of the virus will result in recognition of risks of the current trajectory, will not depend on how we respond to the emergency itself.

It will depend instead on how we define “normal,” or the new normal, once the urgency has passed.  And, it will depend on the choices and actions of “normal” everyday citizens.

Recent history indicates that so far, we have not done very well.

In the years following Sept. 11, human rights, privacy, and environmental protections have eroded dramatically in favor of a data-driven surveillance collusion between business and government. And, unfortunately, supposed strategies to address “climate change” and/or “global warming” are profoundly compromised by the same strategies that enabled the fossil fuel industries.

But the lack of re-balancing dates back much further than two decades, back to the witch trials, back to the Inquisition, back to the church taking control of the calendar, back through centuries of dominator cultures. And through subsequent waves of disaster capitalism.

Remarkably, some of the strategies that can help humanity regain balance do not need to be invented or discovered. They were already codified by Eastern cultures, especially in both China and India, thousands of years ago.

We will either sleepwalk into the supposed promise of the 4th Industrial Revolution promoted by the World Economic Forum or we will regain our ability to engage in appropriate and necessary critical analysis and scrutiny of the course being laid out for the future.
The Regulating Flow – The Temperature “Circuit Breaker” That Needs to be Reset
Chinese Medicine recognizes that the human energy field possesses two distinct electromagnetic operating systems. The twelve Meridians, which are synchronized by the sun, choreograph life functions including rest, energy, and appetite in 2-hour periods over the course of the 24-hour day. The meridians can shift out of balance, in a coordinated fashion, in response to environmental stressors, for example,when the “fight or flight” mechanism is engaged. Health is supported when the meridian wheel, or underground river, is flowing according to its natural cycle, in right rhythm with the environment.

In addition to the Meridians, Chinese seers also identified another system.  “Strange Flows” can switch on and off, and are activated as needed.

For example, someone suddenly falls through the ice….without any conscious awareness, the physical body will respond with a set of hard-wired reactions to help ensure survival, by altering heart rate and respiration; and by shifting energy away from non-essential functions like digestion, tissue repair, and cell growth. The “Regulating Flow” is the “Strange Flow” that controls body temperature.

The Meridian pathways operate all the time; the “Strange Flows” operate on demand. Energy medicine expert Donna Eden, who has the capability to “see” energy, describes the “Strange Flows” as “Radiant Circuits.”  She perceives that the “Radiant Circuits” act like circuit breakers.

Following a temperature crisis, if the body were to stay in alarm mode, there would be an imbalance between areas of the body that are armed, alarmed and overcharged, and those that have been starved of energy in order to address the emergency. Eventually, ill health would develop.

As a culture, we’re there.
Society’s Circuit Breakers
Unfortunately, a society
that is moving further and further away from recognition of a normal, healthy, balanced lifestyle that does not recognize, or suppresses, early warning signs of imbalance that is in a constant state of overcharge and competition
has lost its ability to regain equilibrium.

For example, the fact that over 50% of children have a chronic health challenge should be an alarming development, already long ago necessitating a thorough investigation into all possible environmental stressors affecting immunity, including, and not excluding wireless exposures.  The increase in the rates of dementias in older adults, and especially American women, is an alarm that neurology is being damaged. The number of women with thyroid issues is another cause for concern, warning of endocrine imbalance. Increasing proportions of the population addicted to technology, including children, and mounting chemical dependency, are also symptoms that something deeper is amiss.

The societal circuit breakers have been blowing for quite some time. They are not separate issues. They are symptoms.

The silver lining of the pandemic is that we have a chance to re-evaluate uninformed choices. We had better hurry up.
Shock, Fear, and Terror, The Penetrating Flow – The Shock Circuit Breaker That Needs To Be Re-set
The “Penetrating Flow,” like the “Regulating Flow”, is another “Radiant Circuit.”  It alters the composition in the body when it is needed, not through a chemical process, but by instantaneously re-distributing electromagnetic energy in the body in the blink of an eye.   It is engaged when we experience a trauma or shock that penetrates us to the core. In shock, certain brain functions and physical functions are diminished to provide more capacity for lifesaving tasks. We literally lose our appetite when we experience a profound shock. Long-range planning, reason, and ethics are also diminished. We become hard wired to react, rather than to thoughtfully respond with our full capacity for reasoned decision making.

Just like the organism itself, our long-term societal health depends on our ability to right ourselves into homeostasis, after the emergency has passed.

