13 amazing looks from this year’s online Easter Bonnet Parade

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New Yorkers didn't let anything stand in the way of serving some Easter lewks.

Each year, hundreds of people take to Fifth Avenue in their springy attire and outrageous bonnets on Easter Sunday, and with things a little different this year, two groups took the tradition online.

Organizers with the Stonewall Community Development Corporation hosted a "promenade-in-place" community Zoom event with approximately 300 attendees, while The Fifth Avenue Association asked people to dress up in their most creative, home-crafted Easter outfits, for a virtual parade on Instagram.

The Promenade-in-Place event recreated Fifth Avenue with "strolling music" and Fifth Avenue and St. Patrick's Cathedral zoom backgrounds and had a Bunny Hop Room with live DJs from and a Grand Bonnet Showcase. The group encouraged repurposing toilet paper tubes to make bunny ears, glueing some dry pasta into spring designs and bedazzling your face mask. Some New Yorkers took that advice to heart.

Here are some of the best lewks from both Easter bonnet parades:
Promenade-in-place community Zoom event

Photograph: Stonewall Community Development Corp./Victoria Golos


Photograph: Stonewall Community Development Corp./Victoria Golos


Photograph: Stonewall Community Development Corp./Victoria Golos


Photograph: Stonewall Community Development Corp./Victoria Golos

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Happy Easter, everyone! I was sad to not attend the Fifth Avenue Easter Parade 🐣 as I have done for almost the last 10 years, but that didn’t stop me from creating this piece to attend a virtual Easter parade hosted by @stonewallvillagenyc “Corona vIRIS” iris flowers and virus UV reactive headpiece by @lunaversaldesignnyc #easteronfifth #covid19 #covidcouture #quarantinefashion #washyourhands #transmittable #contagious #paperart #artistsofinstagram #nycartists #neon #fluorescent #blacklightartists #coronavirus #coronameanscrown #art #papiermache #easter2020 photo by @akijodesigns

A post shared by Pata Luna Llano (@lunaversaldesignnyc) on Apr 12, 2020 at 3:23pm PDT

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#look2 for #easterparade2020 #virtualeasterparade #bunnyglam Thank you to @paulenagle and @stonewallvillagenyc for putting on this event. It was wonderful to see everyone’s beautiful faces and creativity. See you all on the street next year!! #easteronfifth #samaralandtv

A post shared by Samara (@samaralandtv) on Apr 12, 2020 at 2:34pm PDT

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Yesterday’s Quarantin-Easter was full of Easter traditions! We got dressed up, put on our hats, and made promenade. Things were a little different this year as we wore more comfy clothing, had a zoom meeting with some of my friends that I usually see on Easter, instead of walking down 5th ave we did a walk around astoria park (we wore masks the entire time except once when we took off for 1 photo). We had one photographer stop us to tell us he liked our outfits and took our picture and then we went home and ate 2 full bowls each of my Gumbo. It was an Easter to remember that’s for sure! . . . . . . .#quarantine #quarantineaster #nyc #astoria #easter #easterparade #easteronfifth #easterbonnet #easterpromenade #astoriaqueens

A post shared by Jade (@vintage_queen_of_astoria) on Apr 13, 2020 at 9:46am PDT

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My solo Virtual #EasterParade at a very safe social distance from #fifthavenue #easteronfifth . Happy Easter !!! 🌸💐🌷 . Thank you @chapeaug for hosting this year’s Virtual Easter Parade & for letting me wear another of your most fabulous creations!!! @nytimesfashion @fifth.avenue.nyc #easterbonnet #fashion #wearableart #truevintage #vintageootd #remixshoes @remixvintageshoes

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In Wonderland @fifth.avenue.nyc #EasterOnFifth

A post shared by Alexandra Steedman (@lensbaby88) on Apr 13, 2020 at 6:22am PDT

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We had an incredible #distancedeasterparade today in Capo Beach! Wonderful bonnets and hats, creativity, community, music, and love! It made me almost feel like I was on Fifth Ave! I hope you all had a lovely day! 🌸🐰💕👒 #virtualeasterparade #EasterOnFifth #easterparade2020 @easter_parade_nyc_2020 #easterparade2020_virtual

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Easter 2020: Twee shoes and Top hat @fifth.avenue.nyc - #EasterOnFifth #EasterParade2020 #breeches #yellowpinkblue #susansaasmillinery #ootd #alldressedupandnowheretogo

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Pandemic Easter chic 🌷🐣🐇 Although the Easter Parade was canceled, I couldn't not dress in COVID vintage fashion My dress is from @lillian_lorraine Hat @thevintageshow Gloves and scarf were gifted to me #easteronfifth #easterathome #easterbonnet #pandemicchic #easterinthetimeofcorona #virtualeasterparade

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When you can't have a parade, Quarantine Bonnet Brunch at home! #easteronfifth #bonnetparade #easterbonnet #bloodymary

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