2 chic yet practical ways to style a scarf

Scarf season’s in full swing here in frigid Boston, and I wanted to share two styling methods that I often rely on when running out the door. I’d recommend watching my Instagram reel for a video demo of each one!

Side note, I already sung high praises on stories for the lip colors I’m wearing here, and it continues to be a combo I’m reaching for daily. It’s my first purchase from the brand and I’m impressed by how incredibly creamy and smooth their clean beauty formulas are. Here’s a better look on me – I use their satin lipstick in “Impulsive” (nude-mauve on me) with their long wear lipliner in “Define,” and plan on buying the deeper “One and Only” liner soon.

1. Over-the-Shoulder Tie Method
How to style a scarf so it stays put secured

The over-the-shoulder toss you see everywhere is highly impractical for me, as any wind or movement will inevitably cause it to come undone in a minute. Rather, I love this method where you simply tie the scarf in front of you once, then pivot the tied part over one shoulder. Looks chic and stays put so much better!

2. The double front tuck + tiktok hack
winter white petite cream work outfit with boots
Everlane sweater xxs, J.Crew Kate pants 00 petite (similar pants I like with pull-on style), Zara booties (old, pretty similar), H&M scarf (old, similar)

This one is best demonstrated in my reel video, but you basically criss cross the scarf behind your neck and pull the tail ends to the front. Next, tuck each tail end inside the piece around your neck.

As an added step, there’s a viral hack going around social media where you then pull one of the scarf pieces behind your head upward like a hood. I initially brushed this look off as too “little red riding hood” for me to actually wear, but have come to appreciate it for when you forget a hat and it’s extra windy or cold out!

How to style women's scarf as a hat tiktok hack
Mango coat (old, similar current Mango coats here and here starting in xxs)

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