Like an auto-immune illness, following September 11th, the government turned on the populace, with wide-scale data collection that is invasive, harmful to health and the environment, squandering of resources and energy, and in many cases useless.

Like hoarders, nations themselves have fallen out of integrity with discernment concerning value.

Like an addict, corporations cannot contain their appetite for even more data. The industry claims that consumers are the driving force behind the demand for faster data. But we are being lied to, and we are lying to ourselves, about the uses and applications of such wide-scale telecom and data-based economic growth curves.

New technology is promising even more surveillance, ostensibly to check to see if individuals in a crowd have a temperature, and pose a contagion threat to others.  Our cellphones can suddenly be used to measure how we are adopting social distancing for the corona virus.  Researchers at MIT have devised WiFi technology to be able to “see through walls.” Alexa is listening for our every command.  Is it not too difficult to recognize that we have become the equivalent of laboratory animals, with “researchers” capable of monitoring every action including when we eat, drink, sleep, argue, sing, and love. When are we having sex, for how long, and with whom?

If our penetrating flows were resilient, we would be absolutely horrified.
“Tell your doctor if you have liver or kidney disease?”
Completely lost in the emerging wireless telehealth care paradigm is the opportunity for the individual to develop self-mastery regarding their own wellness. Also completely lost is the most key component: harmony with what we now call “chronobiology.”

That is to say, we are “receivers.”  We operate on the frequencies that emanate from solar radiation, over the 24-hour day, in the seasons of the year, and in longer cycles that comprise the 60-year solar-lunar gardening calendar.

For example, in the winter, kidney and bladder energies dominate. In spring, liver detoxification begins to increase. If there is an earlier spring thaw, human physiology and nature will respond accordingly. Some individuals will have a lifelong health pattern of vulnerability in the spring, others will tend to get the flu in the fall. By meticulously mapping out this information, Chinese seers identified the patterns, both in the human body and in the cosmos. They were highly motivated to advise the emperor accurately, under penalty of death.

Recent Nobel-prize winning discoveries in “chronobiology” are intended to be used to develop time-release medications, fueling the pharmaceutical industry.

We could turn this ship in another direction.

Wisdom cultures incorporated the knowledge of “chronobiology” as lifestyle practices, including herbs, diet, exercises, massage and self-massage in accordance with right times and rhythms. They accumulated vast bodies of scientific wisdom, through observation alone.

The deep dark secret that modern society wants to keep hidden is that a practitioner of yoga, chi gong, energy medicine, and other Eastern practices can actually develop the capacity to perceive, diagnose, and treat an imbalance in their energy field before illness develops, with the right roadmap (unless the environment is too polluted.)

In the West, we call this “practicing medicine without a license,” and it is illegal. If a yoga teacher were to tell you that you can support lung issues by pointing your index finger to the sky in warrior pose to stretch the Lung meridian, they could be prosecuted.

Instead of self-knowledge and individual constitutional medicine, we are being led to believe that we will be healthier with faster and ubiquitous access to telemedicine, and new vaccines. Despite evidence from vaccine courts that against the backdrop of varying health constitutions, vaccines are a form of Russian Roulette.

In the age of mass medicine, we have not bothered to determine if there are individual constitutions or windows of time that would render vaccines very dangerous. For example, is Heart time (11 am to 1 pm) an inauspicious window for putting toxins into the bloodstream?  If we absorb as the moon increases, and detoxify as the moon decreases, when is the best time to stress the immune system? If we were to re-examine medical data against the moon phases, what might we learn?

Like veterinarians who check animals to insure that they can tolerate anesthesia, do vaccines need to be re-evaluated, especially for immune-compromised patients?  In addition, the distinction is not being made between an immunization that has been developed for a specific issue like small pox and a flu shot. Flu shots are essentially a guess, and may or may not be effective in the future if the virus mutates. Does an artificial EMF environment cause more virus mutation?

There are some wonderful opportunities available when communicating with care-givers at a distance via telemedicine.  But we haven’t bothered to ask whether or not the infrastructure should be wireless, or wired, which is faster, more reliable, more secure, and less surveillance-capable.

More importantly, there are many indications that wireless itself is a mechanism of environmental assault of health. Those controlling content on the internet will convince you that it isn’t so.

Drug ads implore patients to “tell your doctor if you have kidney or liver disease.”  We don’t need to wait until the stage of disease to recognize variations in our constitutions that make us poor candidates for certain medications or other interventions. We could reclaim the right to recognize, for example, that a certain child is one of 17 different constitutions in Ayurveda, a sister science of yoga. Why does one child prefer warm smooth foods like heated applesauce, while another chomps on a raw apple? Why can one child seemingly “digest rocks” as the yoga say, while another gets a bellyache?  How does yoga’s Rock Pose influence the variation between constitutions?
Its 4 am, Do You Know What Your Appliances Are Doing? They May Be Harming Your Lungs
The circuit breakers on wireless blew years ago, coinciding with the installation of new wireless utility meters. As reported by Sam Milham and others, some individuals, particularly women, reported symptom onset and ill health when wireless smart utility meters and infrastructure were installed in their communities.  Many were reporting neurological symptoms, anxiety-like symptoms, inability to sleep, headaches, and brain fog.

Had we, as a society, had the integrity and the willpower to take a second look at assumptions concerning the supposed safety of the technology, we might have already been well on the way to focusing on hard-wired connectivity, which Americans had in fact already paid telecom companies to provide.

In some communities, clusters of residents reported being abruptly awakened by the  transmission of smart meter data, particularly at 4 AM. Now, another wave of individuals is reporting hearing high-pitched frequencies that are eliciting a stress response, including a feeling of being overcharged, yet exhausted. The high-pitched squeal reverberates inside the skull, and interferes with sleep. The sound, inescapable and audible to increasing numbers of individuals, is now present for increasingly long periods of time.  It fires on at 4 AM, among other times

Someone, somewhere knows exactly what is being transmitted and when.

As a society we chose to ignore the assault. Those reporting harm from wireless are the most widely marginalized, ridiculed, dismissed, verbally attacked, and discriminated-against group routinely targeted by the media and industry. They have been thrown under the bus by organizations ranging from the Union of Concerned Scientists, to the NRDC, to the Environmental Defense Fund, to politicians, to the media, to churches hosting microwave antennas. Environmental groups that once confronted abuses of power are testifying alongside utilities and telecom companies against citizens reporting harm. Environmental groups are still promoting smart meters, smart grids, and energy efficiency, as a solution to the climate change emergency, without considering the carbon footprint of the smart always-on paradigm. They have willfully embraced the urgency of the climate cause, and in doing so are justifying another wave of abusive behaviors, including driving people from their homes  Discrimination on the basis of age, gender, or race is not acceptable, but laughing at and ignoring the “tin foil hat brigade” is fair game.

The wireless paradigm is being favored over wired safety because of this: “Speed advantage is essential when it comes to algorithm-based trading on the stock market and currency exchanges.” Only now, the need for speed requires both fiber optic backhaul as well as 5G antennas every several hundred feet, devoid of interference from foliage.  Engineers recognize that certain obstacles interfere with their signals. They haven’t bothered to ask how the signals interfere with plants and people. The trees are cut down, and those reporting harm are successfully dismissed as conspiracy theorists and whack jobs.

The smart meter roll-out helped industry to identify and cultivate an army of enabling political supporters, who are now approving 5G installations across the country.

Under the lens of Chinese Medicine, a body-organ-meridian is ripe for healing and support, as well insult, at certain points in time. Industry has adopted the practice of large transmissions of data in the overnight hours because it is cheaper.

The energy system stressed by the 4 AM wireless data transmission wake-up is the Lungs.
Please Listen Carefully, Your Menu Options Have Changed
The FCC is requiring minimal speed thresholds for areas that have already been historically undeserved by internet connectivity. The 5G network already has the hallmarks of a costly premium service, with expensive phones, service plans, and devices that are not within the reach of the ordinary citizen. In fact, telecom companies are already exploring private 5G networks and focusing installations in urban areas of commerce, and not as a remedy to the digital divide.

Do we build a future that is based on faster and faster data transfer for algorithm-based trading, when the algorithms themselves are manipulated, or do we restore protection for the natural electromagnetic spectrum on which life depends?

We do not need to conduct any more mouse and rat studies.

Extremely eloquent, observant individuals can explain how different wireless frequencies affect them, for example, heart arrhythmias, head pressure, sudden urge to eliminate, more frequent urination, digestive stress, dehydration. These are all examples of the intelligence of the human energy field, attempting to discharge or protect against what is judges to be incompatible with health.

The so-called electrosensitive population (tin foil hat crowd) is accurately describing reactions in both the meridian flow wheel and the radiant circuits; they are describing damage to the body’s subtle energy system. They may be crucial links in the chain between Autism and Alzheimer’s, holding the key to prevention of many illnesses.

We could leapfrog decades ahead beyond our current understanding of the science to understand that wireless frequencies are hijacking our physiology and our health. If we choose.

Instead, the type of backwards, outcome-oriented, industry-funded research conducted by individuals like Staci Eltiti and promoted by the Ken Fosters of the world continues to dominate in regulatory decisions, courts of law, and in the minds of consumers.

We could be measuring and quantifying the physiological response to wireless exposures, including something as simple as a reaction of the pupils of the eyes. Instead, a cohort of psychologists shifted the scrutiny to the question of whether or not the research subject can reliably state whether or not a frequency is off or on. Claiming that a 15-minute washout period between exposures is a reasonable period of time for the energy field to reset itself simply demonstrates that our understanding of stress in the body is at a Neanderthal level. Hopefully, one day soon, when our ethics catches up what we call research, such primitive, inaccurate, misleading strategies will no longer be portrayed as “science.”

Alongside researchers like Stacy Eltiti, actions by groups like the World Health Organization are also cause for concern.  The WHO shifted its data collecting for deaths by disease to 20-year instead of 10-year cohorts, effectively obscuring crucial information about earlier onset of devastating neurological diseases, including Alzheimer’s.  Who funds (controls) the World Health Organization?

Arbitrarily using a 10-year decade grouping because it makes the math easier is not what the Chinese sages did. Instead, they recognized a 12-year cycle that coincidentally corresponds with the 12 meridians. What was that about?  What might we learn about the weather if we considered the 60-year gardening calendar and understood the significance of the full and new moons relative to the cross quarters of the year?

Post-coronavirus plans for sustained, increased demand for faster, more ubiquitous telecommunications connectivity, especially for video, are justifying accelerated wireless investment.

In the meantime, it is unclear whether the brain really processes multiple screens, such as the Brady Bunch configuration being promoted by the bored teenager in the recent television ad. In fact, it seems that viewing pixels of light, and exposure to artificial blue light, is not all that it is cracked up to be.

Do we move towards teaching children with virtual reality, where the body is having a different experience than the brain, or do we reserve those technologies for pain management and other well-suited applications?

From planting to harvesting; to cutting hair and toenails; to eating fats vs. carbohydrates; to whether or not a certain child is likely to be the fear-filled, impatient, anxious, or angry type and how to support them; there are guideposts along the way.

We are not on track to address the digital divide, or environmental justice, or climate change, or health inequalities, no matter how we try to spin the return to normal, post-covid.

We’ve essentially ignored the available wisdom for the better part of the last few centuries in favor of market-based lies, for example, from the plastic, tobacco, and chemical industries.  Now we just want faster access to the lies.

In fact, self-knowledge and self-mastery, recognition of diversity, compassion, and the ability to heed warning signals are the only true forms of wealth. The institutions on which we rely are trailing far behind the growing portion of the population stepping away from the herd.  Post-corona, we as a collective will either attempt to decimate and bury the truth-telling outliers, again, or we will gently, powerfully, respectfully, and with great care, pull ourselves back from the edge of the cliff.

We need to recognize that if artificial man-made radiation, instead of photons of light, is traveling through the meridians, it is causing harm, and we need to stop.

What track, exactly, are we on?

We are having sensors installed in and on everything in order to fuel algorithm-based trading in the stock market.  And, it is torturing people. And it is coming to a neighborhood near you. That’s it.
New Scientific Breakthrough Proves Why Acupuncture Works

Russian researchers in 1991 at The Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine in Novosibirsk, USSR, in a research project lasting several years, discovered how the human body conducts light. They found that the light conducting ability of the human body exists only along the meridians, and can enter and exit only along the acupuncture points. Dr. Kaznachejew, a professor of physics said:

This seems to prove that we have a light transferal system in our body somewhat like optical fiber. It appears that the light can even travel when the light canal is bent, or totally twisted. The light appears to be reflected from the inner surface, appearing to go in some sort of zigzag track. You can explain this through traditional electromagnetic light theory as it is used in optical fiber communications.

This finding has been confirmed by a 1992 study in the Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a 2005 study in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine where moxibustion and infrared thermography were used to trace meridian pathways.



Moon time: The art of harmony with nature & lunar cycles by Johanna Paungger

Dhanwantari: A Complete Guide to the Ayurvedic Life by Harish Johari

Patricia Burke works with activists across the country and internationally calling for new biologically-based microwave radio frequency exposure limits. She is based in Massachusetts and can be reached at stopsmartmetersMASS@gmail.com.

Image: Pixabay

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